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Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar

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Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar ”People-Rocks”, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty and splendor of the Taurus Mountains, plunge into the silence and tranquility of Turkish nature, listen to a little history.

Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar (People-Rocks) – a route for courageous tourists. Holidays in Antalya are popular, everyone has heard and knows about tourism in the Mediterranean, but there are places that not everyone can definitely visit.

So, our company, as part of the tour “ Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar ”, offers to go to the Koprulu Canyon National Park, namely, to climb the Taurus Mountains of Manavgat Province, Antalya. We invite guests of any age, gender, religion and country to the tour.

Of course, security, transport, a english-speaking guide and a new look at Turkey are guaranteed.

We are announcing places that are rarely visited by mass groups of tourists. These are canyons, gorges, caves, a theater, a stadium and even a whole city. We warn future clients in advance: we do not recruit large groups.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself in search engines with photos with the tag “ Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar ”. This will help to better imagine the atmosphere of the upcoming trip.

Go! Below us – SUVs Cabrio buses and 250 meters above sea level.

At 10 o’clock in the morning we arrive at the rafting base, conduct a short briefing and in 15 minutes we are on our way to the gorge..


The first stop is “Tazy Canyon and Wisdom Valley”.

This most interesting canyon was discovered in 2017 by ordinary travelers. Tazi Canyon is a unique natural formation up to 400 meters high. On the rocks of the canyon, stripes of geological layers of the earth are visible, and one can only guess how many years of history lurk in Tazi Canyon.

Here you can admire the rapids of the mountain river Kopruchay and stunning views of the Valley of Wisdom. The route is not easy, the road turns in a serpentine, there are pressure drops, but tourists come here with their children.

Beautiful panoramas – mountains, forest, river, ancient Macedonian ruins… According to tourists who have already made a trip to these places, now this is one of the best routes to little-known places in Antalya.

Instagram amateurs and professional photo artists are breathtaking from the panoramas of Tazi Canyon.

By noon, we plan to treat with a Turkish snack and get to the ancient city.

The second stop is “Selge Ancient City”

Almost every city in Turkey is famous for its ancient city or amphitheatre. But not every tourist has heard of the ancient city of Selga. Altitude – 1250 meters above sea level, Altynkaya village, Manavgat, Antalya. Selge is considered one of the ancient places in Turkey.

The city has a rather rich history and many different legends about its origin. Founded by Greek settlers after the Trojan War, Selge was famous for its trade and became one of the most powerful and populous in Pisidia in the 5th century. BC.

The peculiarity of the city is its inaccessibility, thanks to which the city retained its independence from the conquerors. The city was under the patronage of Alexander the Great, was part of the Roman and Byzantine empires, and in the 7th century

due to the transfer of trade routes and raids of the Arabs, the inhabitants of Selge left the city.

Fortress walls, city gates with two watchtowers, a stadium, an ancient theater for 10,000 spectators, the remains of a statue of Zeus and a temple in his honor, the ruins of an Anatolian temple, a necropolis, a basilica from the Byzantine period and an ancient Roman bridge.

You should visit Selge, we consider it superfluous to describe the grandeur and atmosphere of these places. Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar.

The third Stop is “Rock-People Adam Kayalar”.

The area of “conglomerates” of rocks surrounding the ancient city of Selge in the Manavgat district of Antalya resembles scenes from the American movie “Avatar”. The area called “Avatar Land”, named “Rocks of Adam” because it resembles a standing person, creates a fantastic image.

What exactly these figures represent no one knows. Locals believe that Adam Kayalar is waiting for a researcher who can read them. Perhaps you will be them?

Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar will take you half a day, by 4 pm we will return to the rafting base and promise to treat you to a Turkish barbecue lunch with pasta, bulgur and a light salad.

We agree that the Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar may not be very interesting for fans of all-inclusive holidays. But for lovers of wild tourism – just right!

For more information about Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar, meeting times, and other one-day tours, please contact us.

Hotel transfer
Tazi Canyon
Koprulu Canyon
Visiting the ancient city of Selge on Cabrio SUVs

What is not included

Any drinks
Personal expenses

Pack thick clothes, extra clothes, and sunglasses and sunscreen.

Where is Tazi Canyon located?

Tazi Canyon is located in the area of the Koprulu Canyon National Park, which is within the borders of Manavgat.

How far is Tazi Canyon from Antalya?

Tazi Canyon is located 82 km from Antalya.

What is included in the program of the tour Canyon Tazy Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar?

  • Transfer from / to the hotel
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Tazi Canyon
  • Koprulu Canyon
  • Visiting the ancient city of Selge on Cabrio Bus

How much does the Tazy Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar tour cost?

Excursion Tazi Canyon Antique Selge and Adam Kayalar costs 30€ per person.

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