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Marmaris Boat Trip

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Marmaris Boat Trip is a unique program that brings together the different bays of Marmaris.

By joining Marmaris Boat Trip, you will visit the unique bays of Marmaris and experience the calmness of being away from crowded areas.

Due to Covid-19, all our boats are carefully disinfected and serve at half capacity. Our sunbeds are arranged in accordance with the social distance rule. Before the tour, we check every guest with a thermometer and regularly monitor the health status of our employees. You are all invited to our hygienic Marmaris Boat Trip.

Why Should You Prefer Marmaris Boat Trip?

It can be extremely difficult to find a place on Marmaris beaches during the hot summer months. Therefore, you may want to swim in clean bays away from people.
There are no problems such as noise, crowd, rush to find a place and so on where you swim.
You can choose the private facilities of Marmaris instead of the public beaches. But the price you pay to enter these places and order something there is much more expensive than the tour fee.
Everyone from seven to seventy can book a boat tour and have fun! Suitable for all ages and audiences!

Marmaris Boat Trip Itinerary

We can guarantee that you will have an exquisite journey from start to finish with its route. So much so that the beautiful bays we will open and all natural formations will almost nourish your soul!

In order to start our adventure, we will pick you up from your hotel in Marmaris at 9:30 in the morning with our extremely comfortable, modern and fully equipped vehicle and we will take a short drive until we reach the port.

When we arrive at the harbor, you will be welcomed by our friendly team and welcomed to the boat and you will take your place on the deck. Immediately after that, our deep blue journey will begin!

Please note that the cruise itinerary can change in unpredictable circumstances such as sudden weather changes.

Aquarium Bay

When we arrive at our first stop, Aquarium Bay, we will have a short swimming break. As the name suggests, who wouldn’t want to swim in a clean sea like an aquarium …

Phosphorus Cave

Our next stop is Phosphorus cave, which you can hear as a wish cave. We will approach the entrance of this cave, which attracts attention with its glow in the dark at night, and we will take a short break next to this natural wonder.

Kumbuluk & Amos

Our tour will continue with Kumlubuk & Amos journey. This place is famous for being an authentic and sympathetic region where the hills are decorated with white, sweet houses, and we are sure that it will impress you with exactly these features.

With its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful view, this stop of our route will make your swimming break unforgettable.

We will have a delicious lunch break before you even realize how time passes, how you are hungry!

After refreshing your energy by eating our freshly prepared delicious food on the boat, we will continue our journey without slowing down.

Turunc Bay

Our Marmaris Boat Trip will continue with a visit to a wonderful cove of Marmaris that has remained like paradise.

In Turunc, which takes its name from the citrus trees that grow densely on its soil, we will enjoy a unique swimming pleasure by watching the landscape adorned by green forests.

Green Sea

Our last stop is the green sea. Thanks to its environment covered with dense rocks, we will be mixed with the waters that have come to our day without touching.

When our Marmaris Boat Trip program is over, we will set out to return to the harbor. Beautiful views, laughter, fun and warm sun will be with us along the way.

After saying goodbye to our boat crew when we arrive at the harbor, we will get in our vehicle waiting for you and set off towards your hotel and end our program.

For more information about Marmaris Boat Trip, date – pick up time of the experience and  other daily tours from Marmaris please contact us.

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What is not included

Личные расходы
Сувенирные фотографии (доступны для покупки)

Возьмите с собой шляпу, солнцезащитный крем и солнцезащитные очки, купальники.

How much does Marmaris Boat Trip cost?

Marmaris Boat Trip costs for one person €20.

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