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Starcraft Night Party Boat

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Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip differs from a regular party in the absence of strict restrictions and rules, you don’t need to think about hair and make-up, you don’t need to wear restrictive dresses and uncomfortable heels.

Starcraft Night Party Boat is a great way to have fun, dance, enjoy cocktails and a view of the city lights at night. In an unfamiliar place, it is difficult to choose a trendy club or disco with a pleasant atmosphere and good music, so a night trip on a yacht is the best option, especially since what can be more exciting than a foam party on a luxurious snow-white liner in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea?

The beauty of a vacation at a seaside resort lies primarily in the fact that fresh air, sun, waves have a beneficial effect on the body. Inhaling the aromas of salt water and pine needles, getting vitamin D produced by the sun’s rays, absorbing the minerals of sea water, we feel more invigorated and younger, and energy overflows. Unlike exhausting everyday life spent in a noisy polluted metropolis, days at the seaside fill you with health and vitality.

After a relaxing beach holiday, sometimes you want to spend time actively and cheerfully, light up in a nightclub or at a party, dance and enjoy the taste of exotic cocktails. You can do all this in Starcraft Night Party Boat .

During the Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip, all-inclusive bars will operate on several decks, where you can try local drinks and signature cocktails, and skilled chefs will treat you to delicious snacks and traditional Turkish dishes. A English-speaking guide will be at your service and will help in any situation, and a transfer by comfortable bus to the yacht and back to the hotel will save you from unnecessary trouble.

Benefits of Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip

Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip differs from a regular party in the absence of strict restrictions and rules, you don’t need to think about hair and make-up, you don’t need to wear restrictive dresses and uncomfortable heels. The main rules of the foam disco are comfort and a fun atmosphere, and therefore it doesn’t matter whether you are dancing in a bikini or jumping into the foam in the middle of the dance floor, rocking to the DJ mixes or enjoying a break on the deck of a yacht, the main thing is to do it with pleasure.

The crew of the ship has thought of every detail to make this night unforgettable and full of the brightest emotions for you – a fiery performance, a spectacular laser show, popular hits, and, to top it off, a night swim in the open sea will surely remain in your memory for a long time.

Boat trip

One of the important reasons why many vacationers prefer Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip is that you can combine a crazy foam party with a boat trip along the coast of Alanya and admire the beauty of the city at night. The flickering lights of lanterns, the outlines of coastlines, the silhouettes of fortresses and coastal hotels look completely different at night.

Romantic and mysterious, these landscapes seem to be captured on the canvases of great artists. Going out on the upper deck with a glass of wine, you can enjoy the beautiful views, breathe fresh sea air and feel the  light breeze.

Yacht Starcraft

Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip takes place on board a high-class snow-white liner Starcraft, three decks of which are equipped with the latest technology – air conditioners, TV screens, an ultra-modern sound system, comfortable lounge areas, bars and restaurants – all this will immerse you in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

A party on a luxury yacht will make you feel like the main character of a Hollywood movie or the star of a music video, the king of the dance floor or the thief of women’s hearts. In any case, a night foam disco with swimming in the open sea will remain in your memory for a long time.

Dress code recommendations

Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip is absolutely safe, but you should listen to some recommendations, which primarily relate to the dress code. Going to a party, try to choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes, because slippery floors and flying soap suds will not spare hairstyles, make-up, luxurious dresses and high heels. Jewelry and valuables are also best left at the hotel, but bikinis and towels will be needed for a night swim.

Remember that during the whole trip, an English-speaking guide and the entire crew of the ship will be at your service, who will do their best to solve any problem or non-standard situation.

Starcraft Night Party Boat Trip will leave an indelible impression and be remembered as one of the highlights of your vacation.

Hotel transfers
Soft drinks

What is not included

Personal expenses
Alcoholic beverages

Please bring your own towel, swimwear.

How much does Starcraft Night Party Boat cost?

Starcraft Night Party Boat for one person 35€.

What is included in the price of the tour Night disco on a yacht in Alanya?

  • Transfers from / to the hotel
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks – beer and wine
  • Insurance
  • English guide

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