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Dino Park Kemer

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Dino Park Kemer is a great place where you will meet the oldest residents of the world and go on a fascinating adventure! You will be able to see different dinosaur species in Dinopark, which is the largest interactive park on the Antalya coast!

Get ready for a time travel that goes back millions of years!

Let us give you brief information about this fun-filled place: Kemer Din opark is located near a village called Goynuk. Park, covers the area more than 30,000 square meters, and this is making it Turkey’s largest amusement park in its genre.

Also Dinopark environment that is probably what makes one of the finest examples of thematic park in Turkey found: Park, located gigantic dinosaurs during your walk into the forest to be cool in summer and away from the heat!

Sections of Dinopark

Dino park theme park in Kemer is divided into two regions. The main area is interactive: you can wander through the endless labyrinth and encounter representatives of life millions of years ago. More than 30 dinosaurs that really lived and their huge bodies will impress!

Some dinosaurs will be happy to meet you and react to you thanks to their sensors, others will seem threatening! But don’t worry: they only represent the brutality in their souls!

When you feel ready, take a pleasant trip and meet the creatures of our planet that lived hundreds of thousands of centuries ago. And if you are particularly interested in these periods, you can participate in archaeological excavations!

What is in Dino Park?

  • Dino park sightseeing track
  • Planetarium
  • 7 D cinema
  • Fossil Pool
  • Climbing Wall
  • Dino-Vivor
  • Colliding boots
  • Pool games
  • Children’s Workshop
  • Mini Zoo
  • Trampoline
  • Pony

Other Great Features of Dino Park Tour

In addition to the main dinosaur area in Kemer, Din opark also has a second recreation area where you can find special activities. For example, you can go to the 7D cinema where you can enjoy a spooky movie that will take you back to the Mesozoic age.

If you are really brave, you can also enter a horror room. In this room prepared for you, you will encounter some obstacles and try to get out by solving puzzles. Of course, you will always feel the goosebumps!

We call out to fans of outdoor activities: We highly recommend taking part in rock climbing! If you are already excited, the giant rope park in Din opark awaits you… You can try yourself in rock climbing by trying to conquer the top of a climbing wall or by trying to overcome some obstacles: The choice is always yours.

The Weirdest Place To Visit In Kemer

When you travel with us to Dinopark in Kemer, we will dive into the world of entertainment, history and archeology! Everything you see there and all the emotions you will feel will make your Antalya Kemer holiday much more enjoyable!

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Dino Park
Adult Tunnel of Fear
Pool activity
Amusement Park
Dino Ride
Fossil Dig

What is not included

Personal expenses (photos, souvenirs, etc.)
7D Cinema
Mini Club
Pony Riding

Please take it with you; sunscreem, sunglasses.

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Do I need to book tickets to Dino park Kemer in advance?

Dino park can get crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets in advance to secure your seat.

How much does a Dino park ticket in Kemer cost?

Dinopark in Kemer for one person 35€.

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