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Pamukkale Balloon Flight From Antalya

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Pamukkale Balloon Flight From Antalya will be the best excursion for you, which you shouldn’t miss. This flight will take place not in Cappadocia, as everyone suggests, but over the amazing landscape of Pamukkale, which is called the cotton fortress.

A hot air balloon (Hot air balloon) is a lighter-than aircraft that uses the lift of heated air to fly. Pamukkale Balloon Flight From Antalya is carried out over the picturesque places of Pamukkale. Flights with passengers are organized and carried out from 2 to 8 people in balloons. We can organize flights for large companies on two balloons at once. Take an unforgettable flight with us in the sky!

Comfortable and safe excursion conditions – Pamukkale Balloon Flight From Antalya

While safety is our priority, we value customer service. By picking up from Antalya hotel to drop off our passengers back, we promise the highest possible quality we can. The transfer is carried out in a comfortable car (the transfer fee is not included in the tour price). The duration of the road from Antalya to Pamukkale is about 3 hours.

We are trying to reduce our capacity in order to provide our passengers with better and safer flights. Although we have the ability to fly in large baskets, our goal is to fly in smaller baskets where all our passengers have the ability to move around in the basket, take pictures as they want, and also safely take a landing position.

Brief description of Pamukkale Balloon Flight From Antalya

You can take a 35-minute hot air balloon ride over the Pamukkale travertines and enjoy a privileged aerial view of the unique landscape. The most exciting part of the flight is watching the sunrise over the valleys and enjoying a champagne toast after a safe landing. You will also receive a commemorative certificate of your flight to Pamukkale after landing.

Under what measures does the balloon take off?

Balloon pilots in Pamukkale change takeoffs every day depending on the wind. Every day before flying, our pilots look for the best take-off area by checking wind direction and flight zones. Air movement is also counted as it is much safer to start flying with fewer balloons around.

What the Pamukkale Balloon Flight From Antalya Promises

During the Pamukkale Balloon Flight From Antalya, you will see the Cotton Castle – Travertines at a different angle in height. Memorable hot air balloon photos are sure to amaze your family and friends.

Our team of professional guides will offer you a walk around the city and the surrounding area for more positive memories, or the transfer can take you immediately after landing at your hotel in Antalya.

Fly with the most experienced balloon operator, join the best hot air balloon ride in Pamukkale with us, enjoy the comfort of small baskets and longer flight times. Our team is ready to take you on a journey that will be the highlight of your trip to Turkey.

Perfect time to fly

From a pilot’s perspective, whether you fly early in the morning or early in the evening, both flights are of good quality. But, in our opinion, early morning flights at dawn, without a doubt, have the “advantage”.

Since the surface wind is usually very calm, it makes inflation and launch an even more gentle and serene experience. For this reason, we will take a hot air balloon flight at dawn, when the sun is already on the horizon and you can watch the awakening of nature from above on a safe basket.

Hot air balloon ride
Hot air balloon certificate
Champagne after the flight
Round Trip Transfer

What is not included

Personal expenses
Photos and videos
Cleopatra pool
Pamukkale tour with English speaking guide


How much does a Pamukkale balloon flight cost?

Pamukkale balloon flight from Antalya between 90-250€ per person.

What is included in thePamukkale balloon flight from Antalya?

  • Hot air balloon flight
  • Insurance
  • Hot air balloon flight certificate
  • Champagne after the flight

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Everything about my experience was the team was awesome. It was hassle free and absolutely worth it! We had an amazing driver that made it memorable. Amazing ppl overall. I booked 2 Excursions with them and I wld recommend. Wish I had time to do more. But on my next visit.

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