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Quad Safari in Antalya

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Quad Safari in Antalya is an exciting tour for daredevils and adventurers, lovers of drive and fun, conquerors of mountain peaks and discoverers of new places, explorers of untouched corners of nature and connoisseurs of the natural beauty of the picturesque surroundings.

You can go on this journey alone, but if you are accompanied by family and friends, you will be able to share the emotions of delight and excitement, the impressions of extreme off-road driving and admiration for the beauty of pristine nature.

Quad Safari in Antalya is not just a tour, but overcoming obstacles on the way through forests and impenetrable thickets, fighting mountain serpentines and steep cliffs, mutual assistance and pride in the first successes.

On the way, fast-flowing rivers and waterfalls, green slopes and sky-high rocks, coniferous forests and juniper groves await you, and the gentle sun, fresh wind and picturesque landscapes will accompany you, pleasing to the eye and making the journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Program of Quad Safari in Antalya

Quad Safari in Antalya can take place both in the morning and in the evening, when the rays of the setting sun flood the valleys and mountain peaks with soft light, and the surrounding nature is especially beautiful.

The tour takes several hours and begins traditionally with instructions and training. Arriving at the sports base, you will get acquainted with the travel route, safety rules and driving behavior, master driving skills. The long-awaited adventure will begin as soon as all participants practice in the closed area and put on special protective equipment.

You will make your way from the coast of Antalya to the most picturesque viewing platforms located high in the mountains. On the way you will meet kilometer-long fruit plantations, green groves and dense forests, noisy rivers and waterfalls, rocky mountain slopes and gorges.

Stopping in the thicket of the forest, you will watch wild animals and birds, breathe in the aromas of pine needles and crystal clear air. The fauna and flora of the Mediterranean is incredibly rich, foxes and wild boars, mountain goats and hares, eagles and pheasants are found in local forests, and the flora is represented by cedars and pines, junipers and cypresses, wild rosemary and thyme.

During breaks between off-road trips, you can enjoy incredibly picturesque landscapes, swim in a cool mountain river, take colorful photos and videos. The quad bike safari in Antalya will end at the sports base, from where you will be taken back to the hotel by a comfortable bus.

Route of Quad Safari in Antalya

Antalya quad bike safari takes place on the slopes of the majestic Taurus Mountains, which separate the coastal region from Central Anatolia. Plateaus and plains here give way to high cliffs and hills, deciduous groves smoothly turn into perennial coniferous forests, stormy mountain streams outline mighty slopes with winding stripes.

Wild animals and birds live in the mouths of rivers far from civilization, and you may be able to observe them in their natural environment. Having passed along the forest glades and groves, you will climb high into the mountains, here you will surely meet mountain goats, briskly galloping along steep cliffs and eagles soaring over the endless valleys.

It is worth overcoming obstacles and distances to reach the mountain peak, because the most picturesque panoramas open from a bird’s eye view – lines of beaches and rocky shores, green slopes framing bays and distant islands, city streets and ships moored in the port. On the way, you will make several stops to walk along the forest paths and glades, enjoy the silence and the gentle sun, swim in the invigorating waters of a mountain river and breathe in the purest fresh air.

Waterfalls and green slopes, steep cliffs and cliffs stretching into the blue sky, canyons and views of coastlines will be an excellent backdrop for spectacular colorful shots that will remind you of the rich and beautiful Turkish nature.

Quad bike tour safety in Antalya

ATVs are safe compact off-road vehicles that easily overcome obstacles and difficult stretches of tracks, they are extremely maneuverable and stable, easy to drive and operate, ideal for trips over rough terrain and off-road.

Even beginners who have never been behind the wheel can drive an ATV, and children can take the passenger’s seat and enjoy the ride on an equal basis with adults. The route of the tour runs outside the city on deserted roads, this allows you to avoid crossing with any transport, so you do not need a driver’s license for a quad bike safari in Antalya.

It is only necessary to strictly follow the safety rules and instructions of an experienced guide who will accompany you throughout the journey.

Going on a Quad Safari in Antalya, remember that the main thing is to enjoy the journey, the picturesque surrounding views, the beauty of untouched pristine nature and extreme driving through mountain serpentines and impenetrable forests.


Antalya Quad Safari Times:

Every Day: 09:00 – 13:00

Pickup from hotel and drop off
ATV ride for about 1.5 hours

What is not included

Food, drink and personal expenses
Photo and video shooting
Face mask (dust mask)


How much does a quad biking tour in Antalya cost?

The cost of a quad biking tour in Antalya varies depending on the tour operator, the length of the tour, and the itinerary. Typically, prices range from 50 to 100 euros per person. Some tours may also offer discounts for groups or children. But in our website you can find the cheapest prices.

What is included in the price of the ATV Safari tour in Antalya?

  • Hotel pickup and return
  • Guide
  • Quad biking about 1.5 hours

How do I book the Belek Quad Tour?

You can book the Belek Quad Tour through our website online.

How long does an ATV Quad Bike Experience usually last?

The duration of an ATV quad bike experience in Antalya lasts 1.5 hours.

What is the price for a quad bike riding experience?

In general, prices for quad bike tours in Turkey start at around 50-60 USD for a 1-hour tour and can go up to 150-200 USD for a full-day tour. It is recommended to check with different tour operators to compare prices and tour packages to find the best option for your budget and preferences. Additionally, some tours may offer discounts for group bookings or early bookings.

What is a quad bike safari, and how can I rent a quad bike for a safari in Turkey?

A quad bike safari is an off-road adventure tour that allows you to explore the natural landscape of Turkey on a quad bike. The tour typically includes a guide who will lead the group through different terrain and provide information about the local flora and fauna. Quad bike safaris are popular in many parts of Turkey, including Antalya, Belek, and Cappadocia.

To rent a quad bike for a safari in Turkey, you can contact a local tour operator or rental company that offers quad bike rentals. Some hotels and resorts in tourist areas may also have partnerships with quad bike rental companies. When renting a quad bike, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and that you have the necessary safety equipment, such as helmets and goggles. It is also recommended to follow the rules and regulations of the area where you will be riding and to ride responsibly.

What is the minimum age requirement for a quad safari?

The minimum age requirement may vary by provider, but generally, children under the age of 12 may not be allowed to ride on their own quad bike. They may be able to ride with an adult on a tandem quad bike.

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