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Day Trip From Istanbul to Troy

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Take a Day Trip From Istanbul to Troy, see the remains of a mythical city with your own eyes, touch ancient history and feel like an ancient warrior, what could be more exciting and exciting? The majestic city walls, columns, ruins of the amphitheater will take you to ancient Greece, to the times of great battles, brave generals and mighty gladiators.

Program  of Day Trip From Istanbul to Troy

Surely everyone in childhood had a book Myths of ancient Greece, and everyone remembers the famous legend of the Trojan horse. During the long-term war between the Trojans and the Danaans, after a long siege of Troy, the Achaeans resorted to a trick – they sent a huge wooden horse as a gift, in which 50 best warriors previously hid.

At night, the Greeks got out of the structure, attacked the guards and captured Troy. These events have been described more than once by writers and poets, one of the most famous is the work of the ancient philosopher Homer “Iliad”.

However, few people know that the ancient city sung in the poems is located on the territory of modern Turkey, in the province of Canakkale. The ruins of ancient Troy were discovered in the 1860s by the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, and most of the relics after the Second World War were taken to the USSR and are now kept in the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum.

Like the heroes of Hollywood films about the ancient city on the Aegean coast, you, like a winner, will pass through the city gates and see for yourself the greatness of the legendary Troy. Day Trip From Istanbul to Troy will leave an indelible impression and will be a subject of discussion among family and friends for a long time.

Many myths and legends go around ancient Troy and its rulers, and the theme of the Trojan War is always popular and relevant. Dozens of films and hundreds of poems and stories, sculptures and paintings with mythical plots only add mystery and mystery, and the number of travelers who want to visit the ancient city is growing from year to year.

When visiting Turkey, be sure to set aside a day to personally visit the legendary lands, where every stone, every grain of sand is part of the dramatic events of the ancient era. Today, the territory of ancient Troy is carefully protected. This national park is an archaeological monument and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ancient Myths and Legendary Battles

When making a trip to Troy, the first thing you need to listen to is the ancient legends about Greek gods and heroes, about bloody wars and love passions. One of these stories says that the Trojan prince Paris, who was visiting the Spartan king Menelaus, was inflamed with passion for his beautiful wife Helen, and kidnapped her.

The beautiful Helen also fell in love with Paris and happily escaped her unloved husband. Enraged, Minelaus set out to return his wife at all costs and, having gathered an army, attacked Troy. This marked the beginning of a bloody war. For a long ten years, the Greeks, or, as they were also called, the Danaans, could not capture the impregnable city. A cunning and insidious plan came up with the king of Ithaca, Odysseus.

Skillful Greek artisans built a huge wooden horse, which was left at the gates of Troy as a gift to the winner from the defeated army. The Trojans, despite the warnings of the priest Laocoon, dragged the construction into the city, and at night the Danaan warriors, hiding inside the horse, took to the streets of the sleeping city and attacked the guards who had lost their vigilance. Thus fell ancient Troy.

King Minelaus, having seen the Beautiful Elena, forgave her and returned her to Sparta, where they spent their whole lives. You can talk about brave warriors, gods, heroic battles for an infinitely long time, but it is better to see the places described by historians, philosophers and poets with your own eyes. Having made a trip to Troy, you seem to be transported to ancient times, imbued with the spirit of the era, personally walk through the legendary streets and squares.

Trojan Horse And The Ruins Of The City Fortress

Until the 1860s, Troy was considered a mythical city, and only the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who discovered the remains of the ancient city, was able to prove the existence of Troy. The city was founded around 3000 BC. e., and destroyed in 1184 BC. e., over the years of its existence, it has been repeatedly subjected to fires and earthquakes, however, some ancient buildings have survived to this day.

The city walls, which are more than 3700 years old, the ruins of houses, altars and columns keep many secrets. During the Day Trip From Istanbul to Troy, you will see the remains of the amphitheater, the bouleuterion, where the meetings of the senate took place, and you can even climb inside the legendary horse. Of course, the design is not original, but is an exact copy, but the sensations and emotions from visiting are indescribable.

Day Trip From Istanbul to Troy will forever remain in your memory, and you will certainly want to re-read the Greek myths about ancient heroes and fateful battles when you return.

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