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Bodrum Fishing Tour

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Bodrum fishing tour, like a breath of fresh air, will bring variety and color to a relaxing beach vacation, bright fireworks of exciting events, inexpressible emotions and sensations will break into your everyday life and awaken your thirst for new adventures and discoveries.

Bodrum Fishing Tour is one of the most popular types of recreation, and this is not surprising, because spending a vacation on the Aegean coast, one cannot deny oneself the pleasure of going on a boat to the open sea, spending a day in the picturesque blue lagoons, swimming in the clearest waters, soaking up the sun, also to please loved ones with a great catch.

Many mistakenly assume that fishing is a calm and sometimes boring pastime, but behind the apparent restraint lies excitement and adrenaline, delight and pride, sincere joy and happiness. Taking a fishing rod in your hands, you will surely feel the spirit of the competition, you will feel like a getter or an avid player.

The once craft of the poor has now grown into a hobby of millions, sport fishing clubs have been created around the world and tours are organized to the most remote and exotic corners of the planet.

Not only professionals, but also beginners, adults and children can take part in the action, because bright emotions and a rich catch, the indescribable beauty of coastlines and the endless sea, fresh air and jade waters of bays hidden from human eyes will impress everyone.

Program of Bodrum Fishing Tour

Bodrum Fishing Tour is somewhat different from freshwater fishing from the shore. The open sea offers a lot of locations, depending on what kind of fish you want to get, you can stay in quiet bays or sail further from the coastlines. The boat on which you will go out to sea is equipped with special equipment that scans the seabed, which allows you to accurately identify fishing spots.

In addition, during the trip you will be accompanied by a team of professionals who are well versed in the local waters, they will help you pick up tackle, teach you the basic basics of the craft, and talk about the specifics of the underwater inhabitants. The Aegean Sea is saltier and colder than the Mediterranean, and its waters are cleaner and more transparent, and the marine life, respectively, is different, for example, in the Aegean Sea there are more starfish and shellfish, mussels and crabs.

Going to Bodrum Fishing Tour, you have every chance to catch sea bass, mullet, bluefish, orfoz, laskir or perch. Found in the local waters and dangerous inhabitants – stingrays and barracudas, fugu and scorpionfish. Right on the yacht, the chef will prepare a freshly caught catch, and you can, admiring the mountains and emerald lagoons, enjoy the delicate taste of local fish.

Picturesque bays of the Aegean Sea

Bodrum Fishing Tour will allow you to get to know the Aegean Sea, with its many islands and unusually beautiful lagoons. The winding coastlines hide many quiet harbors, picturesque bays, caves and gorges, lonely beaches and small islands growing right from the underwater depths.

In addition to the main bays of Gumbet, Bitez, Akyarlar and Bagla, there are many smaller, but no less beautiful lagoons on the coast, such quiet places as Karakalesi, Torba, Gumusluk are corners of nature almost untouched by civilization. During sea fishing, you can see these magical harbors, swim in the jade waters, admire perennial coniferous forests and high cliffs, green mountain slopes and valleys.

There are a huge number of bays in the Aegean Sea, all of them are beautiful, but none of them is like the other. Sailing along the coast, you will have a chance to choose the lagoon you like the most, compare the beaches and the shade of the water, the purity of the sea and the beauty of the surrounding shores.

 Bodrum Fishing Tour is a holiday for the whole family

Bodrum Fishing Tour will easily turn an ordinary day into an exciting adventure for the whole family. There is an erroneous opinion that this hobby is only for real men, but practice shows that women and children participate in this activity with no less enthusiasm and excitement, and often can boast of an excellent catch.

Fishing, like any joint pastime, unites and develops trust and mutual assistance, a spirit of competition and determination, a willingness to experience joy and pride in the success of one’s neighbor. A joint lunch from a freshly prepared catch will surely be included in the list of the most memorable family events, and maybe even lay the foundation for a good tradition, and you will remember your holidays on a yacht in the open sea with warmth in your soul for a long time to come.

In addition to traditional fishing, you can find a lot of things to do – swimming in the emerald lagoons and jumping into the water from the side of the boat, sunbathing and feeding seagulls, enjoying magical scenic views and a light sea breeze.

Bodrum Fishing Tour, like a breath of fresh air, will bring variety and color to a relaxing beach vacation, bright fireworks of exciting events, inexpressible emotions and sensations will break into your everyday life and awaken your thirst for new adventures and discoveries.

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How much is Bodrum fishing tour?

Bodrum fishing tour costs per person 40€.

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