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Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip

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Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip guarantees an unforgettable pastime surrounded by the endless sea, breathtaking panoramic views, green shores and blue lagoons.

Bodrum is the pearl of the Aegean coast and the main thing that attracts travelers is, of course, the sea. You can see the most picturesque bays and lagoons, secret caves and lost islands by going on a Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip.

This tour will appeal to both adventure seekers and admirers of pristine nature, emerald crystal clear waters, secluded lagoons, uninhabited islands, snow-white beaches will not leave anyone indifferent.

Going out to the open sea, you will spend an unforgettable day surrounded by waves, magically beautiful landscapes, slopes immersed in greenery, endless sea and gentle sun, every minute of your stay on the yacht will give you enjoyment of warm rays, refreshing spray, light breeze and surrounding views.

Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip is an active pastime for sports and extreme lovers and at the same time a relaxing voyage along the coast of the Aegean Sea. In the morning, arriving at the port and stepping on board the yacht, you will immediately find something to your liking, the upper deck is equipped with comfortable sun loungers where you can sunbathe, and on the lower deck you can retire and meditate, looking into the endless distance.

Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip includes stops in 5 beautiful bays of the coast, here you will have the opportunity to jump from the side and snorkel, swim in the crystal clear waters and sunbathe, walk along the beaches and breathe in the air filled with the scent of pine needles.

In Aquarium Bay you will enjoy the warm waves and the emerald sea, in a grotto near the Black Island lagoon you will plunge into the healing mineral waters of mountain springs, view the ruins of the ancient city of Mindos on Rabbit Island, explore the seabed and snorkel in Kumluk Bay.

On the yacht you will be offered lunch, and you will be able to appreciate the delicious dishes of national cuisine, also on board you will find a variety of masks and snorkels, inflatable sun loungers for swimming, which will make swimming more interesting and varied.

Bay Black Island, grottoes with healing mineral water.

The first stop on the route of the Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip will be located in the open sea in the Gulf of Gokova Black Island, which is a high long mountain. This small piece of land has a rich history and has been the subject of territorial disputes and battles. In ancient times, the island was ruled by the Knights of the Order of St. John, then it came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, in 1919 it was occupied by the Italians, and in 1932 the island was returned to the Republic of Turkey.

Also on the Black Island there are deposits of healing mud, and the waters of high-mountain geothermal springs flow into the surrounding grottoes. A stop in the bay will give you the opportunity to take a course of medical procedures, swimming in the warm mineral waters of the bay, as well as restore inner balance and peace of mind, enjoying the whisper of the waves, the light breeze and the beauty of the coastal landscapes.

Meteor pit

The meteor pit is a breathtaking and slightly frightening sight, a deep depression is perfectly visible on the seabed through crystal clear waters, but only daredevils, for whom there is all the necessary equipment on board the yacht, decide to dive into the mysterious abyss.

Aquarium Bay

The next stop on Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip will be Aquarium Bay, whose name speaks for itself. The waters of the lagoon are so transparent that the bottom can be seen even at a depth of 30 meters. As in an aquarium, colorful fish, algae and corals, sea urchins and crabs live in this place. The bay is an ideal location for photo shoots and video filming, emerald waters amaze with a variety of shades and resemble distant exotic islands.

Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island is an unusual and romantic place. It is connected to the mainland by a sandy spit, which you can walk along. Previously, the ancient city of Mindos was located in this area, the remains of which can still be found at the bottom and viewed through crystal clear water. No wonder this place is considered the most romantic on the coast, everything here is conducive to solitude and relaxation – the azure sea surface, bays and lagoons hidden from prying eyes, the warm sea and the gentle sun.

Kumluk Bay

A stop in Kumluk Bay during  Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip is one of the most interesting and exciting, amphorae and fragments of ancient columns, ship parts and household items sunk during shipwrecks are still found on the seabed of the local lagoons. Perhaps, diving or swimming, you will be able to discover rare artifacts that will shed light on the history that goes back centuries and reveal the veils of the secrets of the

Aegean Sea

Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip guarantees an unforgettable pastime surrounded by the endless sea, breathtaking panoramic views, green shores and blue lagoons. The impressions received while traveling on a yacht will remain in your memory for a long time, and bright photos against the backdrop of azure bays will remind you of a carefree time and exciting adventures.

Hotel pick-up and drop-off (Transfer depends on which hotel you are staying at)
Live comments on the board

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Personal expenses
Photos and DVDs (optional)
Unlimited beer, wine
Alcoholic drinks


Excursion to Dalyan from Bodrum
Diving in Bodrum

How much does Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip cost?

Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip for one person €20.

Which beach would you recommend me to go to in Bodrum?

1- Yalikavak Public Beach
2- Karainjir beach
3- Torba beach
4- Gumusluk Public Beach
5- Bitez Beach
6- Aspat beach
7- Bardakchi bay
9- Peximet Beach

What is included in Bodrum Lazy Day Boat Trip?

  • Dinner
  • Soft drinks
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off (Transfer depends on which hotel you are staying at)
  • Live comments on the board

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