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Turkish night in Marmaris

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A Turkish night in Marmaris will show you all the hospitality of the country, centuries-old traditions and rituals, diversify your vacation with new impressions and vivid emotions.

Turkey is a country rich in traditions that go back centuries and have absorbed the influences of different eras and empires. The Turkish night in Marmaris will lift the veil of secrets and demonstrate the brightest and most significant rituals and customs of different regions of the country.

This action will take place in one of the oldest restaurants in the city, and you will be able to combine dinner with a spectacular performance. You will have the chance to taste many national dishes and local drinks, as well as enjoy dervish shows and belly dances, pre-wedding ceremonies and traditional Turkish music.

Turkish night in Marmaris can turn any event, whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, a romantic dinner or farewell to Turkey, into an unforgettable bright holiday.

Parade of Costumes and Ceremonies – Turkish Night in Marmaris

The Turkish night in Marmaris will begin with a parade of costumes, where traditional outfits from different regions of the country will appear before you, which can be safely called works of art. Dresses embroidered with gold, luxurious caftans and bizarre headdresses will amaze you with wealth and magnificence.

In Turkey, from ancient times, along with one could determine not only the region, but also the status in society, place of service, religion and marital status. Despite the distinctive features, national costumes have much in common – a free cut of long skirts and sleeves, ornaments and embroidery, wide trousers covering the shoulders of the veil.

Wedding dresses of bright red shades, decorated with embroidery and stones, lace and patterns, were distinguished by special luxury. Visiting the Turkish night in Marmaris, you will not only look at chic dresses and costumes, but also witness ancient rituals, such as the pre-wedding ceremony – henna night, when graceful patterns are painted on the girl’s hands with special paint, this is a kind of symbolic farewell to your home.

Regardless of the social and financial status of the young, the wedding should be luxurious and rich, and is always accompanied by cheerful loud music and incendiary dances. The sounds of zurna davul and drums are an indispensable attribute of a national wedding, and the musicians are surrounded by no less attention than the heroes of the occasion.

After traditional ceremonies and dances, you will see a parade of Ottoman Janissary warriors dressed in richly embroidered caftans, turbans and bright belts, with swords and scepters. To the solemn sounds of the march, they will pass, proudly demonstrating the greatness and power of the Sultan’s army.

Becoming a witness of such a performance is a good luck for every tourist, because even in the most luxurious hotel such a show is a rarity.

Dervish show

Admirers of history and religion have probably heard about the round dance of dervishes, but few people managed to see this magical ritual unlike anything else. In the process of prayer, the monks – hermits slowly whirl in a dance, gradually accelerating and plunging into a state of trance, and their black robes change into long white outfits.

Looking at the synchronous movements, it is difficult not to succumb to the magic cycle and the charms of the magic round dance, as well as the desire to get closer to the centuries-old history and culture of central Anatolia.


Belly dance – the magic of the East

The East, in our understanding, is impossible without belly dancing, and in fact, this is an indispensable attribute of holidays. Turkish belly dance is distinguished by rhythmic melodies and richly embroidered outfits. Usually long skirts and wide sleeves are decorated with stones and coins, gold and embroidery.

Chiftetelli is a certain rhythm that accompanies oriental belly dance – cheerful and incendiary, more complex and sensual than, for example, Arabic.

During the show “Turkish Night in Marmaris” you will not only watch a fascinating folklore performance, but you will also be able to take part in a master class and master the skills of oriental dancers.


Traditional treats

There are legends about Turkish hospitality for a reason, not a single feast is complete without a richly laid table. The locals carefully honor the traditions and pass them on from generation to generation, therefore, like many centuries ago, the national dinner always starts with small mezze appetizers.

Usually this is hummus and homemade yogurt, baked eggplant and greens, local olives and salads. The variety of tastes, spicy spices and seasonings, sauces and unusual combinations distinguish Turkish cuisine and elevate it to the rank of the most popular in the world. Hot dishes are usually grilled and served with thin flatbread, while sweets are usually served with oriental delight and baklava.

During the “Turkish night in Marmaris” you will also taste homemade wines and local drinks, lemonades and local beers. After the end of the program and dinner, you can go to the hotel, or stay in the city and watch its nightlife.

A Turkish night in Marmaris will show you all the hospitality of the country, centuries-old traditions and rituals, diversify your vacation with new impressions and vivid emotions.

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How much is Turkish night in Marmaris cost?

Turkish night in Marmaris  costs- 25€ per person.

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