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Side Boat Trip

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Side Boat Trip will bring a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions, you will remember the unity with the pristine nature and communication with the rarest representatives of the fauna, swimming in the purest azure waters and walking through the ruins of an ancient temple.

Do you want to spend your vacation unforgettable and bright? Got bored at the hotel and tired of the monotonous beach holiday? Tired of the noise and crowds at the pool? Then Side Boat Trip is just for you.

Absolutely everyone can go on a trip on a yacht, because there is entertainment for every taste. The newest liner is equipped with the latest technology – TVs and a modern sound system, air conditioning and comfortable sun loungers, areas for rest and relaxation.

Active tourists who are thirsty for a holiday and fun will be able to swim heartily in the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea, jump from a yacht, participate in an entertainment program and dance to their heart’s content during an evening disco. Admirers of silence and solitude will enjoy sunbathing and a light breeze, eye-pleasing coastal landscapes and crystal clear waters of lagoons hidden from prying eyes. The kids will also not be bored, because on the ship they are waiting for competitions and entertainment, animation and exciting games.

The program of the tour “Side Boat Trip”

Side Boat Trip is not limited to activities on a yacht and swimming in the sea, you will sail along the entire coast, see the lost bays and lagoons, gorges and caves, enjoy the landscapes of green slopes and cliffs high to the skies. On one of the banks you will see the ruins of ancient columns – this is the temple of Apollo, here you can explore the remains of an ancient building, touch its centuries-old history, learn many facts about the temple and the life of the Romans in ancient times.

Having received a lot of information and emotions, you will go to the yacht, where lunch will already be waiting for you. Everyone should try traditional Turkish cuisine at least once, the taste of crispy pide and spicy mezze, juicy durums and kebabs, baklava and delights will firmly take a place in the heart and will remain in memory for a long time.

No less memorable will be a trip to the bay, where a rare species of caretta caretta turtles, which is endangered, lives. You may be lucky enough to see these unique representatives of the fauna in their natural environment.

The Side Boat Trip will end with a party on a yacht, where you can dance to incendiary music, listen to mixes of local DJs and share your impressions of a delightfully spent day.

Swimming in the bays of the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a paradise for lovers of ecological bathing, because its waters have practically not suffered from the costs of civilization. The international environmental organization annually checks the beaches around the world for the purity of the sand and the composition of coastal waters, and, based on the results of the tests, awards the most unpolluted ones with the Blue Flag.

Turkey deservedly took 2nd place, 44 beaches were awarded in the country, and most of these cleanest beaches are located in the province of Antalya. In addition, the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most healing on the planet, the trace elements contained in its waters – iodine, chromium, bromine, potassium, magnesium, sodium have a positive effect on the functioning of the whole organism.

Therefore, during Side Boat Trip, do not miss the opportunity to improve your health and get a lot of pleasure from swimming in the azure warm waters, fresh air and gentle sun.

Temple of Apollo

During Side Boat Trip, you will make a stop at the main attraction of the city – the Temple of Apollo, which was built in the 2nd century AD. e., and in the X century it suffered from a strong earthquake. The construction was made in the classical Greco-Roman style, as evidenced by the ruins of 8-meter columns and the reliefs of the heads of the Gorgon Medusa.

Initially, the temple was surrounded by 66 columns around the perimeter, but only 5 of them survived. Despite the fact that the architectural monument has been preserved only partially, it is undoubtedly worthy of attention. Also, ancient ruins can be a great backdrop for a photo shoot, especially at sunset, when the rays of the setting sun color the centuries-old stones in all shades of orange and pink.

Turtles – Caretta Caretta

Caretta caretta sea turtles are believed to be the oldest inhabitants of the planet, they have been on Earth for about 106 million years, but due to global pollution, their population is inexorably declining and now this ancient species is on the verge of extinction. The Turkish coast is the second largest breeding ground for turtles, because they come to land only to lay their eggs.

Incredibly interesting is that Caretta Caretta spawns on the same beach where they were born, so from June to August, the likelihood of meeting them in the bays off the coast of Side and Alanya increases. These marine inhabitants grow up to 120cm. and weigh about 140 kg., in water they reach speeds of up to 30 km. per hour, but on land they are quite vulnerable. The Turkish government carefully protects the rare species, and the habitats of turtles are often deserted and remote from noise and civilization.

Taking Side Boat Trip, you will visit just one of these hidden lagoons and you will surely see the caretta caretta in its natural habitat.

Side Boat Trip will bring a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions, will be remembered for unity with pristine nature and communication eating with the rarest representatives of the fauna, swimming in the purest azure waters and walking through the ruins of an ancient temple.

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Please bring your own towel, swimwear, sunscreem, hat, goggles and your own snorkeling equipment.

How much does a boat trip in Side cost?

Side Boat trip costs for one person 25€.

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