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 Turkish Bath with Massage in Side

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Turkish Bath with Massage in Side offers you to take a steam bath in the sauna, breathe in the beneficial vapors in the salt “cave” and take mud baths, do a full body peeling, foam massage, and a relaxing massage with essential oils. After a day spent in this luxurious spa complex, you will feel reborn – the skin will shine with freshness, and the body will radiate health.

 Turkish Bath with Massage in Side

If, while on vacation in a Mediterranean resort, you feel tired or irritable, tense or stressed, a visit to the  Turkish Bath with Massage in Side will quickly bring your body back to normal, help you find peace of mind and restore strength.

If, from the first days of your vacation, you have completely moved away from the bustle of the city, noise and everyday worries, SPA procedures will only enhance the effect and help you feel even greater relaxation and peace. In any case, the traditional Turkish bath is not only a healing for the body, but also a balm for the soul.

Hamams owe their appearance to Roman baths, and became widespread during the Byzantine Empire. Since then, visiting the hamam has been a special ritual with many traditions. A distinctive feature of the Turkish bath is the temperature regime (from 30 to 55 degrees Celsius), it does not harm health and is suitable even for those who are contraindicated in high temperatures.

Bathing procedures are especially popular among women, going there is equivalent to a holiday or a bachelorette party – they take sweets with them, and ladies often spend the whole day with a cup of coffee in the hammam.

You can join the oriental bathing culture and get real pleasure by visiting the Turkish bath hammam in Side, which is rightfully considered one of the best SPA complexes in the city. The service here is at the highest level, and hygiene is above all – professional staff, additional cosmetic procedures, pleasant little things in the form of slippers, individual lockers, towels … will make a positive impression even on the most demanding guests.

In addition, traditional bath procedures are incredibly useful for a beautiful even tan – essential oils attract the sun’s rays and at the same time protect the skin from their harmful effects and stress, so it is recommended to visit Turkish hamams in the first days of your vacation. It is better to take care in advance that minor troubles, such as sunburn, do not overshadow the long-awaited vacation, do not interfere with enjoying the gentle sea and sun, and do not cause discomfort.

Steam Room

Traditionally, a visit to the  Turkish Bath with Massage in Side begins with a steam room, where the pores of your skin will open and your body will be ready for subsequent treatments. The steam bath is unique with 100% humidity, and a visit to this room relaxes the muscles and removes all harmful substances from the body. Resting on hot stones, you can see the rich interior, massive washbasins with metal bowls, marble benches and platforms.

Foam massage

After the pores of your skin have opened, you need to remove dead skin particles with peeling or foam massage. The skillful hands of a chiropractor will immerse you in a sweet slumber, you will feel incredibly light and relaxed, every muscle of your body will become more elastic and supple, and your skin will become rejuvenated and fresh. After a cup of Turkish tea or coffee brewed according to old recipes, you can proceed to further procedures.

Oil massage

It is better to fix the result with a traditional massage. This deeply relaxing toning treatment aims to restore muscle tone and stimulate energy flow. During the massage, warm essential oils are used, which makes it soothing and more gentle, and also allows you to work out the most serious clamps and places where subcutaneous salts accumulate.

The effect of the procedure is noticeable immediately, the skin becomes smoother and younger, as blood circulation and lymphatic drainage improves. Oil massage gives unsurpassed pleasure and a lot of pleasure, perfectly relieves stress and fatigue, headaches and muscle tension.

Facial care

A nice bonus from visiting the  Turkish Bath with Massage in Side is a special moisturizing face mask that makes the skin smoother and more elastic. And the accompanying massage prevents the appearance of wrinkles, relieves swelling and improves complexion. Due to the stimulation of blood circulation, the skin is saturated with oxygen and acquires a healthy, well-groomed appearance.

Among other things, a person’s appearance is always influenced by his internal state, and after visiting a traditional Turkish hammam, you will radiate health and positive, inner strength and energy.

A trip to the SPA is always a holiday, and traditional procedures in compliance with centuries-old traditions are an unforgettable and unique experience that leaves only the best impressions and a visible effect.

Steam roomPeeling
Foam Massage
Face mask
Pool – Jacuzzi
Classic Massage (20 minutes)
Drinks – tea and water

What is not included

Additional services in Hamam

[at icon icon=”td-bag”] Swimwear
[at icon icon=”td-bag”] Hats

How much does  Turkish Bath with Massage in Side?

Turkish Bath with Massage in Side for one person 20€.

What is included in the price of the Turkish Bath with Massage in Side?

  • Sauna
  • Steam roomPeeling
  • Foam massage
  • Mask for the face
  • Pool – Jacuzzi
  • Classic massage (20 minutes)
  • Drinks – tea and water

How much does it cost to visit a hamam in Turkey?

A visit to the hamam in Turkey is from 15 to 30 €.

What do you need to take with you for the  Turkish Bath with Massage in Side?

You don’t need to take anything with you to Turkish Hamam in Side. They will give you all the necessary materials in the bathhouse.

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