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Kusadasi Balloon Tour

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Spending your holidays on the coast of the Aegean Sea, you can take a Kusadasi Balloon Tour, and thus fulfill one of your previously seemingly unrealizable desires.

Surely each of us has unfulfilled childhood dreams – to jump with a parachute or scuba dive to explore the seabed, go in search of treasures or travel around the world.

The nature of Turkey is incredibly picturesque and rich in high mountains and green slopes, endless valleys and blue lagoons, but the most magical panoramic views can be found in the province of Denizli, where the 200-meter snow-white hill of Pamukkale rises near the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis. An unforgettable Kusadasi Balloon Tour will take place there.

The program of the tour “ Kusadasi Balloon Tour”

It is better to fly in a balloon at dawn, when the sun will flood the valleys with soft light, white travertines will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, and the ancient buildings of Hierapolis will sparkle with fiery shades. This is a truly breathtaking sight, and in order not to miss it, you will need to leave the hotel early in the morning.

The distance to Pamukkale from Kusadasi is 190 km, so on the way you can watch dreams in a comfortable bus, or admire the picturesque landscapes of mountains and coniferous forests. As you move away from the coast, the views outside the window will gradually change, mountain serpentines will replace valleys, pine groves – olive plantations, steep cliffs – slopes immersed in greenery.

Kusadasi Balloon Tour involves mandatory briefing, therefore, upon arrival at the site, you will familiarize yourself with the safety rules and the route, the specifics of air flows, takeoff and landing. Then, having boarded the balloon, you will smoothly rise up, and, obeying the breath of the wind, will slowly circle over the valley.

From a height of 1 km you will see a snow-white hill with cascades of pools, the ruins of ancient fortresses and city gates, the remains of ancient temples and squares. The amphitheater and the Necropolis will no longer seem so gigantic, and Cleopatra’s pool will more likely resemble a model of the Garden of Eden.

After an hour-long flight over the Pamukkale museum complex, you will receive a commemorative certificate, celebrate a successful landing with a glass of champagne, and set off on your way back to share your joy and emotions with friends and family as soon as possible.

Kusadasi Balloon Tour Flight safety

The main principles of the Kusadasi Balloon Tour is safety, so the company employs only experienced certified pilots and uses only proven aircraft. When planning a flight route, weather conditions, air flow speed, air humidity and other equally important factors must be taken into account.

Upon arrival at the site, you will get acquainted with the device of the balloon, master the basics of control, and learn about safety rules in the air. It is worth noting that an experienced pilot will take over all control, and you should stock up on warm clothes, as the air temperature at altitude is much lower.

Flight over Pamukkale

A balloon flight consists of 3 stages, each of which is accompanied by certain emotions. At first, during takeoff, travelers experience excitement and anxiety, and although the balloon rises into the air slowly and smoothly, it takes some time to overcome fear and stress.

The second stage is the flight itself, at this time you rise to a height of about 1 km and circle like a feather in the air. Sometimes gusts of wind pick up the ball and involve it in an air round dance, and sometimes they lift it higher beyond the line of clouds. During the flight, you will experience a variety of emotions – delight and joy, peace and tranquility, happiness and a burst of energy.

Time seems to stop, and pictures of the surrounding landscapes in slow motion float before my eyes. At such moments, you just want to contemplate the world around and feel like an integral part of it. The 3rd stage – the landing of the balloon – is the saddest, because the understanding comes that this magical flight is coming to an end, and now only memories will warm the soul and fill the heart with joy and happiness.

Kusadasi Balloon Tour offers you one more stage – the celebration of a successful landing, so that pride in your own small victory inspires you to new feats and achievements.

Dawn is the best time for a Kusadasi Balloon Tour

Kusadasi Balloon Tour takes place at dawn, so that you can enjoy the process of the flight and the unusually picturesque panoramas of the valley to the maximum. Nothing is more mesmerizing than the realization that the balloon rises into the sky at the same time as the sun.

The feeling of lightness and freedom overwhelms, and gentle rays warm not only the body, but also the soul. No wonder they say that the time when nature wakes up is the time of miracles, and every new day opens up new horizons and gives new opportunities.

Hot air balloon ride
Hot air balloon certificate
Champagne after the flight

What is not included

Personal expenses
Photos and videos
Transfer from the resort where you are staying.


Money for personal expenses
Warm clothes

Paragliding in Fethiye from Kusadasi
Boat trip in Kusadasi

How much does Kusadasi balloon tour cost?

Kusadasi balloon tour costs per person €150.

What is included in the Kusadasi balloon tour?

  • Hot air balloon flight
  • Insurance
  • Hot air balloon flight certificate
  • Champagne after the flight
  • Breakfast

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