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Cappadocia Tour From Alanya

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Cappadocia Tour From Alanya for 2 days

The territory of Turkey is huge, its length is 1600 km. from east to west and 600 km. from north to south, and each of the 7 regions is not similar to each other. Each region has its own monuments of history and architecture, unique nature reserves, seas and national parks. It will take a month to visit all the iconic places, however, even while relaxing in a Mediterranean resort, you can set aside 1-2 days and dilute your beach vacation with a trip to Istanbul, Pamukkale or Cappadocia.

If you want to see places that most people know only from pictures in travel magazines, that even seasoned travelers can only dream of, feel free to go to Cappadocia. A trip to these magical lands is like flying to a distant planet. You will not leave the feeling that you are somewhere on the Moon or Mars – unusual mountain landscapes of an orange-pink hue, bizarre rocks, huge mushroom-shaped stones – all this looks absolutely unrealistic and fascinating.

Especially for such curious and active tourists there is a 2-day Cappadocia Tour From Alanya. When paying for the trip, you do not worry about anything else – a comfortable bus will take you to all destinations, the hotel and restaurants will already be waiting for you, even entrance tickets to the fabulous valleys will be ordered in advance, and an english-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the tour.

During a 2-day Cappadocia Tour From Alanya, you will learn a lot about the history of this area that goes back centuries, see with your own eyes the unusual shape of giant rocks, walk through the magical valleys, the view of which will excite your imagination. The Goreme Open Air Museum, once the center of Christianity, will amaze you with its scale – more than 400 churches were located in its vicinity, many of which have survived to this day. You will also visit the pottery capital and witness the breathtaking action – Balloon Parade.

Distance from Alanya to Cappadocia.

The way from Alanya to Cappadocia is not short, the distance is 535 km. we will overcome it in about 7 hours, so we will have to leave before dawn. We will make several stops along the way, as well as a break for breakfast, so that the journey will not seem too tiring. At about 10 am the bus will arrive in Cappadocia where you will spend an exciting day.

Program of Cappadocia Tour From Alanya

The program of the Cappadocia Tour From Alanya is multifaceted and intense, it combines hiking through the picturesque valleys, educational excursions in ancient cities, contemplation of the mesmerizing round dance of hot air balloons in the sky and hand-made production of clay products.

Day 1 

Walk through the valleys, underground city, visiting the pottery capital of Avanos.
In the morning on a comfortable bus you will depart from the hotel to the central part of Turkey, to the province of Aksaray. After breakfast on the terrace of an authentic traditional restaurant overlooking the Taurus Mountains, you will visit the underground city of Saratly, consisting of seven tiers going deep into the depths. It was built around the 5th century BC. and served as a shelter, as evidenced by living quarters, passages, niches, wells, barns for storing grain and even baths.

Cappadocia Tour From Alanya continues with a walk through the center of pottery – the ancient city of Avanos, as well as a visit to a craft workshop, where you will have a chance to learn all the secrets and subtleties of pottery and make your own souvenir from clay. Lunch awaits you in this colorful settlement with a huge selection of traditional Turkish mezes, kebabs, pides and other gourmet dishes.

In the oldest settlement of Cappadocia – the rocky village of Chavushin, you will see a whole cave city with living quarters carved into the rocks and the remains of temples, altars and chapels. The Church of John the Baptist, the temple of Nicephorus Phokas, the pigeon church still keep biblical scenes made in frescoes and mosaics on their walls.

At sunset, the valleys of Cappadocia are especially beautiful – the sandy mountain slopes in the light of the setting sun play with all shades of pink and orange. You will be lucky to see this incredible beauty with your own eyes. Before leaving for the hotel, you will visit the Valley of Lovers, famous for its giant statues in the form of mushrooms, and the Valley of the Monks – the only one where stone mushrooms are two or even three-headed.
An exciting and eventful day will end with dinner at the hotel, and the most persistent will be able to visit a traditional Anatolian restaurant and enjoy a folklore show program.

Day 2. Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride

In the morning, when nature is just waking up and the rising sun illuminates the mountains and valleys, Cappadocia is especially beautiful, and hundreds of colorful balloons in the sky create an atmosphere of a fairy tale or a holiday. For the sake of one moment, it is worth traveling hundreds of kilometers – huge balloons of all colors of the rainbow slowly rise in height and freeze against the sky, and then smoothly, as if in a dance, circle above the ground.

You can watch this action for hours, this couple balloons fascinates and hypnotizes, makes you freeze and just enjoy the moment – the view of the valley, the colors and shades of the sky, the light fresh wind and the feeling of lightness and freedom.

The 2nd day of the Cappadocia Tour From Alanya will start for you in this way. Be sure to take your cameras, because every moment in the wonderful valley is a unique colorful frame. And those who wish to see and photograph the picturesque landscape from above will be able to make an unforgettable trip in a hot air balloon.

The flight gives an inexplicable feeling of unity with nature, slowly rising up, as if you feel like a part of the universe, small chores no longer take place in the mind, and the whole body is filled with harmony and peace. Such an hour-long flight in the sky cannot be compared with meditations and spiritual practices, nature in a miraculous way fills you with the energy of happiness and goodness.

After the food of the soul, there is a turn of food for the stomach, which is already waiting at the hotel in the form of a traditional Turkish breakfast. Having satiated and drunk a cup of Turkish tea or coffee, you will go for new impressions to the pigeon valley. This is one of the most beautiful hiking spots in Cappadocia and the perfect location for photo and video shooting. Picturesque panoramas, unusual landscapes, dovecotes carved in the mountains, a cluster of rocks with numerous tunnels and nesting windows will make an indelible impression on you.

A visit to the Caravanserai is also included in the program of a 2-day Cappadocia Tour From Alanya. Such buildings served as a stop on the way of trade caravans and a haven for travelers. The architecture of the buildings is usually simple and concise, because the main purpose was to shelter from the weather and repel enemy attacks, so the structure usually looks like a square courtyard surrounded by walls on all sides.

The caravanserai is a kind of progenitor of the modern hotel – it provided housing and care for guests and animals, as well as various kinds of repair shops. The most beautiful examples of inns can be seen in Cappadocia, where they were built of volcanic stone and were the most exemplary examples of architecture.

After walking around the ancient courtyards and exploring all the buildings, you will go for lunch, where you will try authentic Turkish cuisine prepared according to ancient recipes.

After lunch, a bus will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel.
A 2-day Cappadocia Tour From Alanya will be remembered forever, and you will proudly show bright photos of balloons against the blue sky and share unforgettable impressions with friends and acquaintances.

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  • See the magical “fairy chimneys” of Cappadocia
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride over the rock formations (optional extra)
  • Drive through unique valleys and magical landscapes
  • Visit Uçhisar Castle at the highest point in the region
  • Discover the dovecotes of Pigeon Valley


  • Free Hotel Transfer Service
  • Entrances
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Guide
  • Breakfast
  • Insurance
  • Dinner
  • Personal expenses (photos, souvenir,etc…)
  • All drinks
  • Balloon tour (optional)
  • A trip to the Balloon Festival
  • Lunch at the restaurant
  • Ticket to the Goreme Museum

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Nevşehir, Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Turkey
Created with Sketch.
from €50,00

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