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Pirate Boat Tour in Kemer

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Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer is a bright, fun holiday that gives unforgettable impressions to children and adults, lovers of outdoor activities and new sensations, historical monuments and pristine nature.

Pirate Boat Tour in Kemer will give you unforgettable moments and possibly make one of your childhood dreams come true.

Maybe you want to focus on the present, not your childhood. You like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, right? We guessed that too… Then a Pirates Boat Tour in Kemer theme will be the perfect boat tour choice for you. Because all the decoration and equipment of our boat will reflect the styles and lives of the pirates!

Moreover, during the Pirates Boat Tour in Kemer tour, you will be enjoying the magnificent beauty of the sea and Kemer bays. Even better, you can participate in the competitions in the boat, see the exquisite sights and swim as much as you want.

Advantages of  Pirate Boat Tour in KemerProgram

It is useful to remind once more. With Pirate Boat Tour in Kemer:

  • With an enchanting boat, you will have the opportunity to enjoy quiet, idyllic bays, landscapes and natural beauties.
  • During the tour, you can participate in entertaining competitions on the boat and watch the animation shows.
  • You can choose the food you want from our open buffet menu and have fun on the Pirates Boat Tour In Kemer tour, which will last about 6 hours.

Antalya’s Greatest Pirates Boat Route – Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer

Make sure you take your camera with you! Because the Pirate Boat Tour in Kemer tour will show you the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean, how blue and green meet. It will also prove why the word clean is used for the sea. You will also see the following bays during the Pirates Boat Tour In Kemer tour:

  • Phaselis Ancient Lycian City and its bay
  • Cleopatra Bay
  • Kemer Harbor and Bay
  • Paradise Bay

Let’s talk about Phasalis Ancient City, which is one of the places you will visit;

Its geographical location indicates that it is an important port city. It has three harbors, one on the north of the peninsula, the other on the northeast, and the third on the southwest coast. Ship descriptions on harbors, agoras and city coins emphasize Phaselis’s identity as a commercial port.

Phaselis is sometimes shown as the city of Lycia and sometimes Pamphylia region. It is actually located between the borders of both regions.

Kemer Harbor and Beaches

When it comes to holiday, if you think of beaches and beautiful bays, the best place to go is Kemer. This holiday resort, which contains different alternatives with its sparkling sea, makes great efforts to preserve its natural beauty.

For this reason, Kemer beaches, which have a clean structure every month of the year, are appreciated by local and foreign guests.

In short, the shores of Kemer fill you with positive energy and are a great resource for taking magnificent photos! Everything you will see here will look better than the previous one.

Kemer Turkiz Marina, for example, is famous for its yachts and antique-style sailing boats that carry hundreds of tourists every day. Cleopatra Bay attracts attention with its turquoise sea and golden yellow sand. And Kemer Bay is part of a unique national reserve world famous for its rich nature and fantastic diversity of flora and fauna.

Fun with Pirate Boat Tour In Kemer

During the Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer, you will have the chance to participate in the entertainment program with some animators dressed like real pirates!

In addition, some competitions, a foam party (not available during the covid-19 period), delicious food and drinks from the bar will make the time on the boat even more pleasant.

Those who want to rest peacefully on the deck can sit at the bow of the boat at a special spot that offers a magnificent view of the sights of Kemer. You can also lie on the upper deck and sunbathe.

We are happy to invite you to these Pirates Boat Tour in Kemer that will attract you with their conditions. You can call us and book to join this tour and learn more. If you are looking for an environment where you can collect unforgettable memories, cool off in the deep blue waters and share the best moments with your family. You can cancel the tour 24 hours in advance and get full refund.

For more information about Pirate Boat Tour in Kemer, date – pick up time of the experience and  other daily tours from Kemer please contact us.

Please bring your own towel, swimwear, sunscreen, hat, goggles and your own snorkeling equipment.

Where does the Pirate ship tour in Kemer take place?

During the Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer, you can enjoy the most beautiful bays in the world, admiring the unique views of the Taurus Mountains along the coast of Camyuva, Tekirova, Phaselis, Olympos, Alakasu.

What is an Antalya boat party?

An Antalya boat party is a type of party that takes place on a boat. The boat is typically equipped with music, food, drinks, and entertainment, and cruises along the coast of Antalya.


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How much does Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer cost?

Pirate boat Trip in Kemer costs €15 per person.

What types of boats are used for Antalya boat tours?

Antalya pirate boat trips typically use various types of boats, such as traditional Turkish gulets, speedboats, and catamarans. The type of boat used can vary depending on the tour operator and the specific tour package chosen.

What are the highlights of a Turkey cruise tour?

The highlights of a Turkey cruise tour can include visits to historical and cultural sites such as Istanbul, Ephesus, and Troy, as well as scenic stops along the Turkish Riviera and Aegean Sea. The tour can also include activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Where can I find a boat ride near me?

You can search online for local boat rental companies or boat tour operators in your area. You can also check our website  for options.

What types of cruise ships dock at Antalya port?

The types of cruise ships that dock at Antalya port can vary depending on the season and the specific itinerary. Some popular cruise ships that visit Antalya include luxury liners, mid-size ships, and smaller expedition vessels.

What can I expect on a pirate ship Turkey Antalya tour?

On a pirate ship Turkey Antalya tour, you can expect to be entertained with music, dancing, and pirate-themed activities. The ship may take you to nearby beaches or islands where you can swim, snorkel, or participate in other water activities. Food and drinks are usually included in the ticket price.

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