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Rafting In Antalya

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Rafting In Antalya is a fun active game where you can transform into a brave captain and conqueror of the elements, a fearless discoverer and explorer of uncharted lands.

Rafting in Antalya is a fun active game where you can transform into a brave captain and conqueror of the elements, a fearless discoverer and explorer of uncharted lands.

Rafting in Antalya is a fascinating journey along the turbulent Köprüçay River, which flows in the most beautiful national park of the Mediterranean coast – Köprülü. This tour will give unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions.

Admirers of wildlife will be delighted with the unearthly beauty of green mountain slopes and plateaus, sky-high rocks and gorges untouched by civilization. The rich flora and fauna will amaze even the most inveterate travelers, cedars and junipers, pines and firs, centuries-old oaks and pines grow in the local forests, wild olives and laurels, fragrant rosemary and thyme are often found in groves and mountain plateaus.

Locals come to the canyon to enjoy the magical views and breathe in the purest air filled with the scent of pine needles, swim in the cool mountain rivers and soak up the sun, retire away from noisy cities and listen to the enchanting birdsong.

Rafting in Antalya is not only contemplation of picturesque landscapes, but also filled with drive and adrenaline rafting on a mountain river. This extreme trip is available for both adults and children, both athletes and beginners. Working in a team and fighting against river rapids, you will be imbued with the spirit of excitement and competition, and each obstacle overcome will cause a feeling of pride and moral satisfaction.

Tour program “Rafting in Antalya”

Excursion “Rafting in Antalya” begins with a transfer and a detailed briefing. Arriving at the sports base, experienced coaches will talk about the features of the structure of the boat and safety rules, teach a special sign language and the basics of rowing, introduce you to the travel route and difficult sections of the mountain river.

Wearing special protective equipment, you will go on an exciting tour to conquer a stormy river, overcome steep rapids and deftly avoid obstacles in the form of rocks and pitfalls.

On the way, you will make several stops, during which you can relax on the terrace of a local restaurant and enjoy national Turkish dishes and picturesque views of rocks and gorges, swim in cool clear waters, jump into the river from a cliff and take colorful photos and memorable videos.

At the end of a busy day, having gained invaluable experience and a lot of vivid impressions, you will go to the hotel to gain strength for the next no less interesting day on the hospitable Turkish land.

Features of rafting on the river – Rafting in Antalya reviews, price

Rafting in Antalya takes place on the picturesque Köprüçay River, which has both difficult sections of rafting trails and calmer ones. Even beginners and children can take part in rafting. The first section of the journey is training, on a simple section of the river you will master the skill of rowing and learn how to control the boat, begin to feel the balance and dimensions of the vessel, understand the captain’s commands and respond quickly.

After the first swim, you will make a stop, you can walk along the slopes and banks, swim in the refreshing clear waters and sunbathe.

The second stage is more difficult, here you will have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of an extreme sport. You will overcome obstacles and bump into pitfalls, jump from jumps and steep rapids, sometimes you will collide with other boats and steep banks. But all this will only give drive and adrenaline, awaken a sense of delight, excitement and fun.

After rest and lunch, you will have a final swim along the most picturesque stretch of the river. Cliffs and steep banks resting against the sky, mountain peaks and green slopes will surround you throughout the entire journey. It is worth raising your head, and you will come to an indescribable delight from the blue sky, infinitely high mountains, perennial cedars and cypresses.

On the slopes you can see mountain goats briskly jumping over the cliffs, eagles circling over the canyon and colorful butterflies, fearlessly sitting on the edge of the boat. Get your cameras and phones ready, as a unique colorful shot awaits you around every turn.

The Benefits of Rafting in Antalya

The main advantage of Rafting in Antalya is visiting the most picturesque places of the Mediterranean coast, the opportunity to see the endless rocks and mountain ranges from an angle unusual for a simple tourist, feel the cool splashes of mountainous turbulent rivers and breathe in fresh crystal clear air. Rafting on boats gives a lot of positive and drive, sincere joy and delight, fun and incomparable pleasure.

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How much does rafting in Antalya cost?

Rafting in Antalya – 18€ per person. We have a transfer from all regions of Antalya.

Where is rafting in Antalya?

The only famous place for rafting in Antalya is Koprulu Canyon in the city of Manavgat.

How many km is Rafting from Antalya Beshkonak?

Distance from Antalya to Beshkonak Koprulu Canyon: 91 kilometers.

At what age is rafting suitable?

The age limit for river rafting is +10 years on rivers with a suitable flow rate and difficulty level of the route. For adults, anyone who does not have serious health problems can safely join the rafting.

How many hours does rafting take in the Koprulu Canyon?

Our 14 km waterway to Koprucay, which gave its name to the Koprulu Canyon, takes about two and a half hours with breaks and animations.

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Awesome trip, we had a lot of fun and a good time! The guides are so friendly, funny and entertaining too. I can totally recommend to book this trip when you‘re in or around Side.

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