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Green Canyon Alanya

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Green Canyon Alanya is suitable for everyone who is looking for a quiet place and wants to avoid noise.

When planning your vacation in Turkey, be sure to set aside a day to visit the Green Canyon Alanya. You will not only see the breathtaking natural beauties of these places, but also have an active and pleasant time.

Taking a yacht trip along the emerald pond, you can swim in plenty in a crystal clear pond, sunbathe and even go fishing, and the photos will be more colorful and brighter than pictures depicting luxurious exotic resorts.

Arriving in Turkey, we already have an idea about the nature and weather conditions of this country. We expect to see sandy beaches, blue seas, mountains and valleys, but every time Turkey brings pleasant surprises in the form of unique natural places, such as the white cliffs of Pamukkale, the cave cities of Cappadocia, Lake Salda reminiscent of the Maldives.

Resting in Turkey, we do not expect to be on an exotic island or in a tropical forest, but here we are in for a surprise. There is a canyon on the Mediterranean coast in the province of Antalya surrounded by rocks rushing into the sky with a cascade of waterfalls, emerald water and shores immersed in greenery.

Having visited this place at least once, you will want to stay here forever, enjoy the picturesque views, crystal clear water and the gentle sun away from the bustle of the city and noisy megacities.

Located at an altitude of 350m. above sea level Green Canyon is an artificially created reservoir, it is the largest not only in Alanya, but throughout Turkey. The water in the canyon is always cool and crystal clear, as 27 natural springs flow here.

The reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of a hydroelectric power station, its depth is about 100 meters, and its length is 14 km. The water here has an exceptional turquoise-emerald hue, from which the Green Canyon in Alanya got its name.

Description and features of the tour Green Canyon Alanya

A visit to the Green Canyon Alanya is different from standard excursions, it even starts atypically – the transfer from the hotel is made by buses, and the road passes through mountain serpentines to the Manavgat River. On the way to the canyon you will be able to admire the mountain landscapes, slopes immersed in greenery, perennial coniferous forests. Rising higher and higher, you will feel how much cleaner the air and cooler the temperature in the mountains.

Here you will not feel the heat and the scorching sun, only a light pleasant breeze, the fresh smell of pine needles and the rustle of leaves. On the way, you can make small stops at the observation decks, which offer picturesque views of the stunning landscape of the Green Canyon.

The surrounding natural beauty is incredibly saturated, and the color of the water shows all shades of blue and green.
Walking on a comfortable yacht on the Small and Big lakes is the most exciting part of the Green Canyon tour from Alanya.

The further the ship sails, the more beautiful the surrounding landscapes will become, huge rocks will replace mountain slopes, and coniferous forests will become deciduous groves. In each small bay, at each coast, the color of the water is completely different, so you are guaranteed a lot of spectacular shots.

A tour to the Green Canyon Alanya is best done with the whole family, here everyone will find something to their liking. In addition to swimming in cool emerald waters and enjoying sunbathing, you can jump from a yacht, go fishing, taste local trout on the terrace of a cozy restaurant on the shore of a reservoir.

An interesting entertainment program is also provided for the youngest travelers – in between swims they can take part in a magician’s performance and even visit the zoo.

Sights of the Green Canyon

Green Canyon is a true paradise for nature lovers. Mountains – giants, jade water, rocks growing out of the water and small islands, bays and caves – all these pictures replacing each other will not let you get bored.

In this extraordinary place, you feel oneness with nature more than ever, and the soft rustle of the waves and the whisper of the wind make you forget about all the troubles and troubles.

Tranquility and harmony, complete relaxation and admiration, delight and absolute happiness – these are the words that can describe the state and feelings of a person who is in this paradise.

Traveling along the Green Canyon Alanya fascinates, relaxes and at the same time fills you with energy, teaches you to appreciate every moment and once again shows the greatness and beauty of nature.

Transfers from your hotel and back to your hotel
Entrance to Green Canyon National Park
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Please take with you; towel, extra clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear.

How much is Green Canyon from Alanya?

Green Canyon from Alanya per person 30€.

What is included in the price of the Green Green Canyon Alanya?

  • Transfers from your hotel and back to your hotel
  • Entrance to Green Canyon National Park
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Boat Trip

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