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Turkish Bath In Kusadasi

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Turkish Bath In Kusadasi is a tradition which has existed in Kusadası since ancient times. However, it was the Turkish bath tradition that added both timeliness and widespread immortality to this culture. Although bathtubs and showers in the houses are widely used in big cities, this tradition in Anatolia is still up-to-date for centuries.

Before enrolling in our Turkish Bath In Kusadası, if you have a health problem, please consider that the temperature inside the bath may affect you. Therefore, you may want to consult your doctor first.

Second, (you can take this as a general recommendation) moisturize your body before and after the program.

Finally, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and camera in your bag so you can fully experience the activity.

An Enjoyable Start

When you are ready, we will pick you up from your hotel at the scheduled time and soon we will arrive at facility where the bathhouse is located. After we drop you off at the facility, professional staff will take care of you and your program will start.

A Stylishly Designed and Fully Equipped Facility

Welcome to the authentic, luxurious and “warm” borders of the bathhouse, this is the place where everything starts and lasts 2 hours!

If you are unfamiliar with the concept and you are going to enjoy a hammam for the first time, we can start by talking about the fact that there are more than one part of the hammam: hot air room (sauna), marble rooms and changing rooms …

However, as all rooms contain a modern and exotic design, they are ready to offer you a great atmosphere.


When our Turkish Bath In Kusadası program starts, you will wear your loincloth, enter the sauna and sweat as much as possible.

By sitting in this steam-filled room, which is approximately 40-50 degrees, you will make it easier for your pores to expand, your skin to soften and your dead skin to swell and leave your body.

You can also wash your body with hot or cold water in this room. When the time is up, you will enter a “less warm” room to be cleaned by professional staff who have acquired a “scrub”, a kind of peeling glove.

The scrub session will relax your body a lot, because you will get rid of many dead skins and toxins. In addition, this application is extremely useful for increasing your blood circulation.

Foam Massage

The next stage will be much more beautiful and refreshing.

You will feel more relaxed every minute accompanied by fragrances and a gentle massage. Therefore, enjoy this episode to the fullest and feel free to play with the foam on you if you want.

Aroma therapy Oily Massage

Of course, we have to make a perfect final to end the Turkish Bath In Kusadası pleasure in the most spectacular way: Aromatherapy oil massage of course …

In this section, the professional masseur / masseuse will massage all over your body using natural oils that will make you feel fresh like a newborn baby during the session. Get ready to be refreshed for 25 minutes: you will have a fresher body, soul and mind!

A Beautiful Farewell

Now that you are as light as a feather (even if you don’t want to) you will be prepared to end the Turkish Bath In Kusadası program. When you leave the facility, we will pick you up again with our fully equipped vehicle and drop you off at your hotel. As a suggestion, take a deep sleep when you come to your room to enjoy the day.

To summarize, if you are interested in Turkish Bath In Kusadası program that will help you get rid of stress in a short time, you can book online. You can also contact us anytime to get more information about this and other  daily tours Kusadası.

Steam roomPeeling
Foam Massage
Face Mask
Pool – Jacuzzi
Classic Massage (20 minutes)
Drinks – tea and water

What is not included

Additional services in Hamam


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How much does a Turkish bath in Kusadasi cost ?

Turkish bath in Kusadasi per person 20€.

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