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Big Kral Boat Trip in Side

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Big Kral Boat Trip in Side is not just a pastime, but a bright fireworks display of events for children and adults – treasure hunts, various puzzles and tasks, labyrinths and quests.

Big Kral Boat Trip in Side will turn even the most ordinary day into an exciting adventure, filling it with vivid emotions and impressions. This is a great option for a family pastime, as everyone will find something to their liking on the yacht.

While adults will sunbathe and enjoy the unearthly beauty of the surrounding nature, the children will be involved in the search for pirate treasures and exciting competitions with numerous prizes. A trip on the pirate yacht Big Kral Boat Trip in Side will help you realize your childhood dream and for some time feel like a brave captain or a brave navigator, a pirate gold seeker or an explorer of lost islands.

The program of Big Kral Boat Trip in Side

Big Kral Boat Trip in Side is designed for the whole day, so you can enjoy the gentle sun and light sea breeze, wander along the snow-white beaches of the blue lagoons and explore the lost bays and caves.

Crystal clear waters will amaze you with all shades of turquoise and jade, and the air filled with aromas of pine needles will instantly turn your head. There are several decks on board the yacht, thanks to which lovers of a relaxing holiday will be able to retire and spend time contemplating the pristine beauty – shores immersed in greenery, rocks rising to the sky, bright blue skies and endless sea.

On the lower deck in the shade, nothing prevents you from indulging in dreams and memories, enjoying the sound of the surf and the whisper of the wind. Outdoor enthusiasts will find an outlet on the upper deck, where non-stop music will sound, on the dance floor there will be incendiary dances and a foamy disco, accompanied by an ultra-modern laser show.

Adventurers and thrill seekers will be able to jump from the ship, explore the seabed, grottoes and caves. Admirers of historical and architectural monuments will have a chance to see ancient temples and the ruins of the amphitheater, ancient fortress walls and gates from the water.

By joining Big Kral Boat Trip in Side, you have risk forgetting about time and returning to a carefree childhood, leaving daily chores and immersing yourself in a world of fun, celebration and happiness.

Pirate Cave

The Mediterranean Sea has been the subject of territorial disputes since time immemorial, the Byzantine and Rhodes knights, the Roman and Ottoman empires waged bloody wars for the right to own the islands and coastal areas. It is not surprising that many secret caves and grottoes have not been fully explored, and it is possible that pirate treasures are still stored in lagoons hidden from prying eyes or on uninhabited islands.

Big Kral Boat Trip in Side will provide an opportunity to go in search of legendary treasures, ancient artifacts and gold stolen by sea robbers. You can not only watch the treasure hunt, but also personally take part in exciting quests.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach has attracted myths and legends for many years, this is one of the reasons for its popularity. In addition to crystal clear emerald waters, the unique white sand can be safely attributed to the treasures of all of Turkey. According to one of the legends, Mark Antony presented the local lands to his wife Cleopatra.

The queen liked the incredible beauty of the beaches and lagoons, but the sand seemed too small for her, and by order of the emperor, tons of sand were delivered from the banks of the Nile, resembling snow-white small pearls, which we can now see on Cleopatra’s beach.

Whether this is a myth or the truth is not known for sure, however, studies have shown that sand samples are indeed of Egyptian origin. Big Kral Boat Trip in Side will allow you to lift the veil of secrecy and personally verify the authenticity of the legends about Cleopatra’s beach and pirate caves.

Holidays for the whole family

Big Kral Boat Trip in Side is not just a pastime, but a bright fireworks display of events for children and adults – treasure hunts, various puzzles and tasks, labyrinths and quests. It does not matter your age and social status, because by taking part in an adventurous journey, you will return to your childhood for a while, with games and water fun, swimming in the open sea and incredible exciting adventures.

Group transfer
Full support of english speaking instructors
Unlimited soft drinks
Pirate Games
Foam party and disco

What is not included

Personal expenses

Please bring your own towel, swimwear, sunscreem, hat, sunglasses and your own snorkeling equipment.

How much does it cost to sail on the Big Kral Boat Trip in Side?

Big Kral Boat Trip in Side 35€ per person.

How long does Big Kral Boat Trip in Side takes?

Big Kral Boat Trip in Side takes about 6 hours.

What time does Big Kral Boat Trip in Side starts?

Big Kral Boat Trip in Side : starts at 09:30 to finishes at 16:00.

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