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Turkish Hamam in Antalya

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Turkish Hamam in Antalya is recommended to visit in the first days of your vacation, this procedure will not only make the skin more elastic, but also prepare it for an even, beautiful tan and help avoid the harmful effects of insidious sunlight.

Often, tourists, having arrived at a Mediterranean resort, rejoice at the gentle sun and warm sea, and imperceptibly burn themselves under deceptive rays. This can significantly spoil the impression of the rest and harm your health.

You can avoid such trouble by visiting the Turkish Hamam in Antalya, where your skin will be cleansed of dead skin particles and massaged using natural oils, thanks to which the tan will go on evenly and quickly, and the skin, repelling ultraviolet radiation, will receive the necessary amount of vitamin D.

In addition to the benefits for health, the Hamam ritual is a balm for body and soul, a relaxing massage, fragrant essential oils, pleasant bath procedures on hot marble slabs immerse you in an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. After a Turkish bath, you will feel as if reborn into the world, vigorous and energetic, rejuvenated and ready to fully enjoy your vacation.


Features of the Turkish Hamam in Antalya

Hamam occupies a special subway in Eastern culture, although it originated from Roman baths. Bath procedures were widely used during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, who said that “cleanliness is half of faith.”

Real Hamams differ from saunas in a special structure in the form of a palm with 5 fingers, in the middle there is always a hall with a marble stone in the center, inside it is a wood-burning stove that maintains the temperature. Humidity is always high in Hamam, and the air temperature does not exceed 50 degrees, so Turkish baths have no contraindications and are suitable even for people who cannot stand the heat.

From the central hall, five corridors, symbolizing the fingers of the hand, lead rooms with different temperature and humidity conditions, it is tedious to move around them in a certain order, this helps to eliminate toxins and create a safe load on the body.


The Turkish bath is a ritual

A visit to the Turkish Hamam in Antalya is a historical ritual, popular in the country to this day, it is accompanied by pleasant cleansing procedures, peeling, massage using natural oils. The legend, confirmed by experience, says that after visiting all five rooms of Hammam, the body is cleansed and rejuvenated.

The first two rooms are a dressing room and a shower room, the third is a steam room with a hot marble stone in the center, where you will receive a foam massage and prepare your skin for peeling. The fourth room is the main steam room, where an intense soapy massage is performed, freeing the body from keratinized particles.

There is also a traditional oil massage room and a relaxation area where you can relax and drink a cup of traditional Turkish tea. The Turkish Hamam in Antalya is also equipped with a cosmetology room, where you can choose not only traditional, but also exotic procedures.


Wellness procedures

It is not for nothing that Hamams are so popular in Turkey, local women often arrange bathing days and can spend several hours drinking tea and pleasant procedures.

The mere presence in the Hamam has a positive effect on health, because only natural materials are used in the decor of the rooms, so lying on hot marble and breathing in fragrant wood vapors is good for the functioning of the lungs and respiratory tract.

The complex of Turkish Hamam in Antalya is aimed at restoring muscle tone and elasticity, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and increasing immunity. The bathing procedure begins with peeling with a special mitten made of natural materials, and after the skin pores open, a foam massage awaits you.

Natural olive soap is whipped into a thick foam that gently envelops the entire body and nourishes it with oils, while experienced masseurs relax the muscles with smooth movements. After such relaxation and enjoyment, you can return to local traditions and drink a cup of strong Turkish tea.


Massage with natural olive oil

The visit to the Turkish Hamam in Antalya ends with a massage using organic olive oil. This procedure takes place in a separate room – a world of relaxation and tranquility, where the aroma of essential oils hovers and light melodic music is barely audible.

Here time stops, and you feel only a feeling of freedom and lightness. The massage uses warm oil for a soothing effect, while strong, deep massage movements tones the muscles and skin and stimulates energy flow.

After visiting the Turkish Hamam in Antalya, you are guaranteed an even, beautiful tan, as the skin is already prepared for sunbathing, and a pleasant feeling of lightness and freshness will accompany you throughout your vacation.

Hotel transfers
Steam room
Foam massage
Turkish bath 20 minutes
Oil massage 20 Minutes

What is not included

Additional optional services


What is included in the Turkish bath program in Antalya?

Hotel transfers
Steam room
Foam massage
Turkish bath 20 minutes
Oil massage 20 Minutes

How much does a hammam cost in Antalya?

Turkish Hamam in Antalya €25 per person.

Where to go to the hammam in Antalya?

In each district of Antalya we have one hammam. To book it please contact us.

What should you wear in a hammam?

In Turkey, the traditional hammam garment is the peshtemal towel. Hamam in Turkey stands separately. The men tie the peshtemal. Women also wrap  around the waist and chest.

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