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Istanbul Photo Tour

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Istanbul Photo Tour can be carried out either along one of the proposed routes, or you can choose a location according to your preference. If you want to try on the image of an oriental princess, the luxurious palaces of Istanbul will serve as an excellent backdrop. For a modern-style photo shoot, it is better to choose new areas with glass skyscrapers and futuristic architecture.

About the Istanbul Photo Tour

It is no secret that when traveling, we enrich ourselves spiritually, draw energy and inspiration, and find inner balance. However, after returning to everyday chores, the euphoria passes, and the charge of vivacity gradually dries up, and only photos and videos remind us of happy moments.

Istanbul Photo Tour is not just a good shot, it is the art of conveying the mood, and a picture taken by a professional is a real piece of art.

Professional photo shoots in Istanbul have become a fashion trend for a long time, and their popularity is only growing from year to year, because everyone wants to show off bright pictures and well-chosen images.

A professional photographer not only selects a beautiful background and the right angle, he captures moods and experiences, joy and sadness, happiness and delight in the pictures.

You can forever leave a piece of the ancient city in your memory by taking Photoshoots in Istanbul. Ancient streets, wide squares and boulevards, the Bosporus embankment, magnificent palaces and mighty fortress walls will be the perfect backdrop for any photo.

You can choose the image and location of the photo session yourself, as well as take the advice of an experienced professional.

Description of the Istanbul Photo Tour

If you want to capture the oriental flavor, the authentic areas of Fener and Fatih are ideal for this purpose. Travelers visiting the city for the first time will find it interesting to combine a photo tour of Istanbul with visits to popular sights and historical sites.

What to expect?

One of the most popular itineraries for a Istanbul Photo Tour covers the most visited places and areas. The walking tour begins at the Galata Tower – the visiting card of the city, continues on the Galata Bridge, runs along the Suleymaniye Mosque and ends in the colorful Fener district.

You can walk from the Galata Tower through the winding colorful streets of the Cihangir district and take a photo session at the Dolmabahce palace complex, striking in its richness and grandeur.

An unforgettable impression is made by a sea photo walk around Istanbul, which takes place on the embankment of the Bosphorus near the Maiden Tower. It starts at the Beylerbey Palace and passes through the Kuzgundzhuk district.

One of the routes starts at the observation deck, which offers a magical view of the city. Further, passing by the Rumeli Hisar fortress and going down to the Bosphorus, you can take colorful photos in the areas of Bebek and Arnavutkoy.

Each of the photo walks around Istanbul is unique and worthy of your attention. If you have ideas, we will help to bring them to life and leave vivid memorable pictures of your visit to Turkey.

Photo shoot in the style of the “Magnificent Century”

Everyone associates the word Turkey not only with famous architectural monuments and gastronomic delights, thanks to the film industry, Turkish TV series have firmly won a place in the hearts of viewers.

Favorite characters set the tone for fashion and are the standard of beauty, and intricate storylines riveted hundreds of thousands of romantics to the screens.

Without exaggeration, we can say that “The Magnificent Century” is a cult series of our time, and the Sultan’s beloved wife is an example to follow. Luxurious palace halls, golden dishes, handmade carpets – all this entourage shows the wealth of the royal court and attracts with its high cost and exclusivity.

And of course, the most important attribute of palace life is outfits – chic dresses and tunics, tiaras and necklaces arouse the desire to at least once feel like an oriental beauty, conqueror of the heart of the Sultan himself.

If you want to make an impression and appear in the image of the inimitable Roksolana, a photo shoot in Magnificent Century style is just for you.

A professional photographer will help you choose an image and outfit, and the pictures will capture not only beautiful dresses and precious accessories, but also sincere emotions.

Istanbul photo tour takes place in the most picturesque places of Istanbul, exactly where history comes to life and reality is intertwined with legend.

Organizational details

Istanbul Photo Tour takes about an hour and takes place at a convenient time for you from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm. You get into character and enjoy the shooting process, and after 10 days you get edited pictures of the highest quality. The walk is on foot, but at your request, we can make it more comfortable and mobile and provide a car.

Istanbul Photo Tour will become a special day in your life – bright, emotional and unforgettable.


Individual Photosession     100€

  • Minimum 1 hours of shooting
  • Color correction (up to 10 photos)
  • All photos on the media

Flying Dress Photo Shooting 150€

  • Minimum 1 hours of shooting
  • Color correction (up to 10 photos)
  • All photos on the media
  • Flying Dress free for 1 selected place.
  • Ortakoy, Roof Validehan, Roof Galata Terrace.

Love Story per hour 250€

  • Minimum 1 hours of shooting
  • Color correction (up to 20 photos)
  • All photos on the media

Full Day Photo Shoot 750€

  • Minimum 6 hours of shooting
  • Color correction (up to 30 photos)
  • All photos on the media
  • Pictures in the author package
  • Private venue entrance fees are not included.

Places List : Ortakoy, Besiktas, Karakoy, Galata Tower, Galata Bridge, istiklal Caddesi, Taksim Square, Emionu, Sirkeci, Sultanahmet, Suleymaniye, Balat.

Minimum 1 hours of shooting
Color correction (up to 10 photos)
All photos on the media

What is not included

Personal expenses

Money for personal expenses

Istanbul Private Food Tour
Yacht rental on the Bosphorus in Istanbul
Istanbul Airport Transfer

How many photo shoots are there in Istanbul photo tour?

Istanbul Photo shoot tour cost 100€.

What is included in the price of Istanbul Photo tour?

  • Minimum 1 hours of shooting
  • Color correction (up to 10 photos)
  • All photos on the media

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