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Daily Tours in Istanbul

Daily Tours in Istanbul – more than the capital

Until October 1923, Istanbul was listed as the capital of the country and an international center of trade. How many stories of people’s lives this city knows, not to retell. Authors of books, musical works, theater and film directors, artists from all over the world dedicate their creations to the city.

Daily Tours in Istanbul are the heart of Turkey! The multinational life of locals and visitors from the center to the outskirts boils here. Foreigners do not stop moving here in search of a “better” life. The flow of tourists cannot be stopped, people come here for oriental flavor, history, impressions, sweets and quality goods. About 6 million tourists visited Istanbul in 2022.

In which area of Istanbul should a tourist settle?

For historical center lovers , be sure to choose a hotel in the central areas: Fatih, Basaksehir, Kadikoy. Within walking distance will be: temples, mosques, museums, galleries, the famous Bosphorus, promenade, street food, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls. You can walk to everything or take a taxi or public transport.

For connoisseurs of the developed infrastructure of the metropolis, the following areas are suitable: Beyoglu, Besiktas, Levent, where you can rent an apartment or a room in a 5-star hotel.

The best excursions and Things To Do in Istanbul?

There are many types of excursions in Istanbul. Anyone who wants to can choose the right option. Sightseeing tours in Istanbul to sights in the center and not only: Hagia Sophia, Taksim Square, Topkapi, Hippodrome, Sultanahmet, excursions on two continent – Eurasia and two parts of the world – Europe and Asia, Bosphorus cruises at different times of the day, in each has its own charm.

Where can you go with a child?

Let’s highlight 3 top places to visit with children of almost any age:

  • “LegoLand” – there is rarely a child who was not fond of the Lego constructor, and among adults, there are also a lot of fans. Everyone will be surprised there, giant buildings and entire cities. In a word – delight!
  • Aquarium in Istanbul – there are 2 of them here: Floria and Sea life, and both are on the list of the largest in Europe! If your guys are interested in the underwater world, then visiting both will not hurt. Both aquariums will amaze with amazing flora and fauna;
  • Boat trip on the Bosphorus. One and a half hour cruise will not tire you. Take bread with you, feed the local seagulls – this is a separate kind of pleasure for all family members!

How to choose a guide?

The Internet and the availability of information have done their job. You can choose a guide on the recommendation of your friends and acquaintances. Or according to reviews in social networks and special travel sites.

Excursions in Istanbul for families

In most cases, it all depends on the mood of the parents, if they can present information to their kid about the excursion as an amazing adventure, add a pinch of magic in the form of an old coin found by chance, I assure you, any child will follow you to the ends of the world!

In any family, everyone was definitely impressed by the LegoLand modern amusement park, neither boys nor girls will be bored, parents, too, we guarantee!

For teenagers, an excursion to the underground “city”, otherwise the reservoir, will be fascinating. Everything hidden, secret attracts inquisitive adult children.

How to see Istanbul in a few hours?

Another affordable and very convenient option to explore the city in a few hours is a guided bus tour.

For those who have enough time and desire to get acquainted with the history of the city, we recommend walking tours in Istanbul with english-speaking guides. You will learn a lot of new, interesting things that you will not find on the Internet!

What is a must see in Istanbul?

It is more convenient to distribute all the sights according to the areas in which they are located. You will already get an approximate list of places to visit.

Fatih district: about 6 world-famous mosques, St. Stephen Orthodox Church, Hippodrome Square, Gulhane Cultural Park, St. Irene Christian Church.

On the opposite side of the Golden Horn Bay are: Galata Tower, Taksim Square, Istiklal Walking Street.

Eyup district: significant historical and religious monuments are concentrated here: the Eyup Sultan Mosque,

Abu Eyup El Ansari Mausoleum, Eyup Cemetery, Ablution Fountain, Ottoman Tomb and more.

Where to swim in the sea in Istanbul?

The indigenous people of Istanbul do not bathe near the city. The Black Sea is generally considered not for swimming, but for fishing. But these are local prejudices that tourists are not particularly interested in.

Istanbul is washed by two seas: Marmara and Black. There are several public beaches on the shores of the Sea of Marmara: Kilyos Beach, Caddebostan, Menekşe, Gne, Iroz Halk Beach. The southern coast of the Black Sea is full of beach clubs: Uzanya, Senelaa and others, youth, stylish, party establishments.

How to get to the Princes’ Islands?

Scheduled ferries are organized to the Princes’ Islands from the European and Asian parts.

What to try in Istanbul?

The cult of street food probably beats the records of the cult of football in Turkey. On the streets and all kinds of street cafes, you can drink traditional drinks, eat hearty and inexpensive. Balyk(grilled fish) ekmek(bread) is popular in Istanbul – this is fish in a loaf, unusual and very tasty. Kokorech – a roll of giblets, for an amateur, someone loves it, someone does not eat it. Depending on the season, you can find hot salep drink, roasted chestnuts, boiled corn and many other edible things! You can also join our food tour in Istanbul.

Fans of parties, bars, discos will also not be disappointed, the concentration of fashionable, stylish places is in the center, on the walking Istiklal Street. Istanbul, like any other modern metropolis, sleeps little, works hard and knows how to relax with style!

How to spend a weekend in Istanbul?

Start the weekend from the center, when office workers are in no hurry to go there and the streets are spacious. Walk in the morning along the walking street Istiklal, in rainy weather, visit all the most interesting museums. And in sunny weather, go around all the parks of the center, where thousands of tulips are planted. Istanbul leaves no one indifferent. Someone comes here for the weekend, but stays forever.