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Sea fishing in Antalya

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Sea fishing in Antalya is an exciting sport and recreation, and, despite the outward calmness, it gives incredible emotions of delight and excitement, pride and satisfaction.

Sea fishing in Antalya has long been the lot of the poor who inhabited the coastal villages, fishing was often the only way to get food, but recently fishing has become a popular hobby.

Everyone can join this exciting pastime, regardless of age, gender and income level, as you can sit with a fishing rod on the river bank, or you can go fishing on a luxurious ultra-modern liner to the most remote exotic corners of the planet.

Going on sea fishing in Antalya, beginners will get real pleasure from acquiring new skills and the first successful catch, while experienced fishermen will hone their skills and add to the list of trophies.

It is better to go to the open sea in the company of friends or the whole family, because on board the ship everyone will find something to their liking. In addition to traditional fishing, you can swim in the emerald waters, jump from a yacht, sunbathe and enjoy the picturesque coastal landscapes, and a joint lunch or dinner of freshly caught fish will be discussed at the family table for a long time.

Program of Sea fishing in Antalya

Sea fishing in Antalya has its own specifics and differs from freshwater fishing in the abundance of locations – from bays and quiet harbors to bays and coastal islands. The captain of the ship is well aware of the terrain, underwater currents and fishing spots, so you are guaranteed a great catch.

More than 550 species of fish live in the Mediterranean Sea, the most common of them are sea bass, sea bream, mullet, granny, horse mackerel, anchovies. If you’re lucky, your bait may catch tuna or yellowtail, grouper or akya. Whatever your catch, grilled dishes will be especially tasty, and the meal will turn into a whole ritual.

A huge advantage of sea fishing is that the yacht is equipped with modern special equipment that scans the seabed and determines the presence of marine life, which allows you to accurately select the best places for fishing. Also, the marine water world is beautiful and diverse, on the way you will probably see stingrays or turtles, jellyfish or dolphins, admire corals, underwater islands and caves.

From Beginner to Pro – Fishing in Antalya

Regardless of the level of training and experience, during sea fishing in Antalya everyone will feel like a professional. Hereditary Fishermen will accompany you along the way, teach you the intricacies of the craft, share the secrets and mysteries of the Mediterranean Sea.

And the abundance of gear, spinning rods and lures will pleasantly surprise even experienced anglers. Do not despair, if you have gone to sea for the first time, usually beginners are lucky, the main thing is to take a little time and understand the specifics of spinning rods, lines and baits, observe hooking techniques, stock up on endurance and patience.

Nothing compares to the emotions of delight and pride when the first fish is on your hook, it is better to capture such moments on camera so that photos with trophies can be placed on social networking pages and in a family album.

Sea fishing in Antalya – a holiday for the whole family

Sea fishing in Antalya breaks the stereotypes that this is a hobby only for real men, sea wolves, ready to fight against the elements and underwater predators, who will pass any test for the coveted trophy.

At present, women and children are increasingly involved in this activity, they are watching the float with no less passion and interest and hooking prey with agility and dexterity, and the tradition of weighing the largest fish caught awakens the spirit of competition even among the smallest fishermen.

Many modern parents from childhood involve their children in joint work and recreation, and such leisure activities as fishing are the best way to unite the family, develop common interests, awaken love for nature and the world around. During sea fishing in Antalya, you can get to know the rich flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea, watch stingrays and jellyfish with interest, explore the seabed and secret caves.

The modern yacht is equipped with all the amenities for a comfortable pastime, here you can soak up the sun and relax on comfortable sofas in the shade, enjoy the beauty of picturesque landscapes and fresh breezes, clean sea air and cool splashes of waves.

Sea fishing in Antalya is an exciting adventure filled with joy and delight, the spirit of competition and mutual assistance, pride and enjoyment. Returning to your homeland, you will discuss the process of fishing with a gleam in your eyes for a long time, show off your trophies and remember with nostalgia the day spent on the high seas.

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How much does sea fishing cost?

Sea fishing 60€  per person.

Where is the fish tour organized in Antalya?

Sea fishing is organized in places with a depth of 70-80 m, about 3-4 km from the coast of Antalya-Lara-Konyaalti.

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