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Buggy Safari in Alanya

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If you want to get some adrenaline, have some fun on the cross roads during Buggy Safari in Alanya, then we invite you to join our event.

About Buggy Safari in Alanya

The sphere of tourism and entertainment in Turkey is developing rapidly, every year there are new activities, excursions and tours for the most sophisticated travelers, and even those who have a rest in Turkey not for the first time find new exciting activities for themselves. Horseback riding, rafting, diving, hot air ballooning, paragliding – which of these have you not tried yet?

If you want to visit unexplored places, see corners of nature untouched by man, ride through groves and mountain slopes, climb high hills and observation platforms, swim in the cool waters of mountain rivers and breathe in the fresh air filled with the scent of pine needles, buggy safari in Alanya is like times for you. Both adults and children will be able to take part in the tour, as this type of transport, although not the fastest, is very convenient, easy to drive and safe.

Buggy safari program in Alanya

The buggy safari will traditionally start with a transfer to the site, where you can practice driving the buggy, get a briefing, and after you feel confident behind the wheel, set off to drive along mountain slopes, impenetrable forests and groves immersed in greenery.

Cutting through gorges and canyons, overcoming obstacles in the form of streams and cliffs on the way, you will feel lightness, freedom and pleasure. Inhaling the fresh wind, admiring the picturesque landscapes and overcoming the mountain peaks, you will feel like a pioneer discovering new lands.

The buggy safari program in Alanya includes several stops in the most beautiful corners. From the tops of the mountains you can see the entire coast of Alanya and the endless sea, in the shade of luxurious trees – relax and gain strength, in clean mountain rivers – swim and refresh yourself.

Having overcome an impressive distance, you will return to the site, from where you will be taken to the hotel, where you will surely share your impressions of the “buggy safari in Alanya” excursion and boast of bright spectacular photos.

What is a buggy

Not everyone is familiar with the buggy yet, but everyone who has tried himself behind the wheel of this two-seat car falls in love with him forever. Designed specifically for cross-country racing, this small light vehicle has high flotation and is ideal for off-road driving. The buggy is incredibly durable and stable, so it easily overcomes difficult sections of the track, which gives the driver even more excitement and adrenaline.

Buggy safari safety

Despite the fact that the buggy belongs to extreme modes of transport, it is absolutely reliable and comfortable. However, before going on a buggy safari, experienced instructors will give a detailed briefing, explain the principles of operation and management of transport, and focus on safety rules and behavior on the road.

And although all cars undergo regular technical inspection and are in excellent condition, and each participant will be protected by special equipment during the trip, you must strictly follow the safety rules. Our instructors will acquaint you with the route of the tour and will accompany you throughout the safari, providing the necessary assistance.

Who can drive a buggy

The buggy safari route in Alanya is built in such a way that you will not intersect with other cars, and, nevertheless, only people who have reached the age of 17 can drive a buggy. Children and teenagers can take part in the safari as passengers. A driver’s license, as well as driving experience, is not required, you will receive all the necessary knowledge and skills immediately before the trip.

In case of difficulties and unforeseen situations along the way, you can always contact the instructor who will be with you throughout the safari.

Route for buggy safari in Alanya

The beauty of the buggy safari in Alanya is that its route passes through wild forests and mountain gorges, which only a few locals know about. The absence of noisy companies, the remoteness from places popular among tourists, the silence and tranquility of wildlife will give you real pleasure.

In the primeval forests, you will definitely pay attention to the diversity of the plant world, and, if you are lucky, you will be able to meet wild animals. Boars and foxes, roe deer and mountain goats, hares and porcupines are frequent guests, or rather, the owners of these places.

Buggy safari in Alanya is a multifaceted excursion in which extreme and unity with nature, adrenaline and peace, drive and enjoyment of the moment are intertwined. Such a trip to the bosom of nature always leaves only pleasant impressions and memories.

Pickup from hotels
Buggy safari tour duration 1.5  hours

What is not included

Drinks and personal expenses
Photos and videos
Face mask (protection from dust and dirt)

You can bring a hat, sunscreem and sunglasses.

How much is Buggy Safari in Alanya ?

Buggy Safari in Alanya  per person 35€.

What is included in the price of the Buggy Safari tour in Alanya?

  • Transfer from hotels
    Buggy safari tour duration 1.5  hours

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