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Alanya Sunset Boat Trip

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Alanya Sunset Boat Trip is not only a great way to see the city’s sights and famous beaches, but also enjoy the sunset, swim in the open sea and climb to the highest viewing platforms to capture the coast in all its glory .

Resting in a Mediterranean resort, you have not yet decided whether to choose a sea tour, a walking tour or a car trip around the area? Embark on a ”Alanya Sunset Boat Trip” so you can combine everything at once.

A walk through the old city, a visit to the Red Fortress, a sea voyage to the best beaches of the coast, a romantic dinner on board a pirate ship – not all that awaits you. This fascinating excursion is absolutely universal, it suits both adventure seekers and lovers of a relaxing holiday, both couples in love and noisy companies, both adults and young tourists.

If you want to surprise your soulmate, dinner on a yacht overlooking the sunset is the best choice, because the beauty of the pristine nature around, light music, the whisper of the waves and the refreshing breeze will melt any heart.

When planning a children’s holiday, feel free to go on a sea tour Alanya Sunset Boat Trip, acrobatic show, animation, search for pirate treasures, foam disco are guaranteed to provide fun and bright emotions for both children and parents.

If you have not yet chosen the best place to stay, during a yacht tour you will appreciate all the advantages of the local beaches – Cleopatra, Ulash and Pasha.

Excursion program “Alanya Sunset Boat Trip”

The program of the Alanya Sunset Boat Trip begins with a transfer, you will be taken to the port by a comfortable bus, and from there you will go to explore the fortress on board a pirate yacht. The 30-meter Red Tower is a symbol of the city and can be seen from any of its points.

Built during the reign of the Seljuk sultans, the fortress is an ideal defense structure, from the upper platform all the paths to the city are visible at a glance, thanks to which the enemy could not go unnoticed, and hot tar and boiling water were poured on the heads of the enemies through the holes in the wall.

Despite the external simplicity, the fortress was equipped with everything necessary for life – ventilation shafts, water tanks, various kinds of premises. Now a museum and a gallery are open on two of the five floors.

Famous beaches of Alanya

What could be more beautiful than swimming in emerald water at sunset? During Alanya Sunset Boat Trip, you will visit the best beaches, swim in the open sea, jump into the water from the ship and breathe in plenty of fresh air filled with the scent of pine needles.

You will make your first stop at Cleopatra Beach, one of the most picturesque in Turkey. Everything in this piece of paradise is conducive to harmony and inner balance – snow-white sand, jade water, rocks, like an army framing the bay, huge cedars, located on the gently sloping shores.

Ulaj Beach is incredibly popular with travelers and locals alike, its crystal clear waters, long coastline and terraces with picnic areas make it a favorite destination for romantic dates and family weekends.


The entertainment program of the excursion “Alanya Sunset Boat Trip” is incredibly interesting. English-speaking animators will involve young tourists in a real pirate party with a treasure hunt, saber fights, contests and a foam disco. Adults, meanwhile, will be able to enjoy light music and picturesque views on one of the decks. And of course, before going to the mountains in jeeps, you will try national Turkish cuisine.

Alanya Sunset Boat Trip will end with an extreme trip around the surroundings in open off-road vehicles. Your path will pass along authentic villages, fruit plantations, impenetrable forests and groves surrounded by greenery. However, you will be fully rewarded for the journey you have made – climbing high into the mountains, you will see all the beauty of the night coast, the reflection of the blue moon in the endless sea, huge rocks and bays hidden from prying eyes.

After Alanya Sunset Boat Trip you will remember as an exciting, romantic, full of drive and adrenaline adventure.

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Please bring your towel, swimwear.

How much is Alanya sunset boat trip?

Alanya sunset boat trip per person 17€.

What is included in the price of Alanya Sunset Boat Trip?

  • Transfers from / to the hotel
  • Insurance
  • Dinner
  • Soft drinks

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