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Boat Trip in Kusadasi 

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Of course, all the bays of the Aegean coast are unique and beautiful, and a boat trip in Kusadasi will help you see this for yourself.

Boat Trip in Kusadasi will save you from this problem, because in one day you will be able to see the most popular bays, swim in crystal clear emerald waters, admire the panoramas of the city, islands and green mountain slopes from the yacht, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and gentle sun.

Each of us can say with confidence that one of the unpleasant factors on vacation is its short duration, so every vacationer faces a dilemma – how to see the most picturesque places without spending a lot of time.

Sailing along the entire coast, you will be amazed at the richness and diversity of Turkish nature, along the way you will be accompanied by mighty mountains and endless valleys, steep cliffs and shores buried in greenery, beautiful blue lagoons and islands lost in the sea.

Going on a boat trip in Kusadasi, you will not only travel to the most picturesque bays of the Aegean Sea, but also have fun and carefree time with water fun and jumping from the ship, swimming in the open sea and exploring uninhabited islands and secret caves.

Program of “Boat trip in Kusadasi”

Boat Trip in Kusadasi sometimes resembles a magical exciting journey, and it starts early in the morning when you go to the port on a comfortable bus, where a modern yacht equipped with the latest technology will already be waiting for you. On board there is everything for a comfortable stay – air conditioners and TVs, bars and soft sofas.

Conventionally, the yacht is divided into zones according to interests, so that everyone will find something to their liking. Lovers of sunbathing will sunbathe on comfortable sun loungers, cheerful companies will enjoy the music and taste of exotic cocktails in the bar, admirers of peace and tranquility will be able to retire and watch the changing landscapes, soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh sea air.

The route of the boat trip in Kusadasi runs along the entire coast, and in the most picturesque lagoons you will make stops for swimming and relaxing. In Soguk Su Bay you will cool down in cool waters thanks to undercurrents, Butterfly Bay will amaze you with untouched natural beauty, and Pine Bay with jade waters and a white sandy beach.

In the middle of a busy day, when you are a little tired of water fun, you will be offered lunch on one of the decks, and you will be able to appreciate traditional Turkish cuisine.

Magnificent bays of the Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is famous not only for jade crystal clear waters, but also for a scattering of large and small islands, formed many millennia ago as a result of volcanic eruptions. In total, there are about 2000 islands in the Aegean Sea, some of them, such as Kekova, Imbos, Sedire, the symbol of the city of Kusadasi – Pigeon Island, are quite popular in Turkey and abroad, and many are still uninhabited and unexplored.

Winding coastlines are hidden behind an impregnable fence of mighty mountains of incredible beauty of the bay, each of which has unique shades of water that range from azure to emerald and bright blue. Taking a boat trip in Kusadasi, you will be lucky enough to see from the board of the yacht the unique natural reserve Dilek, which occupies a vast territory from the Aegean coast to the Samsun Mountains.

The national park is one of the corners of nature untouched by civilization, it is rich in canyons and gorges, luxurious coniferous forests and mountain lakes, waterfalls and fast-flowing rivers. No less unique is the coastal part of the Dilek Nature Reserve, snow-white beaches, crystal clear waters, framed by cedar groves of lagoons – a delight for the eyes and a balm for the soul, a paradise in which everyone will find inner balance and peace.

Soguk Su Bay

The first stop on the way of a boat trip in Kusadasi will be Soguk Su Bay, which means “Cold Water”. This picturesque bay is just a salvation on a hot day. Thanks to the cold underwater springs, the water here is always cool and clear, and swimming in it is a great pleasure.

In Soguk Su Bay you will spend 2 unforgettable hours of fun and water fun, here you can jump from the board of the yacht and snorkel, explore the seabed and underwater caves.

Butterflies Bay

No less picturesque is the Butterfly Bay, which has retained its pristine beauty and flora and fauna untouched by civilization. The bay is famous not only for the birth of hundreds of species of butterflies in this area, but also for mountain canyons and gorges, sky-high cliffs and green slopes.

Here you can often see eagles soaring over the valley and mountain goats galloping briskly along the steep cliffs, and sometimes tourist yachts and fishing boats are accompanied by handsome dolphins.

The white sandy beach of Pine Bay

More recently, the lonely beautiful lagoon of Pine Bay was an untouched and little-known corner of nature, however, after the appearance of chic hotel complexes in the bay, the popularity of this place has increased dramatically. Now Pine Bay embodies an example of the organic coexistence of luxury and simplicity, the latest technology and pristine nature.

Of course, all the bays of the Aegean coast are unique and beautiful, and a boat trip in Kusadasi will help you see this for yourself.

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How much does a boat trip in Kusadasi cost?

Boat trip in Kusadasi for one person 30€.

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Hotel pickup and drop-off (Transfer depends on which hotel you are staying at)
Boat Trip

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