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Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya

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Excursion Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya is very popular, as it combines different types of recreation and activities. The route of the tour runs along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and allows you to see a wide variety of landscapes – long lines of beaches and blue lagoons, islands and deserted bays, hills immersed in greenery and rocky mountain slopes.

The main destination is the ancient city of Myra – the former capital of the mighty Roman province of Lycia, everything here is still imbued with the spirit of a great era – a huge amphitheater and city gates, tombs and basilicas carved into the rocks.

Demre and Myra have been a center of pilgrimage for religious Christians for many centuries, because here is one of their important shrines – the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, known for the miracles of healing parishioners.

And for curious travelers and adventurers, the Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya is a unique opportunity to see the sunken ancient city of Kekova with partially destroyed columns, antique statues, fragments of arches and clay amphoras.

During the tour Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya, you will be walking and sailing on a yacht with a transparent bottom, swimming in the purest emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea and visiting “places of power”, legendary Roman settlements and unique archaeological finds.

About Excursion Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya

Distance from Antalya to Demre

Tourists vacationing in Mediterranean resorts are incredibly lucky, because the ancient Lycian settlements are located in the province of Antalya, 150 km. from the city, and you can overcome this distance in 2.5 hours. The road itself is incredibly picturesque, the path runs along the kilometer-long beaches of Konyalti, then goes into the mountains and goes along the serpentines towards the Aegean Sea.

From the windows of a comfortable bus you can enjoy incredible views of high cliffs and dense cedar forests, steep banks and the sea stretching into the horizon.

An english-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the tour and will tell you not only about historical places and the ancient Lycian state, but also about Turkey as a whole, about centuries-old traditions and lifestyle, religious customs and features of life.

Ancient Cities – Demre and Myra

At the height of civilization, in the 5th century BC. in a quiet harbor near the Mediterranean Sea, the ancient city of Myra was founded, after the destruction it was rebuilt and received the name Demre or Kale. During its lifetime, the settlement has seen many wars and raids by enemies, natural disasters and successive rulers.

At different times the city was ruled by Persians and Byzantines, Seljuk sultans and Roman emperors. 400 AD fall on the heyday of Mira. Theodosius II, who ruled in that era, actively developed the city, during his reign basilicas and chapels, squares and triumphal arches, an acropolis and a huge amphitheater capable of accommodating 10,000 spectators were erected.

Now, walking along the streets of the ancient city, you involuntarily plunge into the atmosphere of great battles and spectacular gladiator fights, palace coups and bloody wars. The main monuments of Roman architecture are the ruins of the acropolis with fragments of statues, columns and sarcophagi, and a multi-level Roman arena built in the style of classical amphitheatres.

On the upper tiers there were luxurious lodges for the nobility, and in the lower ones there were rooms for performing artists and athletes, enclosures with wild exotic animals, which were taken to merciless fights with gladiators.

The Lycian tombs, which are burials in sarcophagi carved high in the mountains, have attracted archaeologists and historians, adventurers and inquisitive travelers for many years, because every stone here still holds the secrets of ancient times.

Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The program of the tour “Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya” also includes a visit to one of the main Christian relics – the church of St. Nicholas founded in the 4th century. According to legend, it was the local Bishop Nicholas who initiated the tradition of Christmas gifts, when, under cover of night, he left gifts at the gates of the poor.

They built the temple after the death of the priest, and immediately noticed that the pilgrims were miraculously healed by touching the sarcophagus with the relics of the Saint. And although several centuries have passed, many still find help and peace within the walls of the church.

For tourists, the ancient basilica is of no less interest, the walls decorated with frescoes and mosaics, biblical scenes, reliefs and ornaments on the ancient sarcophagus are unique reminders of the past, carefully protected by the state.

The sunken city of Kekova

The end of the tour “Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya” will be especially remembered by adventurers – on board a modern yacht you will go out to the open sea.

Devastating earthquakes many centuries ago took the ancient Lycian cities under water, the remains of which still rest on the seabed. Through the glass bottom of the boat you will see amphorae and columns, arches and stone stairs, altars and the ruins of a Byzantine church.

Excursion “Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya” will introduce you to the famous monuments of history and architecture, that natural ancient settlements and the enchanting nature of sunny Turkey. Vivid impressions from visiting iconic places, religious shrines and unexplored corners of the Mediterranean will stay with you for a long time, and spectacular photos and videos will resurrect memories of an exciting journey.

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Demre-Myra-Kekova From Antalya
Demre-Myra-Kekova From Antalya

Pick up from Hotels
Transfer to Demre via the coastal roads
Visit of Myra ancient city (extra)
Visit of St Claus church (extra)
Visit of exlusive christianity icons shop
Boat trip along the sunken city Kekova
Return to the Hotels


  • Myra Ancient City
  • Kekova Sunken City
  • Kekova Boat Trip
  • Church of Santa Claus


  • Pick-up and drop off to your hotel in Antalya
  • Lunch (drinks are extra)
  • Boat trip to Sunken City Kekova
  • Entrance of Stn. Nicholas Church
  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance fees OF Myra


Demre Myra Kekova From Antalya for one person is 35€.

  • Pick-up and drop off to your hotel in Antalya
  • Entrance fees of Myra
  • Lunch (drinks are extra)
  • Boat trip to Sunken City Kekova

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