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Turkish bath in Marmaris

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The Turkish bath in Marmaris will amaze you with its luxury and rich decoration, gold and marble decoration, mosaics and oriental ornaments, fountains and columns, the courtyard surrounded by a flowering garden resemble the medieval palace of the Sultan.

The Turkish bath in Marmaris is the largest and most beautiful hammam in the city, it was built according to all the rules of traditional bath complexes, and it is not surprising that it is popular not only among tourists, but also among local residents.

Real hamams are fundamentally different from baths and saunas, first of all, it is always a separate building, built in the shape of an open palm, in the center there is a large steam room, from which long corridors – fingers lead to massage rooms and rooms with different temperature conditions.

It is recommended to visit these rooms in a certain sequence in order to get the most benefit from the procedures and fully enjoy the atmosphere of the hammam. During the construction of the national Turkish bath, only natural materials are used, the steam rooms are sheathed with wood, marble slabs and stone are used in decoration, walls are decorated with ceramic mosaics.

About the hammam and the program – Turkish Bath in Marmaris

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of a hammam, regular visits to Turkish baths not only cure a wide range of diseases, but also have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, improve skin condition, improve mood, and stabilize the nervous system. In Turkey, bath procedures are a whole ritual with small talk, leisurely tea drinking and immersion in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

By visiting the hammam Turkish bath in Marmaris, you will not only rest your body and soul, but also get closer to oriental traditions, feel the rejuvenating and relaxing effect of the procedures, recharge yourself with a wonderful mood and energy for further travels.

Benefits of the Turkish Hamam Armutalan

The Turkish bath in Marmaris will amaze you with its luxury and rich decoration, gold and marble in decoration, mosaics and oriental ornaments, fountains and columns, the courtyard surrounded by a flowering garden resemble the medieval palace of the Sultan. Getting into the building of the bath complex, you involuntarily plunge into the atmosphere of the East – light music and intoxicating aromas, authentic decor, details thought out to the smallest detail seem to transfer in time and space to a world of tranquility and peace of mind, peace and inner balance.

No wonder they say that the hammam is a balm for the soul and body, and each visit is equivalent to a visit to a therapist. At the Armutalan Turkish Bath in Marmaris, everything is focused on bringing maximum health benefits – the heating system is evenly distributed throughout the room, which helps maintain a constant temperature of 55 degrees, so even people who cannot tolerate heat feel comfortable here.

The vapors emitted by the wooden paneling of the hammam cleanse the respiratory tract, and the natural olive soap and essential oils used in scrubbing and massages cleanse the skin and saturate it with essential vitamins and microelements. It is recommended to visit the Turkish bath in the first days of the holiday, it will help to avoid the harmful effects of sunlight and prepare the skin for a uniform beautiful tan, as well as improve well-being and mood, energize and energize.

High quality service

Despite the outward resemblance to a medieval palace, the Turkish bath in Marmaris is equipped with the latest technology, air conditioners and TVs, professional massage and beauty parlors, a cozy terrace overlooking the mountains elevate it to a new level of service.

The pride of Armutalan is its caring friendly team, constantly improving their skills and mastering the latest techniques, masseurs and cosmetologists never cease to please visitors with quality and a wide range of services.

Turkish Hamam Treatments

A visit to the Turkish hammam begins with a small steam room – this is a preparatory process that warms up the body before the main procedures. After that, you will go to the central hall, sit comfortably on a hot marble slab and completely immerse yourself in the world of relaxation.

With a special glove made of natural materials, you will be peeled, having cleansed the skin of dead skin particles, and will make a foam massage. Organic olive oil soap is whipped into a thick foam that gently envelops the entire body and, under the influence of smooth massage movements, the muscles relax.

The next stage is an intensive oil massage, during which the skin is saturated with vitamins, acquires firmness and elasticity, the muscles become toned, and the body feels cheerful and energized. The main procedures last about an hour, but being in this world of pleasures, time stops, you can spend the whole day enjoying light music, dizzying aromas and a state of peace and tranquility.

Additional services and procedures

In addition to traditional procedures, the Armutalan Turkish bath in Marmaris offers a wide range of exotic massages using hot stones, therapeutic mud and aromatic oils, as well as a whole range of facial and rejuvenation cosmetic services.

On the territory of the hamam you can sunbathe, relax in the shade on comfortable sun loungers, have a cup of tea, admire the picturesque landscapes and even arrange a photo shoot in oriental style.

After visiting the oriental hammam, you will not only feel younger and more energetic, but you will also be ready for any kind of vacation, whether it’s a weekend on board a yacht or a trip to the mountains, a trip to the center of the country to historical and architectural monuments, or quiet days on the beach.

Peeling Massage
Foam Massage
Full Body Aroma Oil Massage

What is not included

Additional services in Hamam


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How much does a Turkish bath in Marmaris cost ?

Turkish bath in Marmaris costs for one person 15€.

What is included in the price of the Turkish bath in Marmaris?

  • Transfer
  • Peeling massage
  • Foam massage
  • Full body massage with aromatic oil

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