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Dolphinarium Alanya

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While relaxing on the Mediterranean coast, do not miss the chance to visit the Dolphinarium Alanya, you will not only witness an exciting show, but you will also be able to swim with dolphins in person.

About Excursions and Dolphinarium Alanya – Each of us, standing on the coast, now and then peers into the endless blue sea in the hope of seeing dolphins. Some lucky ones manage to see fins among the waves or even flocks of mammals frolicking in the water. At the same time, the feeling of delight overwhelms, because what could be more interesting than contemplating wildlife, observing the behavior of animals in their natural environment?

The Mediterranean Sea is home to over 700 species of fish, molluscs and reptiles, including sea urchins and turtles, octopuses and lobsters, sharks and rays, moray eels and barracudas. Due to the mild climate and warm currents, exotic species are also found here – amazing in beauty, but dangerous shells – cones, white and tiger sharks, dolphins, parrot fish, hedgehog fish and even pufferfish.

But not a single inhabitant of the depths causes such emotion and respect as a dolphin. We also know from children’s books that dolphins are people’s friends, they can recognize a drowning person and push him to the surface of the water, they also have high intelligence and the ability to communicate with each other using ultrasounds. Many interesting facts about these mammals can be learned from books and TV shows, but nothing compares to live communication.

Sealanya Dolphin Park

Dolphinarium Alanya – Sealanya is the largest in Turkey, it is located right on the seashore in a huge one, covering an area of ​​more than 5 hectares. Sea Park Interactive Aquarium. There are 15 swimming pools on the territory of the entertainment complex, each of which is interesting in its own way.

At the bottom of the tropical pool you will see corals and varieties of exotic fish, the Atlantis pool is a sunken ancient city with arches, columns and submerged statues. Daredevils can even swim in the pool with sharks, in a special cage, of course, but the adrenaline from this is no less.

Entering the dolphinarium early in the morning, you will not notice how the evening comes, the time here passes unnoticed, as every corner of the park draws you into the world of adventure and exoticism. It is better to go to the dolphinarium with the whole family, because there are a lot of children’s attractions – a children’s pool, a mini-water park in the form of a pirate ship, aquariums and shows of marine animals.

Dolphin show

The sea show in the Dolphinarium Alanya takes place 2 times a day – in the afternoon and in the evening, and lasts about 50 minutes. It is better to take care of tickets in advance, as this performance is very popular among tourists and locals.

The show is incredibly entertaining, and time passes unnoticed, and if you are lucky enough to get tickets in the front rows, you will personally be able to participate in the performance. Amazing tricks of dolphins with balls and hoops, trainers riding on the nose, jumps on command over the water, fur seals dancing to the music cause a flurry of applause and a storm of delight.

Real artists

By visiting the show at the Dolphinarium in Alanya, you will see for yourself that dolphins are not only highly intelligent animals, but also talented artists. They easily catch fish on the fly, masterfully play ball, like lions in a circus, jump into a hoop located high above the water, roll trainers on their noses and perform various gymnastic tricks with them.

In addition, dolphins dance beautifully to the music, applaud their fins and bow in a funny way, they are affectionate and disposed to communication, so they easily allow themselves to be petted and taken a photo.

Swimming with dolphins in Dolphinarium Alanya

Swimming with dolphins is the most memorable, bright and emotional part of the show. This is not just entertainment, it is the filling of mental deficiencies, the treatment of diseases, the restoration of internal balance. It has long been proven that these mammals have an extremely developed ability for empathy, they surprisingly clearly understand the emotional state of a person, sympathize and empathize, which makes them unsurpassed psychologists.

Communication with dolphins has a particularly beneficial effect on children, they become more affectionate, calmer, kinder, less aggressive and touchy.

In the Dolphinarium Alanya , children from 4 to 7 years old can swim with dolphins accompanied by adults, and older than 7 years old can swim on their own. Before the swim, you must definitely go through a short briefing on the rules of behavior in the water and safety precautions, as well as put on special equipment.

A visit to the Dolphinarium  Alanya, participation in a bright show and swimming with the smartest of the marine inhabitants will cause a state of children’s delight, joy and happiness. These sincere emotions will not let you go for a long time, and a fabulous day in the interactive aquarium will forever remain in your memory as one of the most emotional and positive.

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Where is the best place to swim with dolphins?

Dolphinarium  Alanya is the best place to swim with dolphins.

Can you swim with dolphins?

Of course you can swim with the dolphins. They are friendly animals.

How much does Dolphinarium cost in Alanya?

Swimming with dolphins in Dolphinarium Alanya costs about 80 €.

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