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Jeep safari in Alanya

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Jeep safari in Alanya with rich content will help you discover the untouched natural beauties of Alanya all day long.

If you consider yourself a nature lover and adventure lover, we already know your answer: “Of course, yes!” Indeed, this event will be the perfect choice for you.

However, even if you are not, we are sure that if you sign up for Alanya Jeep Safari and join us, you will say good luck at the end of the day.

Because you will have a unique experience that you will remember for years to come, both on the road and at the stopping points.

Now, if you are ready to hit the road, we encourage you to continue reading to find out about our full day jeep tour schedule.

Before going into the details of the Alanya Jeep Safari tour, we would like to share with you some preparation tips so that you do not compromise.

First of all, don’t forget to put your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen in your bag, as your health must be protected at all times: we will be traveling outdoors in bright sunlight.

Don’t forget to bring your swim suits and towels (or whatever equipment you want to use while swimming) to ensure you have the most fun throughout the tour.
Finally, make sure your camera and phone are fully charged and ready to capture the amazing moments you’ll see while on safari.

Jeep safari in Alanya- Full of Excitement

Picking you up from your hotel, we will drive to the starting point of the daily jeep safari in Alanya.

Here our instructors will tell you what you need to know and inform you about the itinerary, process, and breaks. Details will be provided by subject.

If you want to know some important points: jeeps are 4×4 off-road vehicles that can accommodate 4, 6 or 8 people. The entire route is 140 kilometers.

With this incredible combination and of course, you will collect wonderful memories with your loved ones during a jeep safari in Alanya. Because we will stop at beautiful places and have fun.


In the place of Chamlybel, where we will take a break for 45 minutes; There is a flowing river, a waterfall with amazing natural beauty and a restaurant where you can relax a bit. Those who wish can swim in the river.

If you wish, you can sit in the Turkish corner in the restaurant and drink Turkish tea. You also have the opportunity to go fishing here. You will be provided with the necessary equipment.

Dim Cave

Our first stop on the jeep safari tour of Alanya is Dim Cave. Dim cave is located 1640 m above sea level. Formation of Dim Cave began one million years ago. We recommend leaving the camera on because you’ll want to immortalize everything here. We will have 45 minutes to visit the cave.


Next stop is the gardens. The semi-tropical temperate climate allows Turkey to be located on the Mediterranean coast due to the growth of a wide variety of fruits. We are going to stop here for 10-15 minutes and take lots of photos.

Dim River

After the orchards, we will visit the emerald river Dim. It originates in the Western Taurus Mountains, at an altitude of 1790 meters above sea level, and descends in a fast stream into the Mediterranean Sea through a picturesque gorge. Along the river there are many original cafes and restaurants, as well as large areas for recreation and picnics.


For lunch we will have a break in a restaurant built on the Dim River. The menu includes chicken, fish, rice, fresh salad. During lunch, you can swim in the river.

Great views

We will have a great jeep ride through the precious lands of the Taurus Mountains. Valleys, rivers, forests and gifts of nature will also please us.

We will be very pleased with this journey, which will take several hours in the form of a whole column of jeeps.  We will take lots of pictures to immortalize these precious moments.

Jeep safari from Alanya will save you from the dull everyday life. It will make you experience the adventure and excitement by going through the rough terrain and forest roads. We will use roads that ordinary cars cannot travel on, and we will closely observe village life. You will see beautiful nature away from the city.

Accompanying English-speaking guides

What is not included

Drinks (optional)

You can bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
Also swimwear in case you swim in an antique pool

How much is Jeep Safari in Alanya?

Jeep Safari in Alanya  per person 18€.

What is included in the cost of the Jeep Safari in Alanya?

  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Accompanying English-speaking guides
  • Visiting attractions
  • Dinner

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