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Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya

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Excursion Jeep Safari and Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya, which combines natural beauty and excitement, offers our dear guests an incredible travel and entertainment experience.

Add excitement to your holiday with Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya. If you are currently in Antalya, you can listen to the flow of the Köprüçay River and discover the perfect combination of turquoise and green hues displayed in the Köprülü Canyon National Park.

What does Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya promise you?

By participating in the Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya , you will be able to visit the most popular water sports area in Turkey and take advantage of the facilities offered.

To get more pleasure from  jeep safari and rafting from Antalya, you should try it with your family or with a group of friends. If you are already enthusiastic, you can read the rest of our article to learn more about the program.

Our Jeep Safari and Rafting adventure from Antalya begins with the pick up our guests from hotels in Antalya. Our trip will take place in a very calm and comfortable environment, as our car is fully equipped, modern and comfortable.

Jeep Safari

The program of our tour Jeep Safari and Rafting begins with a jeep safari tour. You will take a fun and action-packed off-road tour through the Köprülü Canyon. Then you will arrive at the starting point of the rafting.

Learn from your master

Of course, before you become an active “rower” on a rafting tour, you need to learn about the stages of this activity.

When we arrive at the site, you will meet our professional, licensed and very friendly instructors and receive detailed information from them. You will be prepared by wearing or using appropriate equipment.

Let’s add as a note: you will enjoy rafting even if you have no experience. If you already have experience, you will have the opportunity to hone and improve your skills. So no matter your level, you will love this event!

Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya starts in Koprucay River

Having prepared as a group, you will board the boat. The level of difficulty of the route can be determined upon your request, regardless of your previous experience.

You will drive along the stream, exactly 14 kilometers. You will then take a break at the trail’s stopping point and disembark from the boat to swim or relax in the river.

In addition to its breathtaking qualities, perhaps the best thing about Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya will be the view that nature lovers will admire because it is no different from the picture itself (tourist mountains, pine forests)…


When you get to the end point of the tour, don’t worry that you’ve come to the end because you’ll have an incredible lunch here.

You can enjoy delicious meals at a local restaurant by the river, as well as replenish the energy lost during rafting. In a word, you will cheer yourself up! In the restaurant, if desired, you can make a zipline. Included in the price.

Photo and CD

The restaurant also has a section where you can purchase photos or videos taken by our professional photographers while rafting. By purchasing photos, CDs and DVDs, you can make your memories unforgettable from an artistic point of view.

After the end of the Jeep Safari and Rafting from Antalya, we will wait for you in comfortable buses, and in the afternoon we will take you to the hotel. Thus, rafting from Antalya will be successfully completed.

After jeep safari and rafting, you arrive at your hotel, you can relax a bit or get ready for other adventures in Antalya that we organize! We also have quad bike rafting safari, buggy safari with rafting and zip line.

Rafting gear
Jeep Safari
English speaking guide

What is not included

Photo Video

You can bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
Also swimwear

How much is jeep safari and rafting from Antalya?

eJep safari and rafting from Antalya is per person 30€.

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