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Turkish bath Alanya

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Turkish bath Alanya is a tradition that has existed since ancient times, but is still relevant today.

Turkish bath Alanya -Before every vacation, we all do shopping – bikinis and parasols, all kinds of before and after sun products, creams and lotions. However, often, this does not save you from the sultry heat and the scorching sun, and nothing can ruin a long-awaited vacation like

And for spectacular photos on white sand and in the blue waves of the warm sea, a perfect tan is a must. Of course, in the age of advanced technology, you can do Photoshop and apply editing effects, but it’s much more pleasant to demonstrate a natural, even tan and enjoy your vacation without fear of insidious sunlight.

Every tourist who has tried the Turkish hamam procedure will confirm the effectiveness of the old folk method. After a visit to a traditional Turkish Bath Alanya, the skin becomes prepared for tanning, essential oils attract the sun’s rays in a miraculous way, so that the tan goes quickly and evenly, but at the same time helps to avoid the harmful effects of the sun.

Local residents and experienced tourists recommend visiting the Turkish Bath Alanya in the first days of your vacation, then your skin will avoid stress from temperature changes and will be prepared for a good rest.


Recovery according to Turkish traditions – Turkish Bath Alanya

Turkish hamams owe their origin to the Roman baths, but now they are an integral part of Islamic culture. Even the prophet Muhammad said that “cleanliness is half of faith.” Currently, in Turkey, hamam is a whole philosophy, and visiting a Turkish bath is a special ritual.

Local residents can spend the whole day in the hammam, they share news and plans for the future, discuss family matters, and a comfortable temperature of 30 to 55 degrees contributes to this. It is the temperature regime that distinguishes the Turkish bath from Russian and European ones, it is suitable even for people with hypersensitivity and children.

Quality service in the Turkish bath in Alanya

It is no secret that during the pandemic, people have lost confidence in public places such as restaurants, hotels, gyms and baths. But, as history shows, difficult situations help you get out of your comfort zone and climb a step higher. This happened in the tourism sector of Turkey – the requirements have increased, and the quality of service, respectively, too.

The pandemic has forever turned our minds upside down, forced us to rethink our values. Now we understand that health cannot be bought for money, that every moment must be valued, that every minute spent with loved ones is priceless. That is why it is better to take care in advance that minor troubles, such as sunburn, do not overshadow the long-awaited vacation, do not interfere with enjoying the gentle sea and sun, and do not take up precious time.

We offer you only high-quality service, so our choice fell on the History bath complex, which not only offers a wide range of services, but also meets hygienic and sanitary standards. Authentic design, flavors of the East, traditional music and friendly staff will take you to a world of tranquility, relaxation and enjoyment. Time stops, and you feel only relaxation, a state in the moment – a feeling of freedom and lightness. Turkish Bath Alanya is a kind of meditation, only with the effects of healing the body.

Hamam program Alanya

A Turkish bath in Alanya is a whole range of wellness procedures, it is suitable for both adults and children, and for people with a weakened immune system, hamam procedures are simply necessary.

The first room of the Turkish Bath Alanya is lined with wood, and during the procedure you inhale fragrant vapors, which is extremely beneficial for the functioning of the lungs and respiratory tract.

The next room – menthol, is a steam room. Here your muscles relax, and the pores of the skin are cleansed and opened.
Next comes the marble hall. Lying on heated marble slabs, you will feel a surge of energy and strength, and at this time, experienced therapists will make several types of massage and cleanse the skin of dead skin particles.

In general, the procedures will take about an hour – this is a steam room, soap massage, scrub and massage using essential oils, and you will also receive a rejuvenating seaweed-based face mask.

Smooth tan and rejuvenation after a Turkish bath

After visiting the Turkish bath in Alanya, you can not worry about the perfect tan – masseurs and essential oils have already prepared your skin for sunbathing, now you are guaranteed a flawless tan. Even if your skin is especially sensitive, the scorching sun no longer poses such a danger. Of course, you should not neglect the means of protection, but the influence of sunlight will no longer be so dangerous.
A pleasant bonus will be relaxing by the pool, which will ideally complete your visit to the Turkish bath in Alanya.

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Turkish bath Alanya 20€ per person

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