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Paragliding Alanya

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Paragliding Alanya takes place during the daytime, and at sunrise and sunset, the coastal and seascapes are especially beautiful. Sun-drenched valleys, mountains playing with different shades, the reflection of the sky and the sun in the sea waters are an unusually breathtaking sight.

Probably, in the whole wide world there is no person who would not want to become a bird for a while, feel the freedom and ease of flight, see endless fields, mountains and valleys from a height, and even circle over the sea or ocean. The feeling of flying is an indescribable incomparable feeling, emotions of sincere delight and happiness.

Modern technology and progress going forward make it possible to fulfill a childhood dream in many ways. All of them are different, some are just entertainment for tourists, such as flying in a hot air balloon, and some are official sports and are among the extreme ones. And of course, no travel by plane, helicopter or even in a hot air balloon will allow you, like a bird, to cut through the air and soar over cities.
What is special about paragliding.

Paragliding Alanya is a special sport and is carried out exclusively in the mountains. Pushing off the surface of the earth, you will immediately fall into the air stream, which, like a fluff, will pick you up and circle over the mountain slopes and the sea coast. You will not experience the feeling of falling in paragliding, there will only be ease of flight and a feeling of freedom.

From a bird’s eye view, familiar beaches and bays seem completely different, and toy figurines of ships, a web of city streets and miniature buildings resemble an architect’s model. In a word, Paragliding Alanya is the embodiment of that same childhood dream of flying, and while relaxing in a picturesque seaside resort, you can’t help but take the chance and make it come true.

Safety and instruction

Despite the fact that paragliding is an extreme sport, Paragliding Alanya is absolutely safe, as it is paired with an experienced instructor who is a professional in his field. All parachutes are in excellent condition, and the instructor takes full responsibility for the technical side of the flight. You just need to follow the safety rules and enjoy.

Every time a paragliding tour in Alanya starts the same way – with a detailed briefing. Experienced instructors who have devoted years of their lives to flying will talk about the specifics of takeoff and landing, the principles of operation and parachute design, will focus on safety rules, and help get rid of fears and doubts.

If you are making your first jump, you may get the impression that landing is the most dangerous and difficult moment, but this is not so. If you follow the safety rules and follow the instructions of the coach, the landing will be soft and pleasant, and the entire flight will be as comfortable as possible. You also need to take into account the fact that the air temperature is lower at altitude, so you will definitely need warm clothes.

To make a safe jump, there are some restrictions – the age must be from 16 to 50 years and weight from 25 to 120 kg. Also, a tourist making a jump must be healthy and not constrained in movements.

Tour program “Paragliding Alanya”

To make a parachute jump in Alanya, you will need to climb Mount Taurus, where the paragliding base is located. A comfortable bus will take you there, and on the way you will be able to admire the mountain landscapes and the picturesque coast. At an altitude of 800 meters there is a platform from which you will make an unforgettable jump. The entire coast of Alanya will appear before you at a glance – beaches surrounded by mountains, city squares and streets, hotels and water parks.

It is true what they say that in flight, time seems to freeze, and you can literally enjoy every moment, and 20 minutes spent in the air will seem infinitely long. You will have time to see fortresses and parks, boulevards and miniature monuments, sun-drenched mountains and green groves. Once such distant clouds will be very close, and the variety of shades of the sky will simply amaze you.

Feelings and emotions received during Paragliding Alanya will remain in your memory for a long time. During the entire flight, the instructor will shoot a video that you can watch every time you miss the sky. Such a pleasant trifle will help you in the fight against autumn melancholy, stress and depression, because every time you watch breathtaking footage, you will again and again return to a state of peace and absolute harmony.

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  • Enjoy the experience of a lifetime, floating through the air
  • Experience flight with the landscape beneath you
  • Relax as your transfer is provided from Alanya hotels


  • Extreme sports insurance
  • Professional equipment
  • Individual instructor
  • Transportation
  • Photos and DVD movies of flight, available for purchase
  • Personal expense


Paragliding Alanya for one person is 40€.

Yes there is a paragliding activity in Alanya and all age of adventures lovers can join to this activity.

  • Extreme sports insurance
  • Professional equipment
  • Individual instructor
  • Transfer

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from €40,00

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