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Quad Safari in Side

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Quad Safari in Side is an unusual and exciting off-road tour, during which you can explore the most hidden corners of untouched nature, see picturesque mountain slopes and canyons, impenetrable forests and emerald lagoons opening from the peaks. This short trip will give you unforgettable impressions and the brightest emotions, drive and adrenaline from extreme driving, delight from the beauty of picturesque coastlines and bays hidden from prying eyes.

About Quad Safari In Side

The surroundings of the Mediterranean resort of Side are unusually beautiful – small authentic villages, fruit plantations, noisy streams and waterfalls, the slopes of the Taurus Mountains and perennial coniferous forests will appear before you in their original form. Fresh mountain air, heady aroma of cedars and pines, a light whisper of the wind, cool splashes of fast rivers will bring harmony and peace, a desire to contemplate the world around and enjoy the moment.

Program Of Quad Safari In Side

Traditionally, the tour “Quad Safari In Side” begins with a transfer. A comfortable air-conditioned bus will meet you at the hotel at the appointed time and take you to the ATV site. Here you will listen to the briefing and learn the basics of driving a vehicle, drive through a closed area and, after you feel confident and comfortable, go on a trip.

The route of the tour runs along the mountain slopes and picturesque gorges, turbulent streams and waterfalls. In the most beautiful places you will make rest stops, during which you can enjoy the views of valleys and coastal lines, listen to the peaceful sounds of nature and breathe in the fresh forest air, take memorable photos and refresh yourself in a cool mountain river. In the bosom of nature untouched by man, you will feel a surge of strength and energy, peace and tranquility, inner harmony and relaxation.

Quad Safari In Side can give you pleasant surprises, as the nearby forests are full of wild animals and birds. If you are lucky, you will meet eagles and pheasants, kites and herons, goldfinches and partridges. The fauna of Turkey is incredibly rich, foxes and porcupines, fallow deer and wild boars live in the forests on the Mediterranean coast, and perhaps you will attack their trail and see them with your own eyes in the natural environment.

Do you need a driver’s license?

It is not necessary to have a driver’s license to drive an ATV, because the route will take place off-road, which practically excludes a meeting with other cars. Regardless of whether you are an experienced driver or driving for the first time, driving a mini SUV will not cause difficulties, because the ATV is extremely easy to operate. In addition, just before leaving for the safari, you will have the opportunity to train in a closed area and undergo express training with an experienced instructor.

Is quad bike safari safe?

Excursion “Quad Safari In Side” although it belongs to a number of extreme, but it is completely safe. And yet, one should not neglect the elementary rules of behavior behind the wheel. Before the trip, professional instructors will tell you about the route and the specifics of the road, show you how to drive and answer all your questions.

Throughout the journey, they will accompany you, provide assistance in unforeseen situations and ensure your safety. In addition, you will use protective equipment to feel more confident on mountain roads. All ATVs are in excellent condition and undergo periodic technical inspections, so you can fully enjoy extreme driving and wildlife around.

Beautiful scenery around Side

There is a popular belief that Side is sandy beaches, lost lagoons, coastal cliffs and emerald water, but these are far from all the charms of the popular resort. From all sides the city is surrounded by the mighty Taurus Mountains, in the valleys of which waterfalls and turbulent rivers, canyons and gorges, coniferous forests and juniper groves are hidden. From the mountain peaks, magical views of the city, bays and lagoons, waves playing in the rays of the sun and green slopes open up.

The Quad Safari In Side path passes by colorful villages and fruit plantations. This region is known not only for olives, tomatoes and lemons – bananas, bergamot, avocado, kiwi are grown in local gardens. As you can see, nature has generously endowed Turkey, and wherever you go, you will be surrounded by picturesque views and pristine beauties.

Quad Safari In Side will show the not quite tourist side of Turkey, you will get acquainted with the life of ordinary farmers, visit wild corners known only to local residents, make an extreme trip through the forest thickets. This day will not look like a relaxing beach holiday, so it will be more interesting and memorable.

English speaking guide
Detailed briefing
ATV and protective equipment rental.

What is not included

Photo and video recording


How much does a quad safari in Side costs?

Quad safari in Side for one person 30€.

What is included in the price of the tour per person?

  • Transfer
  • English speaking instructor
  • Insurance
  • Detailed briefing
  • Rent of ATV and protective equipment.

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