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Paragliding in Alanya from Antalya, Belek, Side

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Paragliding from Antalya is an ideal option for both curious travelers and seekers of new sensations, as well as for lovers of nature and picturesque landscapes. Skydiving allows you not only to enjoy unusually beautiful views, but also to get completely new impressions and invaluable experience, memories of which will last a lifetime.

If you want to experience incomparable emotions of delight and happiness, immerse yourself in a state of absolute harmony and freedom, Paragliding  Antalya is exactly for you.


What to Expect

Nowadays, we can do skydiving and hot air ballooning, but they cannot be compared with paragliding. Only paragliding will allow you to feel like a light fluff and soar above the ground, following the tailwind. In the sky, you will immediately feel like a part of the air stream, and the unprecedented beauty of landscapes will distract you from thoughts of fear and uncertainty.

Paragliding in Alanya from Antalya is done from the Yassy Tepe hill on Taurus Mountain, from a height of 800 meters. The flight lasts about 20 minutes, but in the air the time seems endless. Whether you jump in the morning, afternoon or at sunset, you will be amazed by the beauty of the coastlines and the sea.

High in the sky you will see picturesque views of rocky mountains and cedar forests, lost bays and lagoons, snow-white sandy beaches and sheer cliffs. City blocks and the port, winding streets and an ancient fortress will appear in a completely different way.


Safety And Instruction

Paragliding Antalya  in Alanya is an excellent type of recreation for both experienced athletes and beginners, it takes place in tandem with a professional instructor and is absolutely safe. Of course, there are some rules and restrictions, so healthy and unrestricted people aged 16 to 50 and weighing up to 120 kg can take part in the flight.

Subject to these simple conditions, as well as following the safety rules and instructions of the instructor, you are guaranteed a pleasant and comfortable flight. A mandatory event before the jump is a briefing, where you will learn about the specifics of takeoff and landing, the device and principles of parachute operation, and the rules of behavior in the sky.

For participants making their first flight, it is important to know that the air temperature at altitude is much lower, so clothing should be warm and comfortable, and shoes should be closed and tight on the foot. It is better not to take personal things such as phones and small items with you, and the instructor will take care of colorful photos and videos.


Tour Program “Paragliding In Alanya From Antalya”

Excursion Paragliding Antalya in Alanya takes place on the Taurus Mountain, where a comfortable bus will deliver you directly from the hotel. The distance from Antalya to Alanya is 120 km, the entire route runs along the coast, so on the way you can enjoy the seascapes, as well as see the many kilometers of olive and citrus plantations that the region is famous for.

Climbing the serpentine into the mountains, you will see a completely different Turkey – perennial coniferous forests and waterfalls, canyons and gorges, as if civilization and progress have not touched. And from the top of Yassy Tepe, stunning views of the city and the sea open up. Winding coastlines, blue lagoons, sheer cliffs and mountains surrounded by mountains will appear before you in the palm of your hand.

After the briefing, having taken off the ground and leaving fears and doubts, you will be able to fully enjoy the feeling of flight, freedom and harmony. From a bird’s eye view, you can see the city streets and the old fortress, port berths and pleasure yachts, lost bays and luxurious beaches.

But the most striking impression on you will be the variety of colors and shades of sea waves, the purity of the sky, the brightness of the sun and a pleasant fresh breeze.

Paragliding in Alanya from Antalya will not only give you new sensations and emotions, but will remain in your memory for a long time as one of the brightest and, perhaps, adventurous events in your life.

Hotel transfer
Qualified and professional pilot
Required equipment for paragliding

What is not included

CD with video and photos

Video camera
Mobile phone

How much is Paragliding Alanya 2023 ?

Paragliding Alanya 2023 per person 50€.

What is included in the price of the Paragliding tour Alanya 2023?

  • Transfer from / to the hotel
  • Qualified and professional pilot
  • Required equipment for paragliding

Where is the best place for paragliding in Antalya?

There are several places in Antalya that offer paragliding experiences. Some popular locations include Mount Tahtali in Kemer, Olympos Beydaglari National Park, and Alanya Castle.

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