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Rafting from Belek

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While relaxing in a Mediterranean resort, you can visit a variety of excursions and try many types of activities, but it is the “rafting from Belek” tour that will make you feel like a fearless pioneer, an adventurous adventurer, an admirer of pristine nature and a lover of fun outdoor activities.

If you are in Turkey for the first time and want to see a variety of rich flora and fauna, you definitely need to go rafting, sailing along the mountain slopes and steep rocks stretching into the sky, you will see how diverse the local flora and fauna is, how beautiful the nature untouched by civilization is.

If you are an experienced tourist and you can handle any danger, rafting from Belek will be the next step in your achievements, because each new trip is an invaluable experience and vivid emotions.

Admirers of family values ​​know that nothing unites like sports, teamwork and overcoming obstacles together, and rafting on a mountain river is just what you need. And for a company of avid friends, “Rafting from Belek” is a great opportunity to spend a carefree and fun day, get an incredible boost of energy, drive and adrenaline.

Tour program of Rafting from Belek

“Rafting from Belek” takes place on the Kopruchay River in the Kopruklu Canyon National Park near Manavgat. The road to the sports base is not far, but unusually picturesque – mountain peaks and rocks rushing into the clouds, pine groves and perennial cedar forests, turquoise waters of the river and mountain streams – such landscapes will replace each other outside the window of a comfortable bus.

The first thing you will feel when you arrive at the base is the dizzying aroma of eucalyptus in the air, the light coolness of a stormy mountain river, the freshness of nature waking up in the forest.

Right before the rafting, you will listen to a briefing on the rules of safety and behavior on the water, get the necessary equipment, and undergo a short training – master the control of the boat and learn to understand the special commands of the captain.

For safe rafting, it is very important not to neglect the safety rules and follow the instructions steadily, then you will get the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from the process.

During the rafting, you will overcome obstacles and rapids, masterfully bypass the rocks that appear on the way, swim smoothly along the calm sections of the river and experience the delight of jumping from springboards and fighting the rough current.

In the middle of the way you will make a stop for lunch, you can recuperate, refresh yourself with traditional Turkish cuisine, enjoy the picturesque views, the sound of fast-flowing mountain waters, refreshing cool sprays, and intoxicating fresh air.

The second part of the rafting will be no less exciting, having fully mastered the control of the boat, you can be distracted by the mountain slopes buried in greenery, canyons and gorges, sheer cliffs of coastlines and bewitching landscapes around. The most daring will be able to jump off a cliff and swim in the cool emerald waters.

Returning to the hotel, you will remember this eventful day full of adventures with nostalgia.

Features of rafting on the river

The Kepruchay River, where the “rafting from Belek” takes place, is not very stormy, even children can take part in the rafting, but there are difficult sections of the path with rapids and stones growing out of the water, steep steep banks and obstacles that appear out of nowhere.

At the initial stage, the flow of the river is quite calm, and the rapids are not difficult, which makes it possible to learn how to work in a team and row correctly, balance in the boat and feel its dimensions, understand the captain’s commands and respond immediately. After overcoming the first section, you will make a short stop for rest and swimming.

The second part of rafting is the most difficult, but it is also the most interesting. Here you will experience all the delights of this extreme sport. You will bypass obstacles and rapids, sometimes the stern or side of the boat will run into pitfalls and rocks, but this will only add drive and excitement.

And while jumping from ski jumps and steep cliffs, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of delight and unbridled fun. After lunch, having gained strength and energy, you will go to the final part of the journey. This section of the path is the most picturesque, here you can enjoy the beauty of mountain landscapes, swim in cool crystal clear waters, take incredible photos and videos.

The benefits of rafting from Belek

Rafting from Belek is popular among both adults and children, because the rafting section is not difficult, and experienced instructors accompany you throughout the journey, ensuring safety and comfort. In addition, the alloy gives a lot of positive emotions and drive, the opportunity to see the indescribable beauty of untouched nature and get great pleasure.

Hotel transfer
Professional guides

What is not included

Any personal expenses (photos, souvenirs, etc.)

Extra Clothes
Some money for photos or videos
Also drinks.

How much does rafting from Belek cost?

Rafting from Belek for one person 18€

What is included in price of Rafting from Belek?

  • Transfers
  • Professional river guides
  • Rafting equipment
  • Lunch

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Excellent excursion. Separately, I want to thank the guide Mehmet.
Tips for riders – put on crocs, put on swimming trunks right away and take shorts / t-shirt to change at the end.

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