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Turkish bath in Bodrum

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Eastern hammam is an integral part of the culture and life of the local population, it is a kind of ritual that goes back centuries. The Turkish bath in Bodrum is the best example of a traditional hammam with luxurious interior decoration, natural wood finishes, marble slabs and steam rooms with different temperature conditions.

Local residents visit Turkish bath in Bodrum1-2 times a week, and vacationers are advised to undergo a set of bath procedures in the first days of their vacation in order to prepare the skin for an even, beautiful tan and protect it from the harmful effects of insidious sunlight. In addition, nothing will charge you with vivacity, energy and good mood like a real oriental hammam with a relaxing foam and tonic oil massage.

After visiting the Turkish bath in Bodrum, the body is completely cleansed, the state of health improves, and the skin is rejuvenated, so you just have to enjoy the gentle sun, warm sea, fresh breeze and unusually beautiful nature around.


Turkish bath in Bodrum – a combination of tradition with modern technology

Turkish bath in Bodrum is an island of bliss in the middle of a noisy tourist metropolis, every detail in the interior, light music, subdued light, aromas of wood and essential oils floating in the air immerse you in an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Entering this paradise, you can spend the whole day enjoying massages and treatments, meditating and restoring energy.

Due to uniform heating, the temperature in the hammam is always comfortable, no more than 55 degrees, so a visit to the Turkish bath is useful even for people who cannot stand the heat. Dry air and low humidity are incredibly beneficial for the lungs and respiratory tract, as well as for muscle and skin tone.

The healing properties of hamams have been known for more than 2 thousand years, and in combination with modern technologies and the latest equipment, they have turned into full-fledged SPA centers. A huge selection of exotic massages and cosmetic complexes for facial skin care and rejuvenation can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated visitors.

Ritual of healing and rejuvenation

Real hamams are built according to traditional rules and canons, and it is recommended to visit the treatment rooms in a certain sequence, so the body is completely cleansed of toxins and toxins, the skin is saturated with natural oils and vitamins, the muscles acquire tone and elasticity.

A visit to the Turkish bath should begin with a shower and a steam room, this is a kind of body preparation for peeling, during which the skin is cleansed of dead skin particles. After scrubbing, a relaxing foam massage is done, for this, natural olive soap is whipped into a thick foam and, like a cloud, envelops the whole body with it, and then the skin is massaged with a special mitten made of organic materials.

This is followed by a traditional oil massage, which is sharper and more intense, due to which it tones the muscles and makes the skin supple and elastic. The Turkish bath in Bodrum truly works wonders, heals and rejuvenates, relieves stress and tension, gives heavenly pleasure and spiritual harmony.

The atmosphere of the eastern hamam in Bodrum

The huge advantage and dignity of the Turkish bath in Bodrum is that it has not lost its authenticity and flavor. Aromas and music of the East, carved ornaments and rich decoration of the halls, marble and mosaics only successfully complement modern massage rooms and beauty parlors.

Centuries-old traditions are carefully honored in the Avalon SPA center – only natural materials were used in the decoration of the building, organic oils are used for massages, and fragrant coffee and strong Turkish tea are prepared exclusively according to ancient technologies.

Turkish hammam in Bodrum is a unique combination of centuries-old history and innovations in the beauty industry, where ancient methods peacefully coexist with modern innovations, and trendy preparations successfully complement traditional procedures. The result of such a tandem will not keep you waiting, after the first visit to the Turkish bath in Bodrum you will feel a visible effect, and the delight of loved ones and the envy of others will only confirm your assumptions.

High quality Turkish bath service in Bodrum

The popularity of the hammam in Bodrum is due not only to professional equipment, but also to high-quality service, professionals and passionate lovers of their craft from year to year improve their skills and master new techniques and techniques in order to surprise guests once again, share their experience and the latest technologies.

By visiting the Turkish bath in Bodrum, you will forever join the ranks of ardent fans of bath procedures and traditional massages and never tire of surprising others with a blooming healthy look and excellent well-being.

Hotel pickup – back to hotels
Bathing and cleaning
Peeling Massage
Foam Massage
Full Body Aroma Oil Massage

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How much does a Turkish bath cost in Bodrum?

Turkish bath in Bodrum per person 25€.

What is included in the price of the Turkish bath in Bodrum?

  • Hotel pickup – back to hotels
  • Bathing and cleaning
  • Peeling massage
  • Foam massage
  • Full body massage with aromatic oil

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