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Bosphorus Cruise

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Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul will allow you to have a great rest, breathe in the sea air, admire the clearest waters of the Bosphorus, take memorable photos and videos.

About the Bosphorus Cruise

Istanbul is a multi-million metropolis, annually attracting more than 15 million tourists from different countries. The history of the city goes back centuries, and the architecture is a unique interweaving of the trend of three different eras – Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman, making Istanbul unique.

It is not for nothing that Istanbul is called an open-air museum – in addition to the fact that every square, street, bridge is of historical importance, there are 78 museums on the territory of the city (according to 2015 data), and it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Istanbul is also unique in that it is the only city in the world located on two continents at once, the Bosphorus Strait divides it into European and Asian parts. Antiquity and modernity, religion and secular life, Asia and Europe coexist harmoniously in this magical place.

You can literally find yourself at the junction of two continents by taking Bosphorus Cruise . A special view of the city opens from the water, coastal landscapes, outlines of majestic palaces and mosques, ancient and modern areas will appear before you in all their glory.

Bosphorus Cruise will allow you to have a great rest, breathe in the sea air, admire the clearest waters of the Bosphorus, take memorable photos and videos.

Link between Europe and Asia

The Golden Horn Bay is located on the European coast of Istanbul, where the Bosphorus joins the Sea of ​​Marmara. The bay is 12 km long. and 1 km wide. is the progenitor of the modern metropolis. Back in the 7th century BC. Byzantium was founded on the banks of the Golden Horn, which later became Constantinople and Istanbul.

It is natural that the oldest districts and the most important monuments of history and architecture are now located on the shores of the bay. In the Galata quarter, for example, the symbol of the city rises – the Galata Tower, and in the Fener district – the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

The Eminenu area, spread out on the shores of the bay, is worth special attention – the huge Topkapi palace complex, the New Mosque, the Egyptian Bazaar – these are just a few of the sights of this ancient quarter. During Bosphorus Cruise , you will pass by the main historical sites of Istanbul and see for yourself their greatness.

Walls of Constantinople

Taking Bosphorus Cruise , it is impossible not to pay attention to the high 12-meter walls, stretching for more than 5 km. The giant 5 meter wide walls are fortified with towers and previously served as a defensive function.

They were erected under Emperor Theodosius II and are called Theodosian Walls of Constantinople. The Golden Gate is the main attraction of the fortress walls; Byzantine emperors, ambassadors and honored guests solemnly entered through them.

The fortress of Yedikule is also an important part of the wall of Constantinople. In fact, this is an extension to the four ancient towers of the walls at the Golden Gates of three new ones, and the name Yedikule is translated as “Seven-Tower Castle”.

The fortress kept state archives and the treasury, and also kept prisoners. The “Tower of Inscriptions” just served as a prison, and its walls still keep the inscriptions of foreign ambassadors who were taken into custody. In one of the towers, prisoners were even executed.

A yacht trip along the Bosporus is interesting not only from a historical, but also from an aesthetic point of view. The ruins of the fortress walls, ancient towers and luxurious palaces fit perfectly into the landscape of the modern city and only add mystery and mystery to it.

Cruise on the Bosphorus

Bosphorus Cruise will introduce you to the strait and the majestic architectural monuments on its banks, which are inextricably linked with the stories of several eras.

You will see the Rumeli Hisar fortress, the Maiden Tower, Ottoman palaces and Byzantine towers on the banks of the strait, you will see the legendary Bosphorus Suspension Bridge connecting the European and Asian parts of Istanbul.

The Bosphorus is famous not only for connecting the Marmara and Black Seas, it is also the narrowest strait in the world, its width barely reaches 3700 meters, but this does not prevent it from passing through its waters more than 40 thousand ships annually. As in ancient times, the significance of the Bosphorus for the Turkish economy is enormous.

While taking Bosphorus Cruise , you can see the Maiden Tower built on a separate small island, and on the shore of the narrowest part of the strait – a huge fortress, whose name is Rumeli Hisar, which means “cutting the throat”. This fortress served as a defensive structure, as it closed the passage for ships plying between the Black and Marmara seas.

Bosphorus Cruise will leave the most pleasant impressions, as well as help you choose the most interesting sights for a more thorough study.


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Bosphorus Cruise is for one person 25 €.

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Created with Sketch. Istanbul
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