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Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour

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We invite you to tour “Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour” to get to know Istanbul better.

Istanbul is a visiting card of Turkey and, indeed, if you have not been to Istanbul, then you have not seen the real colorful Turkey.

Brief information: Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, it is the economic, historical and cultural center of the country. Istanbul is located between two seas – Marmara and Black. The population of Istanbul is about 15 million people.

A lot has been said and written about Istanbul

The bridge city, the city of cats, the city of hammams, tulips, contrasts and smells .. and that every tourist should visit Istanbul.

Eras, rulers, emperors, cultures, religions change and wars take place, and this amazing city, having been the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, managed to preserve the main heritage of those eras.

We offer you a unique Excursion on two continents in Istanbul!

And this means that we offer to eat roasted chestnuts together, feed the seagulls on the Bosphorus .. and go on a 10-hour walk through the main attractions of Istanbul.

We have included UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the best architectural creations of Byzantium, Constantinople and Constantinople in the Excursion on Two Continents in Istanbul. Nowhere else will you see Asia and Europe in one place.

Those who wish can walk along the old streets on foot or cross the Bosphorus by ship (the tour includes a cruise tour of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus), and at the same time get from West to East and change continents.

“The ability to see the Bosphorus, even from a far, obviously has a kind of spiritual significance for Istanbul, so the windows overlooking it become in our apartments something like a mihrab in a mosque or an altar in a church” (Orkhan Pamuk).

Between distant objects we will travel by bus, and in the Sultanahmet area we will walk.

The UNESCO World Heritage List includes not individual attractions, but entire historical districts of Istanbul, including the archaeological park with the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Hippodrome of Constantinople.

The historical districts of Istanbul consist of 34 districts of the European and 2 districts of the Asian part.
We will not have time to visit each of the districts, but we promise pleasant impressions from the Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour and an unusual look at the city.

Hagia Sophia

Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour starts from the heart of Istanbul – from the Hagia Sophia.
This is a true treasure of Christian culture, a collection of Byzantine mosaics and a symbol of the golden age of the Byzantine era.
Year of construction – 324.

Hagia Sophia defined the appearance of modern Istanbul, as the architect of the Magnificent Age Sinan focused on the dome of Sofia and tried to duplicate it in 25 mosques. The dome of every mosque in Istanbul is a kind of copy of Hagia Sophia.
Hagia Sophia is fraught with many secrets and mysticism. One of the legends – the main gate of Sophia is the door of Noah’s ark.

Weeping Column of Hagia Sophia

Let’s reveal the secret. In the Hagia Sophia there is a column covered with copper. They call her Weeping – if you put your finger inside the column, you can feel the moisture. According to legend, the column of Hagia Sophia fulfills cherished desires and heals from ailments, and usually there are always a lot of tourists near it. In ancient Russian writings there are references to the column of Constantinople: “On the left side, near the wall, St. Gregory the Theologian is immured in a pillar” or “They rub with their fingers and splashes near the pillar to heal the disease …”.

Blue Mosque

The mosque is named after Sultan Ahmet – Sultanahmet, and blue color prevails in the decor of the building.
We rightfully call the Blue Mosque the pearl of the Ottoman Empire.

Year of construction – 1609. Architect – Sedefkar Mehmet, student of Sinan. The peculiarity of the mosque are six minarets (as
at the main Islamic shrine in Mecca, the Al-Haram mosque of the original construction). It was strictly forbidden to duplicate it, so later Al-Haram was completed with the seventh minaret.


Another name is Sultanahmet Square. Year of construction – 203.
It was the second largest in the world after the Roman Circus Maximus and was used as a place for horse racing and gladiator fights. The hippodrome was demolished for the construction of the Blue Mosque.

Topkapi Palace

Perhaps the most mysterious attraction in Istanbul and one of the favorite attractions of female tourists and the highlight of our Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour. Year of construction – 1475. Area – 700 thousand sq.m. A major reconstruction of the palace and reconstruction took place during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent at the request of Hürrem Sultan. In 1923 it was declared a museum.

Cruise on the Bosphorus

The Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk wrote: “Life is not such a bad thing … after all, you can always walk along the Bosphorus.”
A cruise on the Bosphorus is not just an opportunity to look at Istanbul from the legendary strait separating Europe and Asia, but also to feed the seagulls and think about the eternal.

Hamam Hurrem Sultan

Hamam in Turkey is part of the Eastern culture. And the most famous is Hammam Hürrem Sultan. Year of construction – 1556.
The architect is the same famous Sinan. Until 1910, it was used as a hamam, later – for keeping prisoners.

Maiden’s Tower

In Turkish, the tower is called Kyzkulesi. Located in the middle of the Bosphorus on a small island. The tower can only be reached by boat.

Rumeli Hissar Fortress

Built in 4 months. Year of construction – 1452. A feature of the fortress is its location – the narrowest part of the Bosphorus, which allows you to control the flow of ships between the seas.

Beylerbey Park

We will end our Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour with a trip to Beylerbey Park. Year of construction – 1861. Beylerbey Palace, the summer residence of the Ottoman rulers, is located in the park. A feature of the palace is an attempt by the Ottoman rulers to reproduce the spirit and luxury of medieval Europe.

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Bosphorus Cruise and Two Continents Tour costs for one person 80€.

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