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Turkish Bath in Kemer

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Turkish Bath in Kemer will allow you to get to know the national culture and traditions dating back centuries, plunge into the atmosphere of the East and ancient customs.

Turkish Bath in Kemer – Hammam will allow you to get to know the national culture and traditions dating back centuries, plunge into the atmosphere of the East and ancient customs. A relaxing bathing ritual is best performed at the beginning of the holiday, so that the skin is prepared for an even, beautiful tan and is not so susceptible to the harmful effects of the scorching sun.

In order not to fall into the trap of deceptive rays and get the most out of your vacation, it is recommended to carry out a series of procedures to cleanse the skin and saturate it with natural oils rich in vitamins and microelements, which contain ultraviolet radiation and allow the necessary amount of vitamin D to pass into the body.

About Turkish Bath in Kemer – Hammam

A visit to the Turkish Hamam in the Chamber is not only healing of the body, but also a holiday for the soul, in the East, bath procedures are a whole range of measures to get rid of stress and negativity, aimed at relaxing the whole body, gaining peace of mind and inner balance, charging with vivacity and energy.

Locals go to Hamam for the whole day, dress up and take sweets with them, enjoy conversations over a cup of tea and enjoy the accompanying massages and beauty spa treatments.

The atmosphere in the Turkish Bath in Kemer is always special – light pleasant music, comfortable temperature and humidity, and the heady aromas of essential oils and wood make you forget about time and plunge into a state of relaxation and peace.

Leaving the Turkish Hamam, you will feel incredible lightness and a surge of energy, vivacity and readiness to meet new discoveries and adventures.

What is special about Turkish bath in Kemer?

The emergence of Hamams originates in the mists of time and comes from Roman terms, later the Arabs adopted the culture of bathing, and over time this tradition spread to many Muslim countries.

Real Hamams were built on the principle of a palm – from the largest room in which the main steam room was located, 5 corridors led – niches, they had rooms with different temperature conditions, and they had to be visited in a certain sequence.

In the decoration of the bath rooms, only natural materials were used – marble, stone and wood, later a specific architectural style of Hamams was formed, they were decorated with mosaics and oriental ornaments, luxurious fountains and pools with water of various temperatures were installed, and massage rooms were equipped.

Many baths, following the example of the Romans, were built on hot springs, and they were in no way inferior to modern spa salons. A distinctive feature of the Turkish Hamam is the heating system, unlike saunas, the rooms are heated evenly, and the temperature does not exceed 50-55 degrees, which makes it pleasant and comfortable to be in them even for people who are sensitive to heat and high humidity.

Rules of conduct and contraindications in Turkish bath in Kemer

The healing properties of the Turkish bath in Kemer have been known since ancient times, traditional bath procedures have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, respiration, blood vessels and muscle tone, they are recommended for insomnia and nervous disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, inflammation of the respiratory tract and vocal cords.

Natural wood, present in the decoration of rooms, is incredibly beneficial for the lungs, and dry steam inside the bath helps to treat rheumatism. Hamams are useful for both adults and children, however, there are some restrictions, for example, women in position and people suffering from epilepsy should refrain from visiting the steam room.

When visiting the Turkish bath in Kemer, you should follow some simple rules, after the end of the procedures, do not make sudden movements and do not drink cold water, this will help to avoid dizziness and discomfort.

Wellness procedures of Turkish bath in Kemer

Turkish Hamam is a full-fledged SPA center with equipped massage and beauty rooms, changing rooms and showers, steam rooms and saunas. The obligatory bathing program begins with a shower and a soft soapy massage, during which an experienced bath attendant, using a special mitten made of organic materials, will cleanse the skin of dead skin particles, thereby preparing it for the main procedures.

In the central room, you will be offered to lie down on a hot marble stone and undergo peeling, as well as a soft foam massage – natural olive soap is whipped into foam and envelops the whole body, relaxing muscles and nourishing the skin with beneficial substances. This is followed by a traditional oil massage, which will bring the body into tone, energize and energize, get rid of toxins, and break down subcutaneous salts.

In addition to standard treatments, you can treat yourself to exotic massages and masks based on healing clay. After the end of the bathing ritual, you will be offered to relax on a comfortable deck chair and drink a cup of Turkish tea, enjoying the picturesque views of the coastlines and getting used to a state of ease and tranquility.

After visiting the Turkish bath in Kemer, you will not leave the feeling of relaxation and freshness for a long time, your mood will noticeably improve, and your skin will look taut and rejuvenated.

Steam roomPeeling
Foam Massage
Face mask
Classic Massage (20 minutes)
Drinks – tea and water

What is not included

Additional services in Hamam


What is included in the price of Turkish Bath in Kemer?

  • Sauna
  • Steam roomPeeling
  • Foam massage
  • Mask for the face
  • Classic massage (20 minutes)
  • Drinks – tea and water

How much is the Turkish Hamam in Kemer ?

For one person 15€.

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