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Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer

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Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer will allow you to get to know the centuries-old history of Turkey, see its natural beauty with your own eyes, enjoy the fresh sea breeze, crystal clear sea and unforgettable views.

Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer is a breath of fresh air, an escape from a measured beach holiday, scorching sun and monotony. This is an exciting sea voyage on an ultra-modern liner equipped with the latest equipment.

There are bars and restaurants, TVs and air conditioners, a high-quality sound system and DJ consoles. A 42-meter yacht can accommodate up to 600 passengers at the same time, but thanks to ergonomics and zoning, you will not feel crowded and will be able to find something to your liking.

The lower deck of the ship is a world of relaxation and tranquility, here you can sunbathe on comfortable sun loungers, relax on comfortable sofas, meditate, looking into the endless sea distance, watch how the coastal landscapes replace each other, feed the seagulls and enjoy peace and quiet.

Fun and celebration reigns on the second deck, incendiary music sounds, competitions and all kinds of fun are held, cocktails are pouring in the bar, the DJ sets the mood with modern hits and the dance floor is never empty.

The upper deck is equipped with a sunbathing area with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, and from here you get the most spectacular photos against the backdrop of rocky coasts and emerald waves.

To the great joy of parents, the yacht has a spacious playground with a variety of games and professional english-speaking animators who will captivate your kids with contests and the search for pirate treasures.

About tour Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer

Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer includes stops for swimming in the most beautiful bays of the coast, where you can jump from a ship into the water, snorkel, explore secret caves and lagoons. Curious tourists will be able to go ashore to see the ruins of the ancient city, walk along the beach, relax in the shade of cedars and pines.

You can go on a Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer both alone and in the company of friends and family, in any case, this trip will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions.

Program of Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer

Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer is designed for the whole day and starts in the morning when you arrive at the port in a comfortable car. On board the liner you will be met by a team and animators who will take you and your children into a whirlpool of bright performances and activities, entertaining contests and pirate games.

Out on the open sea, you will follow the coast, stopping in the most picturesque blue lagoons. Here you will have a chance to swim in the purest waters, explore the seabed, caves and harbors, soak up the sun and enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of high mountains, lush green slopes, snow-white beaches.

On one of the decks of the liner, you will be offered lunch, and you will be able to appreciate the colorful local cuisine, and in the bay of Porto Ceneviz, all participants in the trip will be able to take part in an incendiary foam party with a disco, laser show and performances.

At sunset, the yacht will return to the port, and you will be taken to the hotel, where you will discuss your impressions of the trip, review the photos, recall with nostalgia the atmosphere of joy and unbridled fun.

Itinerary – Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer
Phaselis Bay

The first stop during Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer is Phasesis Bay, in the 7th century BC. founded by Rhodes colonists. Located in a quiet harbor, surrounded by luxurious coniferous forests, the settlement was often subjected to raids and found itself under the rule of different peoples – Persians and Arabs, Romans and Seljuks.

However, the ruins of fortresses and city gates, temples and basilicas that have survived to this day, mostly belong to the era of the great Roman Empire. Walking through the streets of the ancient city, you will be amazed at the level of civilization of the ancient Phaselis, water tanks and aqueducts, baths and tombs, basilicas and chapels, an amphitheater and a market square speak of the high development of society in the heyday of the ancient settlement.

In the bay, you will have enough time to look at the ruins of temples and columns, take a walk along the coast, swim in the emerald waters and breathe in the air filled with the scent of cedars.

Porto – Seneviz

The bay of Porto Ceneviz is extraordinary in its beauty, only here the shade of the water changes from blue to aquamarine, from emerald to jade. During this stop, a real holiday awaits you with incendiary music and a foamy disco, a show program and games, diving and swimming in the open sea.

The ancient city of Olympos

Olympos is the final stop on the way of a boat trip on the Mega Star yacht. The history of the settlement goes back centuries and its dawn fell on the rule of the Romans, at that time the city was the capital of the province of Lycia, the ruins of churches and a sports arena, an old fortress and trading areas have survived to this day.

To this day, archaeological excavations are being carried out on the territory of Olympos and new artifacts are found – coins, amphoras, kitchen utensils, sarcophagi and altars.

Mega Star Boat trip in Kemer will allow you to get to know the centuries-old history of Turkey, see its natural beauty with your own eyes, enjoy the fresh sea breeze, crystal clear sea and unforgettable views.

Transfer of guests from hotels
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What is not included

Phaselis Old Town (for those who wish) 8$

Please bring your own towel, swimwear, sunscreem, hat, goggles and your own snorkeling equipment.

Where does the excursion Mega Star Boat Trip take place?

During Mega Star Boat Trip,  you can enjoy the most beautiful bays in the world, admiring the unique views of the Taurus Mountains along the coast of Camyuva, Tekirova, Phaselis, Olympos, Alacasu.

What is included in the price of the tour on a Yacht in Kemer?

  • Transfer of guests from hotels
  • Lunch on the yacht
  • Insurance

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