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Starcraft Boat Trip in Alanya

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Starcraft Boat Trip in Alanyais a romantic sea tour to the most beautiful beaches and secret caves, where you can not only swim and soak up the sun, but also take vivid memorable photos.

Starcraft boat trip in Alanya is a great option for those who want to have an active and fun day, swim in the azure warm water of the Mediterranean Sea, walk along the beaches hidden from prying eyes, see the picturesque coastline from the water.

Lovers of a relaxing holiday will be able to sunbathe on comfortable sun loungers, meditate, looking at the blue waves, rocks rising from the water and changing coastal views.

A light breeze, an endless sea, a soft blue sky and refreshing splashes of waves plunge you into a state of relaxation and tranquility, while the jade greenery of the shores and sunbeams playing on the rocks tirelessly delight the eye.

Starcraft boat trip in Alanya is a romantic boat trip to the most beautiful beaches and secret caves, where you can not only swim and soak up the sun, but also take vivid memorable photos.

For cheerful companies, the yacht has a lot of entertainment, incendiary music, a foam party, animation, and an open bar offers a variety of drinks, cocktails, local beer and wine.

Description of the excursion “Starcraft Boat Trip in Alanya”

Starcraft boat trip in Alanya is a fascinating sea voyage during which you can jump from a yacht, walk on the white sand of Cleopatra Beach, explore caves lost in the coastal lines, relax on the clean Ulaj Beach, see the majestic Red Tower from the water.

Cleopatra Beach near Alanya is one of the most picturesque in the world, everything in this paradise is saturated with harmony and tranquility – giant cedars framing the bay, rocks and islands in the middle of the sea, snow-white sand and clear emerald water.

There are myths and legends around this place, according to one of them, the Egyptian queen loved to spend time here, the only thing she did not like was the sand, which was too fine. Her husband Mark Antony, who adored his wife and satisfied all her whims, even ordered to bring sand from the banks of the Nile, so here it is snow-white and looks like small pearls.

Ulaj Beach is very popular among tourists and locals, and is a favorite place for families. A long coastline, incredible blue-green water, terraces with picnic areas attract romantics and lovers of pristine nature here.

During the Starcraft boat trip in Alanya, the yacht will sail along the Red Fortress, a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Built in 1226, a 30-meter tower is an ideal defensive structure, 56 observation towers helped to identify enemy troops in advance, no matter from which side they appeared, and easily repel attacks.

At first glance, a simple octagonal fortress has a complex structure inside. In the 5-story building, everything was thought out for shelter and defense – various kinds of rooms, ventilation shafts, tanks for water and hot resin, which was poured onto the heads of enemies through special holes in the wall. Currently, a gallery is located within the walls of the Red Fortress, and some tiers are open to tourists.

The yacht’s path follows caves hidden from prying eyes – a phosphorus cave that shines like phosphorus when moonlight is reflected, a lovers’ cave, where young lovers hid in ancient times, whose families were against their union, pirates’ caves, where corsairs brought their stolen wealth. Everyone here will be able to try their luck and dive for the gold of sea robbers.

The three-deck ship “Starcraft” is the most impressive ship in Alanya. Starcraft boat trip in Alanya will give you real pleasure, because you will go on a trip on a luxurious three-deck ship, on board of which there are sunbathing areas, comfortable sun loungers, TV screens, split system, bars, restaurants and everything you need for a comfortable stay. On board the snow-white ultra-modern liner, everyone will find something to their liking.

Having plenty of swimming and enjoying the gentle sun, you will taste traditional Turkish cuisine. The buffet will amaze you with a rich selection of meat dishes prepared according to old recipes, fresh fish, vegetarian delicacies, a variety of vegetables and fruits. And at the end of a hearty lunch, you will try traditional Turkish sweets with a cup of aromatic coffee or strong tea. Throughout the day you can enjoy fine wines, local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, artfully prepared cocktails.

A day spent on a luxury yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, you will always remember as one of the most exciting, bright and positive.

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Please bring your own towel, swimwear, sunscreem, hat, goggles and your own snorkeling equipment.

How much does a boat trip on a Starcraft Boat Trip in Alanya cost?

Starcraft Boat Trip in Alanya for one person 35€

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