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Aquapark Dolusu Kemer

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Aquapark Dolusu Kemer is an excellent option especially for those who want to add fun and excitement to their holiday with their family and friends. ! Your laughter will echo around as you swiftly slip off the water slides, dive into the blue waters, and encourage friends who have not been able to muster their courage!

About Aquapark Dolusu Kemer

You have many options to choose from within Aquapark Dolusu Kemer, the oldest water park in Antalya, which is exactly why it has become one of the most popular Kemer water parks.

  • Mermaid Show
  • Slides with different heights and designs
  • Children’s pools
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Animations

Exciting Options for Adrenaline Seekers

Aquapark Dolusu Kemer covers an area of 36,000 square meters and is home to numerous water slides with insane safe shapes and daunting heights!


You are expected to WAVE POOL with live DJ performance every day at 15:30 …


Oh, you held your boots tight! The adventure starting from the top of Kaf Mountain will not be as easy as you think! While sliding down a steep slope, you will find yourself on the palate of Tepegoz, there is no escape from Cyclopes .

Giant Funnel

This slide was designed inspired by the wings of the legendary Phoenix. Get ready to swing on the wings of the Phoenix! This slide will fulfill all your expectations. Maybe the journey will start calmly, but watch out, you will take your breath away!


Those caught in the Cyclops are thrown into the cauldron for dinner, but don’t worry, there is a hole in the cauldron, we have prepared your escape. As soon as you fall into the cauldron, it is up to you to take a tour. Enjoy touring.


Don’t waste your own Potential energy right away. You have to overcome the ascents with the speed you gathered on the descent. This pleasure is only in DoluSu Park!


3 slides side by side – are you ready for the race? Don’t be fooled by the innocent looks of this slide! The fastest slides are in the lane after the rocket in our facility .

Mermaid Show

The story begins with the desire of the mermaid Anna, who lives in a peaceful and sparkling world that no one knows in the depths of the ocean, to be human, and embarks on an exciting water ballet performance.

Child park

Your children can have fun with their friends all day longin Aquapark Dolusu Kemer at the Water Tower and Sculpture slides. There are 3 children’s slides in the water tower. Our sculpture slides, on the other hand, were designed inspired by Turkish fairy tales, and there are 3 sculptural children’s slides, Tepegoz, Phoenix and Donkey. Besides the water tower, there are 3 more children’s slides, Green Elephant, Rainbow and Blue Stream. We have a total of 9 fun children’s slides in DoluSu Park.

In our opinion, you should rest for a while after accelerating your heartbeat. For this, you can get on a boat that rocks gently on the water, swim in the pool with waterfall and visit the palm tree section. Of course, don’t forget to lie down on your comfortable sunbed and enjoy sunbathing!

Also, if you get hungry or thirsty, you can visit our  restaurants in Aquapark Dolusu Kemer offering local or international cuisine and sympathetic cafes where you can have a delicious cocktail and chat!

Join us

In short, Aquapark Dolusu Kemer is a facility that meets all your expectations from a 5-star holiday! To enjoy this resort from morning till night, you can purchase our tour online or contact us for more information! For our other tours, you can visit our Kemer daily tours page.

Transfer from and to the hotel
Air-conditioned bus
Lunch (buffet) + drinks during lunch
Guide services
Dolu Su Water Park Entry Ticket

What is not included

Personal expenses (photos, souvenirs, etc.)

Please take it with you; towel, extra clothing, sunscreem, sunglasses, swimwear.

How much is the entrance ticket to the Aquapark Dolusu Kemer?

Aquapark Dolusu Kemer for one person €35.

What is included in the cost of the tour Aquapark Dolusu Kemer?

  • Transfer from and to the hotel
  • Bus with air conditioning
  • Lunch (buffet) + drinks during lunch
  • Insurance
  • Guide services
  • Entrance ticket to Dolu Su Water Park

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