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Pamukkale Tour from Alanya

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Pamukkale tour from Alanya – Only those who have never been to Turkey and were not interested in its history can assume that Turkey is an eastern country. In fact, it is a unique interweaving of three great eras that have left their mark on history and architecture. The luxurious Sultan’s palaces of Istanbul coexist peacefully with the Christian churches of Cappadocia, and the mighty fortresses of Byzantine times coexist with ancient Roman cities.

One of the most ancient Roman settlements on the territory of modern Turkey is Hierapolis, located near the unique natural phenomenon of Pamukkale, which is a snow-white mountain slope. These white terraces are one of the visiting cards of Turkey, they can be seen in popular Turkish films, on the pages of travel magazines, in photos of avid travelers.

While on holiday in Alanya, you can take the chance to visit these unique places by choosing Pamukkale tour.

Program of  Pamukkale Tour from Alanya

The way to Pamukkale is not short, the distance is about 380 km, but since we will leave at dawn, we will already be able to enjoy the views and explore the sights in the morning. A comfortable bus, interesting stories from a professional guide, changing landscapes outside the windows will help make the trip easy and enjoyable.

If you are interested in local traditions and customs, the peculiarities of life in Turkey, the guide will definitely share information and recommend the most interesting sights, delicious restaurants and the best places for shopping.

Travertine in Pamukkale

Pamukkale Tour from Alanya begins with a visit to the “cotton castle”. Surely everyone has heard about the natural wonder of the world – white terraces, located on a 200-meter mountain slope. This is Pamukkale. An amazing landscape was formed in a single year or even a century.

For a long time, calcium-rich natural waters flowing down the mountains formed deposits, gradually turning into cascades. Pamukkale geothermal springs have no analogues in the world, and they are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In addition, this place is incredibly beautiful, and photos in a bikini against the backdrop of snow-white mountains will delight and admire friends and acquaintances.

Antique Amphitheater

Films about the majestic Roman emperors, legionnaires, brave generals have been a trend at all times, and have gained popularity among viewers not only due to the historical events and exciting plots described in them, but also because of their entertainment.

Scenes of fierce gladiator fights, enthusiastic applause of high-ranking spectators in luxurious boxes, unequal fights with dangerous animals – such pictures are drawn in the imagination on the ruins of an ancient amphitheater.

Hierapolis Arena, with a capacity of 10,000 spectators, is the largest in Turkey, it is a unique architectural monument and a historical site included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. When visiting the ruins of the ancient city, it is worth paying special attention to the ancient amphitheater.

Ruins of Hierapolis

The program of Pamukkale tour from Alanya leaves enough time to visit one of the most ancient Roman cities in Turkey, because you can spend hours wandering through the ruins of city buildings, admire the size of the amphitheater and city gates, study ancient inscriptions and bizarre drawings on ancient columns.

The city, which experienced its dawn in the 60s of the 1st century, still keeps many interesting monuments of the past. Temple of Apollo, market square Agora, the first largest Necropolis, sanctuary of Pluto, St. Philip still carefully preserve the memory of the great era.

Cleopatra’s pool

After visiting the travertines and walking through the ruins of the ancient city, Pamukkale Tour from Alanya also includes a stop for recuperation and recovery. The Cleopatra pool is perfect for this. Immersed in tropical greenery, a natural reservoir with mineral waters is a great place to relax and have a good time.

In addition, the waters of the pools have healing properties, because according to an ancient legend, it was thanks to daily bathing that the Egyptian queen retained her youth and beauty.

Impressions from the Pamukkale tour from Alanya

The Pamukkale tour from Alanya is educational and informative, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced travelers. It enriches culturally and spiritually, gives new impressions and vivid emotions. During this tour, you will once again see the diversity of Turkish culture, history and architecture, as well as the richness of the local nature.

You will remember this day as one of the most interesting, informative and bright, and photos against the background of snow-white rocks and ancient ruins will testify to a great vacation.

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  • Guided tour of Pamukkale and Hiearapolis
  • Transportation to and from most Alanya Hotels
  • Live tour commentary provided in English
  • Beverages
  • Antique Pool in Pamukkale
  • Entrance fee of Pamukkale
  • Lunch


Distance to Pamukkale from Alanya is 370 km.

There isn’t any travel restriction now.

The most cost-effective way to get from Alanya to Pamukkale is joining an all inclusive guided Pamukkale tour from Alanya.

Pamukkale tour from Alanya is 30€.

Pamukkale is 179 km far away from Antalya.

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey
Created with Sketch.
from €30,00

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