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Rhodes from Marmaris

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Going by Ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris, you will get a lot of impressions, and memories of the beautiful island will warm your heart for an infinitely long time.

Summer vacation in Turkey will turn into an unforgettable exciting journey for you if you take the opportunity and go by ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris

So you can visit another country, compare close and at the same time different cultures, get acquainted with ancient architecture and centuries-old history, which keeps memories of knightly orders and crusades.

Rhodes is one of over 2,000 islands in the Aegean and is the 4th largest island after Crete, Lesbos and Samos. At the same time, the area of ​​the island is slightly more than 1400 sq. km., and the maximum length is 77 km. Due to the natural beauties and numerous monuments of history and architecture, Rhodes is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is under the protection of the state.

In order to go by ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris, you only need a visa and 1 day of free time, as well as your desire to explore new lands and cities.


Excursion program Ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris

The ferry trip to Rhodes from Marmaris will start early in the morning, on a comfortable bus you will arrive at the port and go out to the open sea towards adventure.

The distance between Marmaris and the Greek island is only 29 km, the ferry will cover this path in just an hour, and you will already be walking around the old city along the fortress walls and market squares, the ancient amphitheater and ancient Christian temples.

You will spend the whole day in a cozy island settlement, slowly walking along the picturesque narrow streets and looking with interest at the snow-white houses surrounded by flowering gardens.

You are free to manage your time and decide whether to spend the day on a white sandy beach or in the heart of the old city. In the evening, you will take the ferry to Turkey, where a bus will already be waiting for you, which will comfortably take you to your hotel.


The rich history of Rhodes

The island has been inhabited since the Neolithic, but its greatest dawn came in the III century BC, it was then that the legendary Colossus of Rhodes was erected at the entrance to the port – a giant statue of the god Helios – one of the seven wonders of the world in the ancient world.

In 164 BC. Rhodes entered into an alliance with the Roman Empire, and later became part of the Byzantine state, since then Christianity has been actively spreading on the island, and chapels and temples, basilicas and churches have survived to this day.

In 1309, Rhodes was in the possession of the Knights Hospitallers, who founded the main citadel – the mighty Rhodes fortress, which for many years withstood the attacks of enemies.

Later, in 1522, Suleiman the Magnificent annexed the island to the Ottoman Empire, and only in 1912, as a result of the defeat of the Turks during the Italo-Turkish war, Rhodes came under the control of Italy. Only in 1948 Rhodes was reunited with Greece and since then has been one of the largest islands in the country.

Going by ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris, you will be able to see the traces and influences of different eras in the monuments of history and architecture, harmoniously coexisting and complementing each other.


Rhodes – the island of myths and legends

The origin of the island of Rhodes is surrounded by numerous myths and legends, and even the locals cannot lean towards any version.

According to one of them, the god Helios saw how a beautiful large island rises from the depths of the sea, and he chose it to live on it with his beloved, the daughter of Poseidon, the nymph Rhodes. In a happy marriage, 7 sons were born, each of whom inherited part of the land and founded a city on the island, naming it after himself.

Another of the myths tells how the goddess Aphrodite was refused to visit the island and cursed it, after which it was swallowed up by the sea. However, when the sun god Helios fell in love with the nymph Rhodes, he warmed her with his rays and the waters covering the island evaporated, so a beautiful island appeared, which got its name in honor of the beautiful nymph.

You are free to believe in any of the legends, each of them is beautiful and interesting and takes you to the era of ancient gods and fearless heroes, bloody wars and fateful sea battles.


Attractions of Rhodes

Arriving by ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris, you will see a medieval fortress on the top of the mountain – this is the heart of the island, built at the beginning of the XIV century, the palace of the Grand Masters of the knightly order of St. John.

Currently, mosaics from the island of Kos are stored in the halls of the castle and exhibitions dedicated to the history of Rhodes are held. The ruins of amphitheaters and churches, squares and medieval buildings have been preserved in the ancient districts of the cities of Lindos and Kamir, and an important Christian relic, the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, is kept in the monastery of the Virgin Tsambika.

Going by Ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris, you will get a lot of impressions, and memories of the beautiful island will warm your heart for an infinitely long time.

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