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Pamukkale Tour From Bodrum

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An excursion to Pamukkale tour from Bodrum gives new impressions and unforgettable sensations, immerses you in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, allows you to lift the veil of secrecy and get closer to the history of the great empire.

Pamukkale Tour From Bodrum is a rare chance to combine an educational tour of one of the oldest cities in Turkey with a visit to a unique creation of nature, wellness treatments and a trip to the picturesque and mountainous region – Denizli province. The “Cotton Castle” is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the most visited attractions in the country.

The snow-white travertines of Pamukkale, along with Cappadocia and the Blue Mosque, are business cards and recognizable places all over the world, to visit which is an incredible luck and dream of millions. Resting on the coast of the Aegean Sea, it is worth allocating 1 day for Pamukkale Tour From Bodrum, because the distance is only 250 km, and the impressions remain for a lifetime.

Program Of Pamukkale Tour From Bodrum

The tour to Pamukkale from Bodrum starts at dawn, on a comfortable bus you will drive through mountain serpentines and valleys, past olive orchards and pine forests inland, where in the province of Denizli many thousands of years ago, pools filled with water from geothermal springs formed on a hillside.

Already in the morning you will be able to walk barefoot along the reservoirs located on the mountain plateau, admire the magical views, take spectacular photos. Near the geothermal springs you will see the ruins of the ancient city – this is the progenitor of modern spa resorts – ancient Hierapolis. Walking along the streets and squares of the settlement founded by the Romans, you will be amazed at the scale and level of organization of urban structures.

More than 2000 years ago, there were already amphitheaters and temples, Necropolis and chapels, markets and baths on the territory of the health resort. After exploring the ruins of Hierapolis, you will have a well-deserved and pleasant rest in the mineral pools of Cleopatra, from which, according to legend, the Egyptian queen drew unfading youth and beauty.

On the terrace of a cozy restaurant you will appreciate the national Turkish cuisine, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, clean fresh air and birds singing. After a busy day, you will go to Bodrum, and on the way you will be able to see coniferous forests and fruit plantations, local villages and farms, valleys and green mountain slopes.

Pamukkale travertine

The main destination of Pamukkale Tour From Bodrum is the snow-white mountain slope, on the terraces of which there are pools filled with healing water from 17 geothermal springs. It took nature more than one hundred years to form a white limestone coating, gradually the calcium-rich waters of high-mountain springs flowed down the slope, saturating it with minerals and color.

Currently, the 200-meter hill is under the protection of the UNESCO World Organization and the Turkish government, and the geothermal springs of Pamukkale have no analogues in the world.

The ancient city of Hierapolis

Located in the vicinity of Pamukkale, the city of Hierapolis was founded in 133 BC. and was the first health resort in the Roman Empire. The resort was incredibly popular among the ancient elite, so the settlement developed rapidly and could boast of all the benefits of civilization available at that time.

Trading areas and baths, temples and chapels, an amphitheater and a Necropolis have survived to this day, which allows you to get an idea of ​​the life and lifestyle of the ancient Romans. The amphitheater designed for 10,000 spectators, built according to all the rules of classical sports arenas, is especially striking in its grandeur.

The upper tiers were equipped with luxurious lodges for the nobility, lower places were occupied by people of a lower class, and below there were rooms for athletes, gladiators and actors. Looking at the ruins of the ancient amphitheater, you involuntarily plunge into the atmosphere of medieval theatrical performances and spectacular gladiator fights, bloody battles and palace coups.

Everything in Hierapolis is imbued with the spirit of the era of the ancient empire – temples and columns, arches and statues, city gates and market squares bear the memory of past glory and greatness. The largest Necropolis on the territory of modern Turkey deserves special attention, in which there are Lycian tombs and sarcophagi, family crypts and tombs, rich graves of noble citizens and stone slabs of commoners.

During Pamukkale Tour From Bodrum you will have enough time to explore the ruins of buildings and fragments of arches, temples and sanctuaries, paved streets and wide squares. A walk through Hierapolis is a kind of journey through time, immersion in the atmosphere of the ancient era, approaching world history and the mysteries of the past.

Cleopatra’s pool

Cleopatra’s pools near Pamukkale – a paradise among mountains and valleys, surrounded by fragrant flowering gardens and cedar trees, the Egyptian queen liked to visit mineral reservoirs, and, according to legend, she found in them a source of eternal youth and beauty.

You can make sure of the veracity of the myth personally by swimming in the cool crystal clear waters. No wonder they say that visiting Cleopatra’s pools has a beneficial effect on both health and emotional state, the purest and the air filled with the aroma of pine needles, picturesque views of the slopes immersed in greenery, small bubbles of mineral waters pacify and soothe, bring inner harmony and balance.

Pamukkale Tour From Bodrum gives new impressions and unforgettable sensations, immerses you in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, allows you to lift the veil of secrecy and get closer to the history of the great empire.

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