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Aquapark in Marmaris

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A visit to the Aquapark in Marmaris will not leave anyone indifferent, and a day spent on fun rides you will remember for a long time with warmth in your heart and a sparkle in your eyes.

Aquapark in Marmaris will turn any day into a bright holiday, and not only children will be delighted with various attractions and fun animations, but adults will also be able to forget about problems and troubles and remember their youth on extreme slides.

A huge advantage of the water park is the presence of its own beach, so if you want to take a break from the drive and activities, you can soak up the sun and swim in the warm sea. The area of the Atlantis water park in Marmaris is 44,000 square meters. m., on its territory there are 8 extreme slides and several pools, there is a reservoir with artificial waves, family attractions, high-speed descents and closed spiral tunnels.

For the youngest visitors, there is a children’s area with slides in the form of fairy-tale characters, an octopus slide, closed tunnels with easy slopes, and children’s animation is the pride of the water park, which will not let kids of any age get bored. Going to the Aquapark in Marmaris, you will get great pleasure and arrange an unforgettable day for your loved ones.

Excursion program for Atlantis Aquapark in Marmaris

Aquapark in Marmaris is not the largest, but compact and cozy, its territory is conditionally divided into zones, which makes the rest more comfortable. The main advantage is not only a variety of slides of different difficulty levels, but also a private beach with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, pools of different depths and a wave pool.

For the convenience of visitors, there is a cafe and a bar, changing rooms and showers. Arriving at the water park, you will receive a bracelet that you can use as a pass throughout the day, if you want to go out into the city, you can return without any problems, the main thing is not to lose the bracelet.


Fun day at the Aquapark in Marmaris

Wishing to have an active and interesting time, we often opt for a water park, and at the same time, the presence of extreme slides and a playground is always a key point. Aquapark in Marmaris boasts the most popular attractions for singles and families.

The most beloved slide is the “Wild River”, along the long slopes and steep turns of which you can ride on inflatable circles. “Superhill” runs along the perimeter of the entire water park, it is the longest, but not too difficult, even teenagers can go down it.

Thrill-seekers will enjoy free-falling and high-speed descents on the Kamikaze and Black Hole rides, while the Multislide offers the opportunity to compete in the fastest descent, as several people can start at the same time.

If you haven’t tried rafting yet, don’t despair, Atlantis Water Park in Marmaris has a replica rafting track, so you have the opportunity to practice before the real rafting.

And of course, no one will deny themselves the pleasure of riding along the winding Twister slide and, having passed numerous sharp turns, land at great speed in the pool.


Safe Aquapark experience

When planning to spend a day at the Aquapark in Marmaris, you should not worry about safety, all slides and attractions are thoroughly tested and modernized every year.

And the employees of the entertainment center tirelessly monitor the order and compliance with safety regulations. On the most extreme slides there are instructors who explain the rules and help beginners.

Multilingual animators are engaged with the children, entrusting the kids to their caring hands, parents can safely enjoy their vacation, swim in the sea, sunbathe on the beach or by the pool.

Family fun at Aquapark in Marmaris

The children’s area in the Marmaris water park is a real paradise for kids, you can endlessly splash in the shallow pools and jump on the fountains, overcome the obstacle course along the ladders and play hide and seek around the giant mushroom located right in the center of the pool.

All slides on the playground are made in the form of bright fairy-tale characters and sea animals. Especially young visitors love the slopes on the Octopus slide, whose numerous tentacles lead to a warm shallow pool.

For older children, there are simple copies of slides for adults – closed tunnels and spiral descents, riding on which, young thrill-seekers are overwhelmed with emotions of delight and excitement.

A visit to the Aquapark in Marmariswill not leave anyone indifferent, and a day spent on fun rides you will remember for a long time with warmth in your heart and a sparkle in your eyes.

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