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Suluada Boat Trip Fom Side and Alanya

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Suluada Boat Trip Fom Side and Alanya – Suluada Island, also known as the “Turkish Maldives”, has become very popular among english-speaking tourists in the last couple of years. And all because active travelers began to come here one after another, admiring the unreal similarity with the Maldives, the untouched beauty of the nature of this place. They began to publish, post, glorify the island in social networks.

Suluada Boat Trip Fom Side and Alanya

We invite you to join Suluada Boat Trip Fom Side and Alanya. The island is really worthy of attention, and the way to it by sea will impress everyone who visits. Therefore, if you have not checked in this location yet, you should correct it.

The of Suluada island, on which there is no life, is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The length of the island is 1.3 km, the width is about 350 meters.

It is of volcanic origin and the mountain landscape is bright orange in color. Suluada is located in the west of the Gulf of Antalya, 7 km from the famous Cape Gelidonia.

The only way to get to the island is by swimming. The water route starts from the village of Adrasan, there is a very picturesque bay.

It used to be a fishing area, since it is in this area that a large number of marine inhabitants, varieties of fish live.

The program of Suluada Boat Trip Fom Side and Alanya.

The journey starts from the Alanya and village of Side. We meet tourists near the hotel at 06.00 in the morning. A comfortable transfer will be organized for you, no more than 12 people. Then you go to the Adrasan beach. The distance between the Alanya and Adrasan – Suluada  is 227 km, the journey will take about 3 hours from Alanya and 2 hours from Side.

Since it is early morning, there will be no high traffic on the roads. The path passes through a mountainous area, the scenery is very beautiful.

You will arrive at the port of Adrasan around 09.30 am, and at 09.45 you will be met on a yacht to sail to the uninhabited island of Suluada. Get your cameras ready and be in a good mood, because there is an exciting day ahead and the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean.

We set off from Adrasan Bay to the open sea, towards adventure! Swim to the first stop for about 45 minutes, and at this time enjoy the beauty of nature, it will be very interesting. There is a place for everyone on a two-deck ship.

At the very top there are sun loungers, you can lie down and look at the sky! From April to October the weather will be gorgeous for this kind of holiday.

The first stop will be for a swim in the open sea. With the permission of the captain, you can jump from the upper deck into the sea! Feelings are very cool. For those who are afraid or unable to swim, a life jacket is provided.

The stop lasts about 15 minutes. Then we go to the first sand and pebble beach, the coast is triangular in shape, gray-white in color.

An amazingly beautiful place, the aquamarine-colored sea, the water is clear and you can see the marine life. The bottom is visible up to 15 meters deep. Here you will stay for about an hour.

Then we go to the next beach Suluada . Sandy beach about 150 meters long. The similarity with the Maldives is obvious, one has only to approach the island. There is also plenty of time for swimming and photo shoots, the resignation lasts 1-1.5 hours.

There will be enough time for everyone to swim and take pictures. Then you go on a ship to go around the entire uninhabited island in the water. You will also swim inside the island, there are crevices where ships can easily fit. The day promises to be interesting!

Impressed by the local beauties, we go back to the port of Adrasan, where a transfer is waiting for you back. All tourists are taken to hotels.

Round-trip transfer to Adrasan village is included in the price of the tour.

During the tour we provide meals on board the ship. A full lunch consists of a main course, salad, tea. A fruit snack is also provided. All additional purchases are at your expense.


Life jackets and inflatable boats are mandatory on board the ship. All yachts undergo annual maintenance. Crew members have more than 5 years of sailing experience and are regularly instructed in first aid.

For the duration of the trip you are provided with life and health insurance.

In case of an emergency, we are on call 24/7, always ready to help.

Also, take a cool mood from home with you. It will help you on your journey! Have a great holiday!

Yacht trip all day

What is not included

All drinks on the yacht (except tea)
Personal expenses (photos, souvenirs, ice cream, etc.)

seasickness medication

How to get to Suluada beach?

The only way to get to Suluada is to join the boat tours departing from the coast of Adrasan or join our organized Suluada boat trip from Side.

How much does a sea excursion to Suluada boat trip from Side?

The cost of the Suluada boat trip from Side per person is 45€.

What is included in the tour program Suluada boat trip from Side?

Yacht trip all day

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