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Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi

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Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi is incredibly popular, because it is a unique chance to combine visiting a unique creation of nature with wellness procedures, exploring the oldest settlement in Turkey with relaxing in the legendary Cleopatra pools.

If your craving for ancient history and untouched corners of pristine nature prevails over the desire to spend days on the beach in peace, go on a Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi , see for yourself the majestic white travertines, swim in healing geothermal springs and rejuvenating mineral pools, plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity in the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi is so fascinating and multifaceted that it will appeal to lovers of ancient architectural monuments and admirers of unity with nature, and adventure seekers, and supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

Distance and road from Kusadasi to Pamukkale -Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi

Tourists vacationing on the coast of the Aegean Sea can consider themselves lucky, in addition to the incredible beauty of the blue lagoons, snow-white beaches and slopes immersed in greenery, in the immediate vicinity there are unique monuments of history and architecture, which are the dream of millions to see.

So, only 190 km. from Kusadasi is located one of the most visited open-air museums, which is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage – Pamukkale. If you want to touch the ancient history and walk barefoot along the legendary snow-white cascades of terraces located on the mountain slope, you need to start the path at sunrise, so in the morning you will enjoy picturesque panoramas and breathtaking views.

After examining the travertines, you will go to the nearby city of Hierapolis, which in the era of the Roman Empire was a famous health resort among the ancient nobility. Paved streets, ruins of temples and an amphitheater, richly ornamented sarcophagi of the Necropolis, arches and fragments of statues still keep within their walls the mysteries of the ancient era, and an excursion to Pamukkale from Kusadasi will help you open the veil of mystery and get closer to the history of a great civilization.

After walking along the squares and streets, city gates and arches, it’s time to relax and enjoy the view of the picturesque cedar forests and flowering gardens in the Cleopatra pool. Having plunged into the refreshing cool water, you will feel lightness and freshness, calmness and peace, get a charge of vivacity and energy that will not leave you even after returning to the hotel.

“Cotton Castle” and its Travertines

A snow-white 200-meter slope with a cascade of reservoirs located on small plateaus is a visiting card of Turkey and a masterpiece of nature recognizable throughout the world, but few can imagine that travertines were formed over many millennia.

The slope got its white color from 17 mountain springs rich in calcium, the waters of which slowly flowed down, covering the hill with a lime coating, due to the resemblance to flowering cotton, it was called “Cotton Castle”.

Unique geothermal springs are not only protected by the state and the international organization UNESCO, but also have no analogues in the world, so do not miss the chance to splash in the mineral waters and saturate the body with healing microelements.

Cleopatra Pool

Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi will take you not only to historically significant places, but also to legendary corners of nature, which is the Cleopatra pool, whose waters, according to legend, gave the Egyptian queen unfading youth and beauty.

Plunging into a refreshing mineral pool, you will feel incredible lightness and pleasant relaxation, and heady aromas of pine needles, picturesque views of green slopes, high mighty mountains and bright blue skies will make you forget about everyday worries and enjoy wonderful moments.

Ancient Hierapolis

The ancient city of Hierapolis was founded by the Romans at the beginning of the 2nd century BC. as a thermal resort and health resort, the ruling elite from all over the empire came to relax at the healing springs, so it is not surprising that the city was highly developed by those standards.

Baths and chapels, temples and basilicas, a market square and a huge necropolis have survived to this day. Looking at the ruins of arches and columns, fragments of city gates and statues, the ruins of the amphitheater and Plutonium, it is hard to believe that the buildings are over 2000 years old.

During Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi, it is worth paying special attention to the sports arena designed for 10,000 spectators, built according to all the rules of classical amphitheaters and the largest Necropolis in modern Turkey, where you can see the tombs of rulers and ornamented sarcophagi, burial mounds and centuries-old marble slabs.

Going on Pamukkale Tour From Kusadasi, be ready to tirelessly marvel at the incredible beauties of nature, the masterpieces of ancient architecture, the level of development of ancient civilization and the unique atmosphere of the hospitable Turkish land.

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Pamukkale Antique Pool

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Excursion to Pamukkale from Kusadasi per person €45.

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