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Quad Safari In Alanya

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Quad Safari In Alanya is short, but full of adrenaline and drive, and a trip through impenetrable forests and valleys gives a feeling of freedom and extreme.

Quad Safari in Alanya is one of the relatively new types of recreation, it suits both lovers of drive and those who want to dilute a relaxing vacation with bright emotions.

Turkey and boredom are absolutely incompatible concepts, even at seemingly calm beach resorts there is a lot of entertainment for adults and children. The tourism sector in this country is one of the most developed in the world, here everyone will find something to their liking.

For curious travelers, Turkey is of great interest, because on its territory there are 19 historical and architectural monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thrill-seekers rush here to jump with a parachute and explore the underwater world, raft down the turbulent mountain rivers and go hiking along the Lycian trail. And connoisseurs of nature and lovers of a relaxing holiday will find an outlet in the form of emerald mountain lakes and deserted beaches.
A variety of sea cruises, hiking and horseback riding, diving, rafting, paragliding, hot air ballooning… the list of activities and entertainment is endless.

Going on a Quad Safari In Alanya, you can see emerald lakes hidden from human eyes, deep gorges and canyons, rocks rising into the sky and mountain slopes immersed in greenery. Having made your way off-road into the very bosom of nature, you can enjoy its pristine beauty, breathe in the fresh mountain air filled with the scent of pine needles, and swim in the cool waters of mountain rivers.

Program of Quad Safari In Alanya

Before going on a quad bike safari, all participants of the trip, without exception, undergo a detailed briefing. You will learn about the principle of operation of the vehicle and the features of driving it, get acquainted with the safety rules and the route of the trip. On a special site, you will conduct a so-called test drive, try to drive an ATV, get comfortable behind the wheel, and only after that, accompanied by an experienced instructor, go to conquer the mountain peaks.

Quad Safari In Alanya is short, but full of adrenaline and drive, and a trip through impenetrable forests and valleys gives a feeling of freedom and extreme.

Route of Quad Safari In Alanya

Quad Safari In Alanya takes place on the picturesque slopes of the Taurus Mountains. The mountain ranges are intersected by numerous river valleys, thanks to which the flora here is incredibly rich. Pine trees, giant Lebanese cedars, juniper, myrtle, laurel, heather fill the air with incredible aromas.

Deep gorges and peaks, rocks and cliffs that go into the clouds still keep the unique beauty of untouched nature. Picturesque landscapes open from the peaks – the old city fortress, the sea coast, valleys and mountain plateaus are visible from here at a glance. The forests of the Tauride Mountains are home to many wild animals and birds, so it is highly likely that you will meet mountain goats, wild boars, foxes, roe deer, fallow deer and eagles along the way. Keep your camera ready so you don’t miss out on unique shots.

On the way, stops are provided in the most beautiful places – on observation platforms, at waterfalls and on the banks of shallow mountain rivers, which are easy to cross on a quad bike.
Having rolled enough and getting an unforgettable experience, you will return to the site, from where you will be taken to the hotel to share emotions and relax after an active tour.

Is Quad Safari In Alanya safe?

Despite the fact that quad bike safari in Alanya belongs to extreme types of recreation, the trip is absolutely safe and suitable even for children. Experienced instructors will fully prepare you for the trip – they will tell you about safety rules, teach you how to drive a vehicle and will accompany you throughout the journey.

In addition to the fact that all ATVs are regularly inspected and are in excellent condition, the safety of each driver and passenger will be ensured by special protective equipment.

Do you need a driver’s license?

ATVs are just as easy to drive as kids cars, so no driver’s license or driving experience is required. A little training on the site is enough to feel confident and comfortable, and if you follow the safety rules and follow the instructions of the instructor, the trip will be safe and comfortable. On the off-road among the wild forests, it is almost impossible to collide or cross with other vehicles, so you can fully enjoy the feeling of freedom and drive.

Going on a Quad Safari In Alanya is worth at least once in your life to feel like a pioneer in the wild and get incomparable emotions.

English speaking guide
Detailed briefing
ATV and protective equipment rental.

What is not included

Photo and video recording


How much does Quad Bike Safari cost in Alanya?

Single Quad 25€
Double Quad 35€

Do I need a driver's license for Quad Bike Safari in Alanya?

ATV safari is an easy activity that anyone aged 16 to 17 can take part in. No driving license or experience in driving vehicles such as cars or motorcycles is required.

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